Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.
Henry Ford

Well I got the most interesting and timely email the other day... A friend from high school emailed me about joining Weight Watchers and she did and her first week she gained two pounds she was upset & confused (understandably so). We talked back and forth about workouts and retaining water and yadda yadda yadda then I asked if she was tracking (WW speak for keeping a food journal) and she said no. Well I said there you go! My sister is in the same boat. She has been working out hard and this week 0 pounds lost. She is tracking somewhat... it made me think about where I am and my ups & downs and part of it is I am not good with food. Never have been... I can sadly admit I have not journaled in weeks. And my diet shows it. Yesterday I had popcorn and Chickflia (chicken strips and a cookies &cream milk shake to be exact!)

What the heck is that right?! To be honest I haven't really thought too hard about it and that's part of the problem.  Instead I am refocused on my workouts. And what a workout return it has been!! I posted pics from Saturday in the last post. I went back Monday (President's Day) and did my trainer's Chizel-It Class which is a combination of step, kickboxing, weigths & high impact aerobics! I walked in and there and he told us we would be using TWO steps! I was confused but I could tell Charles was up to no good! It was a high intensity class and I really got a good workout. At the end of class he mentioned my feature in the magazine.People were really sweet and supportive. Several asked me about the Iron Girl and it got some more folks thinking about making that leap! Good stuff! Love my Chizel-it Family!

I went back that evening for Zumba. Which was just ok the teacher is a former student and in class she was sooo high energy but I dunno as a teacher....well she apologized and said her mind wasn't right but I got to sweat so I can't complain but so much. I deabted staying for Dwayne's Brickhouse cardio but opted to get a manicure and go home instead :-)

Yup pink & green that's how I do! If its gonna hurt might as well have something pretty to look at!

Snapped a pic during my water break!

Anyway my post is about breaking goals into small pieces. I am going day by day to get my workouts in at this point. I remember last year I was so "NIKE - JUST DO IT"  with my workouts but this past year has been a challenge. My goal this week was to get in 6 hours. My original goal workouts had to be adjusted but I think I've done well. I hit the gym with my sister on Tuesday did 20 minutes on this new machine called the Arc (see below)

I read about it on this website Intro to Cardio Machines here's what they had to say:

The arc trainer is another non-impact cardio machine.  They are the newest type of cardio machine in your local gym and are probably most popular. You step on two platforms and basically swing your legs back and forth in a similar fashion to the gazelle freestyle which has been a top selling home workout machine for years.
The adjustable resistance as well as the speed which you choose to swing your legs back and forth in the scissor-like motion adjusts the intensity of your cardio workout.
Exercise Tips: Non-impact machines are the best cardio machines for people with chronic joint problems.  The arc trainer can get your heart rate up effectively without putting too much stress on your legs.
Don’t let the non-impact style cardio machine sabotage your results though.  Make sure you work hard and keep your heart rate up higher than your target zone.  If you are free of joint problems, make sure you use forms of impact exercise such as jogging to keep your bones strong and your bone mass at optimal levels.

It was  a good workout. Allegedly it burns more than the elliptical. It was a lil awkward to use in my opinion but I did about 25 minutes then hit the weights.  Wednesday I planned to go to the gym but had to stop by an older Soror's house for some pictures since I am working on the chapter's Awards books. She pledged Spring 1954 she told me she will be 75 this year! WOW! Anyway we just got to talking about sorority life, our new mentoring program, art work, and just life and before I knew it it was almost 7pm lol its all good though. I love our Golden Sorors! Ironically she just got back from the gym and she was so proud of herself! If I can look like her at 45 I'd be happy but just goes to show working out is for every age and its a lifestyle!

I have a meeting tonight that I thought was at 6pm but its a 7pm so that kills my workout plans for the most part. But checking in I am not "behind" I already did 3 hours and I have 3 more to go for this week's goal:

Monday- 1 Hour PT + 1 hour Zumba (check)
Tuesday- 20 minutes + 40 minutes weights (check)
Wednesday- O
Thursday- TBA
Friday- 0
Saturday- PT, Chizel It & maybe Zumba

That will give me 6 hours. Six sounded like a big "come back" goal but taking it 1 hour at a time worked for me! I need to check in at WW this week and will check back!

Thanks yall!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Victory Lap!

Well yesterday was a busy, busy day! I finally reunited with my Trainer and WOW if I ever wondered if the money was worth it all those questions left my mind! I still think I did a go job while he was away but I felt the difference yesterday! Afterwards I had my Chapter's Founders' Day anniversary luncheon. It was a nice event and I was happy I kept my commitment to workout and then go. I was later than I planned to be but its all about choices. In the end I ended up at Table #1 the VIP table with several elected officials anyhoo so no harm, no foul I guess! lol

I have to make working out consistently a priority and everything else has to come second. I have an over all goal of 50 pounds off by June 1st. I was 10 pounds down as of two weeks ago. I love it! My Vision Board is coming to fruition so fast I need to take some time to re-work my board! And think bigger!!! Oh one Vision Board items was getting a picture with our Diamond Soror she has been a member for 77 years! Yes you read that right 77 years!

With Soror Corinda Walters -A Diamond Soror 75 plus years of membership
 Yesterday was fun. I really count Alpha Kappa Alpha as one of the blessings in my life. The history, the women I've met, & the experiences I have had as a result of being a member are sometimes amazing to even think about and events like yesterday remind me of that. :-)  

Okkkkk so like I said I was proud that I kept my commitment to workout  in the past I would skip working out to get my hair & nails done! I just can't do that anymore. So pats on the back to me!

A few other things... workout clothing. I don't know how many of you keep old clothing like I do but its a bad idea b/c you really can't see yourself if you wear a bunch of baggy clothing all the time. My sister bought me some new workout clothing for Christmas and they have been in my closet since I got them! That's almost 3 months lol I wore one of the outfits nothing fancy just a fitted black shirt and some stretch pants. An older lady at the gym made a special point to stop me and say how good I looked! :-) That was nice and appreciated! So just a suggestion if you are holding onto old workout clothing check out the local department store and grab a few new pieces!

I got there a little early and the Iron Moms were working out and I heard someone groan my name from the Hamstring machine and say "I'm going to get you!" LOL Low and behold it was my friend and former co-worker who also decided to do the 2011 Iron Girl! She saw my post about the Iron Moms and I hooked her up with the group so I was happy to see her there getting her workout on with the Iron Moms! Its so exciting to see these women doing there thing!

I gave Charles a copy of the Fitness Magazine article he was so happy! He had another client who wrote a book and featured him! He made the comment that all his people are doing great I told him he needs to pull us all together for HIS book! He paused for a minute and said that's true! When I get my Oprah money watch out Bob Green!

The workout was HARD!!!! As they say a picture speaks a thousand words so pictures are below. It was great to be back with Charles he pushes me and encourages me and that's priceless!

The title of this post is "The Victory Lap." Its a line from Jay Z's song "Encore."  See Jay Z lied to us about retiring (lol) but the point was he already left on top so this song was the victory lap and he was saying if you want an Encore (do you want more?) let him know by encouraging him to come back. It made me think about my journey. An encore is defined as: 

1.A demand by an audience for an additional performance, usually expressed by applause.

2.An additional performance in response to the demand of an audience.

So I kinda feel this way a need to claim victory but keep getting encouragement from you all to make my journey along a steady consistent path. Sharing my story seems to have helped a lot of people with their exercise commitment.It isn't easy. Especially if you have a lot going on in your life. Ultimately, its about making a consistent commitment to treating your body with respect and exercise is the ultimate way to do that. I am by no means perfect I eat meat, drink liquor, eat sweets, and enjoy it all. I don't think I'll ever be a strict health nut (said with love and affection) I am not trading in milkshakes for wheat grass anytime soon and I think that's just real. What I can do is keep my workouts strong and consistent and move forward.

This week looks like this:
Monday- Chizel It class
Tuesday -At work workout
Wednesday-Personal Trainer
Thursday-Chizel It class
Friday- A Banquet and Ice & Ivy Mixer
Saturday -Trainer & Zumba
Sunday-Rest day or 1pm Workout at Chizel It

I'll check in!! Thanks as always for all the encouraging emails, comments, texts, and calls!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Memory Lane with Mo'Nique

I was getting my nails done last week and I was thumbing through a magazine I normally don't buy or read (lol) unless I am in the nail salon something like People or Entertainment or something and there was a picture of Mo' OLD picture of Mo'Nique. I checked the date on the front to see how old the magazine was and...well it wasn't old at all! It was the current issue. The spot was just talking about her presenting this year's Oscar since she won last year. You all recall Mo'Nique won Best Supporting Actress for Precious (I have still not seen it).

Anyway the picture struck a nerve with me because I watch her show from time to time and I know that picture was a good 60-70 pounds ago and I thought surely they could have used one of the pictures from her talk show as opposed to this old...fat...picture!  How insensitive can people be?! She has worked hard and looks GREAT! Why would they do that? I wondered how NEW Monique felt... I mean that's a different woman...

Then a few days later a friend of mine went poking around in some old albums I have on line, then another friend, then another. It gave me pause and struck a nerve with me like the old picture of Mo' Nique did. I don't think they were trying to "out" me by looking at these pictures but it got me to thinking about how many of you who read my blog have lost great amounts of weight and there ain't a picture to be found NO WHERES! No judgement just an observation.

Every time I hear another story or get an email from someone out there about how well they have done it amazes me mostly because they appear to be "naturally" thin. The upside to that, is that it reminds me most people have to work at this thing. It doesn't come easy for most of us... staying or getting in shape is hard work. It takes real effort...real consistent effort.  

I then started thinking why do I keep those pictures open to the public? With the click of the button I can remove all memories. I dunno what I will do with those pictures but I know I felt something. And I didn't like it. Whatever that something is I felt it again when someone told me the Fitness magazine interview I did came out and I still do not have a copy. So weird because that's like real Vision Board stuff for 2011. I wanted to tell my story on a big scale and I did it! Anti-climatic again though.

I dunno what this malaise is but I will snap out of it. Life has been busy as usual. I been MIA from the gym for almost 2 weeks now! I haven't gained more than 1 or 2 pounds and that comes and goes. I plan to get back on my grind this Saturday! In fact I just texted Charles to make that commitment. I am not sure if its time to mix it up and start doing the Krav Maga like I planned. That's on my 2011 Vision Board. Krav Maga is the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces and has been taught to hundreds of law enforcement agencies and thousands of civilians around the world.  A unique combination of high intensity training and practical self-defense, Krav Maga is like no other self-defense system in the world. Sounds like a nice change of pace don't you think? I haven't been to Hot Yoga in a minute but with only 24 hours in a day what can I do? lol 

Tonight I have a Bar Association event, Friday dinner plans fell through but I need to work on my AKA Chapter's Awards books anyway, Saturday my chapter is having a Founders Day luncheon, and Sunday I am doing church and lunch with a friend from law school.  Next week Monday I'll see my trainer then I have a meeting that evening, Tuesday I teach, Wednesday I teach (although the school has a gym and my friend Jasmin offered to be my workout buddy) but I have a meeting that night, Thursday is free and Friday another AKA/APA Mixer oh and my old boss is being honored as Alumni of the Year at her alma mater! Saturday an AKA meeting (yes again) and well you get the point.... My goal is to sit down today and schedule in my workouts just like I scheduled all these meeting and other things on my to do list. I am aiming low for 3 days knowing two will be with Charles and I can get one more workout in by hook or by crook (Jamaican I know! lol). Yippers getting on that now!

Ohhhhh before I go.....Dating has been fun...I am going with the flow and not taking anything too seriously just trying to get to know people and see where it goes. I went out with someone new and its weird we met a few weeks ago and saw each other again and started talking and we just clicked! I actually had what I would consider my best date ever last week. Yes in 20 years of dating... We went to seeNo Strings Attached  which was very funny and cute and true love wins out in the end! We did dinner afterwards and practically shut the place down! The poor waitress had to come over and finally say she was off duty lol we finally left maybe an hour later and talked nonstop until 2 am. I enjoyed myself!

I swear I was going to take a break from dating! God has a funny sense of humor is all I can say. I have met some very nice, funny, attractive, considerate men over the past few weeks and its been nice. And as always the story is to be continued...

Hope all is well! Sorry for the slow email replies :-)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Everywhere is on my list!"

Well as most of you know I am an avid traveler! Anyway I am a fan of this guy Jay who travels... I am assuming professionally?  Like this has to be his full time job or he is independently wealthy or both! *Note to self to check on that he's a cutie with a passport! Anyhoo off topic...kinda!

Anyway he has an award winning blog entitled Jay's Travels and his motto is "Everywhere is on my list!" Don't you just love that!? Anyway he does a spotlight on fellow travelers and he selected me as a feature! Check it out!

Traveler Spotlight – Cylia

I mention it because I talk about my weight loss & exercise commitment  and how I still made time to workout and eat right while on the go and seeing the world! Just food for thought as the new-ness of New Years wears off and we press ahead!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Food & Fellowship

So Superbowl Super has come and gone! I am not one of those jump on the bandwagon type of girls I am a Giants fan so see you next season!

Butttt I had a good time anyhow :-) But lawd I am Skee Phi'ed out! I mentioned I co-hosted an event called the Ice & Ivy Mixer on Friday with an Alpha. Then Sunday was a Superbowl party hosted by some other Alphas. Bachelor #1 invited me to go and it was cool met some new Sorors and new Alphas and saw some old ones I know and love. Good times! Now the men cooked. Who can complain about that right? There was pasta, chicken, seafood salad, etc., etc. and so on. I ate before hand because not eating at the party was my own personal goal. Side bar how many of you watch the show Men of A Certain Age? I love that show and one character does that with his golf score he bets himself so he plays better. Granted its just between him and God (or as his employee said do you really think God cares about your golf score) but that's not the point! So that was my bet to myself no food at the Superbowl party because Superbowl parties are notorious for food and weight gain.  Weight Watchers had a article and all over facebook other health conscious pages kept popping up with advice but most of it was to minimize the damage. Well yall know I am back on my grind and at last check I was 25 pounds away. So I just wasn't having any of it!

The funny thing is my non eating went extremely noticed. First off my jeans were tight I kept misplacing my phone and one of the guys said "Well check your pockets!" I looked at him and said "Do you think anything else can fit in these pockets?!" lol I could have opted for the bigger size but that's a trick to keep me on track. I did have a glass of wine and called it a day. My point... at least 5 people asked me about eating or rather not eating! Finally one guy said "Oh you trying to trim down some?" I said "Yeah..." He said cool and kept it moving. LOL All I could think was "My man!" lol I love how simple men are! No muss no fuss! Another side bar I am loving how my already ultra active social life has expanded by now being a Baltimore area Greek! The Alphas are cool! From the Over 50 year olds to the "Drakes" a.k.a. the young and tenders in college (that are off )Its been fun getting to know some new peeps!!

I didn't make it to the gym Monday for no other reason than I was out late and I was a lil tired. I figured Charles awas still taking personal time so I didn't bother him. But again it lets me see how important a perosnal trainer is! Our appointment is the reaosn I get in at least 2 good workouts a week so without them its anyone guess.

This is a crazy busy week for me too. Today I have a class, Wednesday another class then an AKA meeting, Thursday Baltimore magazine is hosting this singles event my friend talked me into going to. LOL I had to never to invite some men I like too! LOL I hope I dont leave mad at myself lol 

Friday I think I need to rest and I have chapter meeting Saturday and I have a mentee from the Maryland State Bar I have to meet up with soon for lunch! Whew! Yup I know! Hopefully I can hit the gym on Monday and maybe even get in Saturday afternoon. We'll see. Anyhoo that's the happs I'll check in soon!

Skee Phi love @ Superbowl Party!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Man I swear as fun as it looks!"

Ohhh what a weekend and its only Saturday! Well have I talked about my crush on the rapper Drake? Ok does that date me that I feel the need to explain who he is? lol Well this brings me to the weekend's festivities and a mixer I co-hostessed last night with a fraternity friend. It was fun... pics to follow below! It was at The Field House  in Baltimore in fact its Ray Lewis's old restaurant! The vibe was great & tons of people showed up! Some old friends came and I met some new ones too! It was an open bar and I limited myself to 1 drink and honestly I didn't drink the entire thing! Liquid calories are a no no right about now but when in Rome. Anyway Drake is a cutie pie!

Well ironically I like 20 something year old Drake but can't seem to overcome real life discrimination against real life 20 somethings lol God to be under 30 again! Oh well everyone kept telling me I was making too big a deal of age but let me just say anyone born in the 80s is off limits...cute...but off limits lol

Well the party/Mixer went from 10pm until 2am and I enjoyed every minute BUT I was going to get up and go to the gym no matter what because my jeans were tighttttttt! Funny enough a few people mentioned my blog to me (*waving*) and how much its helped them or inspired them along their journey! That was good to hear because the support and encouragement keeps me going too! So in my quest for balance and seeking my goal I gotta work hard and play hard so off to the gym I went.

I woke up after 7am so I skipped Weight Watchers but made my way to the gym and took Dwayne's Brickhouse Cardio class which is a combo of high impact cardio with weights. I did another 15 minutes or so of the elliptical and I did my own 40 minute personal training session with weights since Charles is on leave. Again it showed me how much he helps and how much I have learned. I don't think I ever imagined a day where I could create my own 40 minute weight training workout! Progress! Yeah! I really have not exercised since Monday because its been one of those weeks but its all good I saw Alvin Ailey at the Kennedy Center and what a moving performance as always! The talent, the bodies, the vision! I loved every minute of it! I always say I can't sing, dance, or draw the law is all I got so i really respect and admire any kind of artist!

Anyway I thought of Drake because of the line in the song & the title of this post because I really gotta say my life is as fun as it looks! I am really grateful to have such a fun & full life! Its not always a bed of roses but I can say I am in a good place and even though I am working hard to work off these 50...scratch that NOW 40 extra pounds its a good time and 2011 is looking very promising.

Speaking of which I am going to see Bachelor #1 tomorrow! A Superbowl event wasn't my idea but in this go with the flow Imma let him decide what we will do idea that's where we find ourselves maybe we'll do rock climbing some other time lol poor thing he isn't a mind reader. He said he was looking forward to seeing me again and the feeling is mutual.

Anyway got my hair done so no workout tomorrow or Monday. It'll be slow week gotta keep the food part tight! I'll check back in soon! Thanks Gang!!