Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 2012~ Look At Me Naw!

It’s the first week in June already! What can I say? Time flies!

Last week I was pumped to drop 2.6 pounds after going out every day for a week straight. PUMPED! I got back to the gym and worked out with my personal trainer Charles. What a workout it was! He pulled out all the big guns! This month is our 3 year personal trainer-versary! And like any good man he knows how to keep our relationship fresh lol he pulled out the floor latter which I had to jump in and out of while doing bicep curls with 10 pounds weight, some new ab workouts, as well as some crazy BOSU ball push up and lifts I aint never seen’t before! All good stuff! I also ran on the treadmill like without stopping. I mean I know that’s not a big deal for some people but I usually walk and job lightly but I ran the whole time and I felt GOOD! Needless to say I am still sore like 3 days later! LOL To my credit I also stayed for his Chizel It class which is a combo on weights and cardio. So I got a good 2.5 hours in and I aint mad!

Laundry day I guess! Yikes! My old work shirt...

Some extra room there for sure lol

Sunday I went to the Great Grapes Wine Festival with some friends and my cousin cousin (2nd cousin) who came by on break from medical school. I found an old picture of his brother, him, and me over 10 years ago and I was wearing the shirt above and it was TIGHT!!!! I don’t know why I still have these random 2 and 3x clothing hanging around but my Mom came recently and did laundry (didn’t know she put them in the guest room until my cousin came and I found them) so I found that old tshirt and wore it to the gym. It wasn’t until I was doing weights in the mirror that I noticed how HUGE the shirt was on me. I looked crazy! Why do I still own this shirt? Its trash! But I washed it and kept it anyway I guess its a good reminder.

That was over 10 years ago so I think those pictures will do the trick. Anyhoo the event was great! Here are a few pics!
Love my new dress!

Me Cousin cousin & lil sis

Love them!

This journey has had its ups and downs that’s for sure this week has been pretty busy and I have not cooked which means I have been eating out. Last week went so well but I am not too sure about this week.

I went to the Capital Jazz Festival on Saturday and I had food before I went but I was sooo tempted to have a fried plate of fatness and I know this is gonna sound horrible BUT there were so many morbidly obese people there I bought some peach lemonade and called it a day. But even the peach lemonade was a size gigantic! It was crazy! I didn’t see a lick fresh fruits or salad ANYWHERE! Good thing I wasn’t hungry anyway! My sister and I went to Red Lobster and even though I did ok the calories added up sooo quickly! We also went out Friday night and again I spilt everything in half but still!

Sunday I had a crab cake at the Great Grapes Wine Festival and threw away the bread and had a good bit of wine and enjoyed some music and sun! But they had these fresh cut & fried potato chips and by the end of the afternoon I couldnt resist! the only plus side is I had 5 people to share them with and I did! No food P@#n pic its better that way lol

The Blueberry was gooddd

Monday I took my cousin to IHOP for breakfast and again the calories just crept up on me! I saw Beres Fan yesterday (yeaaa and booo hiss) he bought (another vintage) car needed a favor in the form of a ride so I said ok. I felt really bad I forgot his birthday! Like totally forgot then I ended up getting him a gift so when he called it seemed like good timing. We got the car, went to the auto parts store for a few things, then we went to dinner. We had a good convo but he’s still a man and they have their limits when it comes to chatting! LOL but I dunno I think we are too different and both too stuck in our ways to change enough to make it work… but only time will tell in the meantime its almost my birthday!! And whitewater rafting is on the menu! But so is losing this extra 7 pounds!

I am logging everything into My Fitness Pal and well we’ll see how next Saturday goes.

I packed my lite Cesar salad kit, watermelon, apple, soup, and fiber 1 bar to take with me today. I am already halfway through my 64oz water bottle and I plan to finally hit that boxing class tomorrow night! All good things!

I hope all is well on your ends!!!