Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Well where did the time go?! My last post was Feburary 2018!!! The most amazing part is I'm doing Keto again 😂🤣😂🤣

I so don't recall doing it to the point of blogging it before yet the last post was about Vegan Keto!

A lot has happened and to honest I did not plan to update but I was filling something out that asked for your Blog info and I said Ohhh I got one of those!

But now I feel obligated to update:

Lots has happened health wise woth included two emergency surgeries last summer and so I went from being full on Vegan for close to 3 years to eating seafood again to help with my protein, iron, vitamins and overall health.

I still do not want to or desire to eat "meat" so I'm typically still using vegan products for variety.

I got a new job which is very hectic.

Bought a new house!!! Which is soooo lovely!

So some challenges and some awesomeness. God has been good. Looking forward to seeing how 2019 ends and what 2020 has in store.

As I mentioned earlier I'm actually doing Keto again so here are a few pics of what I've been eating!
 Field Roast vegan Sausage,  eggs, & avocado
 Homemade pumpkin soup
 Nuts & cheese
 Low carb yogurt
 More fish & below Shrimp alfredo

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