Monday, October 6, 2014

Paleo Revisited!

Hey y'all! What a great weekend! I had the best workout Friday night with my trainer and a dynamic team of exercise experts! We did kickboxing, Zumba and a socarobics type class! I did just about two out of the three hours and felt good. Saturday I did Body Combat and it went well. Sunday the ManFriend and I hit the local high school track to walk!

I am back on Paleo and it's going well! I just opted on October 1st just because it was a new month! I lost a good bit of weight and wanted to capitalize on the momentum! Feeling good about it! I got a few emails about Paleo so I figured I would repost another quick and dirty Paleo guide! The quick and dirty is you focus on eating the way cavemen did by focusing on meats and veggies! So you will forego dairy... Yes no yogurt or cheese or other processed foods. Now there are a variety of versions of Paleo some do allow dairy and who is to say what's really right but I can tell you my stomach definitely was less bloated in a few days after eliminating dairy. The most challenging aspect is snacking. I've pretty much have used fruit for my sweet tooth and it's gone pretty well.

I am also back on My Fitness Pal. It's been helpful and encouraging.  I am cooking a lot more. I will check back in soon with some new recipes!

Photo from Friday night
Great workout! !! My winning 
Sorority who braved the event!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Back to the lab again!!!!!

OMG it is October 1st! OMG I have not posted since end of July! OMG so much is going onnnnnn! OMG!!!! Where did the summer go?! 2014 is flying by and I must say its been  a great year! If nothing is amazing happened to me for the rest of the year I have had a "Next Level Greatness" experience!

Quick catch up I had umbilical hernia surgery in September so I haven't blogged much because I haven't worked out much. That was a terrible experience! The Dr. made it seem very basic, in and out, and 1-2 days recovery! Bulllllll!!!!! I was laid up for almost 3 weeks! Had I known I would not have done it. But the hernia was getting bigger and bigger and I couldn't really workout without some discomfort and I like lifting weights and that just aggravated the problem so I had to get it right.

The upside was I lost like 14 pounds in 3 weeks! Praise Jesus! I had no appetite and I lived on sugar free ice pops and really just wasted away. Not that I am complaining! It broke my long running plateau. And to be fair I shouldn't call it a plateau. I been eat and drinking whatever I like and not working out so basically I was maintain meanwhile I should have been grinding.

But it is October 1st and I am getting back on my grind. Starting with my Personal Trainer's event this Friday!!! If you are in the area come on out! Its open to all! It will be a great mix of  kickboxing, zumba, and high impact cardio! If you are a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha there will be two special raffles just for us!! Don't miss it!!!

Today I decided to do Paelo. Just today. We will see about tomorrow. I plan to do some form of intentional exercise every day. Today I plan to do 100 squats while at work and depending on the commute home I will do the treadmill!

I have some serious events coming up this holiday season and I want to be fierce-er lol that means ballroom gown shopping and I can't wait!!!

I hope you all have been well!!!! I;ve had a few other things happening I will update in a few weeks but keep in mind the song "All Eyes on Me" :-)

Have a great 1st Day of the month! Time for new goals, new attitudes, new meals, new mindset!!!!