Friday, January 29, 2010

Before & After

July 2008 & Jan 2010
The AKA- DO Crew!

Soror Connie & me July 09 & Jan 2010 -We both looking a bit trim since Alaska!

My UEO Sorors *Shhh* My Faves! May 2009 Jan 2010


March 2009 NARC & Jan 2010

Jeanine & me in Alaska July 2009 then New York Jan 2010

Busy week...

Well I have not worked out since Saturday! For the record today is Friday! Yikes! This was my week...

Sunday~ Alpha Kappa Alpha Metro Founders Day I was out from 10-5pm

Monday~ I went into the office rather than working from home

Tuesday~Worked from home and had AKA Regional Committee work to do

Wednesday~Went to the Junior League of Baltimore's Fireside chat and then to my former boss/mentor/friend's home to celebrate her being elevated to the Circuit Court bench!! Till 3am :-/

Thursday~ I went to work and then had an appointment at 6pm that evening.

Friday~ Yeah oh my that's today! I am staying in DC to go to a Black Greek letter Org. Happy Hour. It will be a nice chance to meet men and women (from my sorority and others sororities and fraternities that work in DC. Looking forward to that!

To add to that I have been eating less on purpose to lose and well it didn't work my Doc's scale had me at 72 pounds loss when the home one had me at 75 the other day. SOOO back to being fully on board with Weight Watchers in fact I will log in today with my points! Short cuts just don't work...

In other news... Team in Training Triathlon training kicks off in February...Ughhh I missed that memo! I thought it was April! *insert Homer Simpson's DoH here*

But back to my non workout week...To make matter worst I am on duty for my AKA Regional Committee tomorrow so I will be in DC at 7am until at least 2-3pm *whew* Are you tired yet?

Then we are back to Sunday.... I am in need of church so I may make my grand come back then do a class afterwards...We'll see! The lesson for me is one busy week is not fatal. I lead a busy life and as time moves on and changes take place...marriage, kids, etc. I need to find that balance and maintain that drive to be healthy so a week of here or there doesn't mean falling back in bad habits its just a quick break.

Anyway I am basically at 1 year of trying to get this thing together so I was looking at some pictures and figured I'd post some. I do see a difference 70 or so pounds can make I will be honest it doesn't sound like a lot (TO ME) but the proof is in the pics I guess! I am happy for sure and I feel great and I must say I look great I have received a boat load of compliments especially on Sunday from Sorors who have not seen me in a few months! That feels good :-)
For anyone who sees themselves ughhh you signed an invisible release upon taking the picture lol

:-) Pics to follow

Friday, January 22, 2010

On a roll

Well that's 2 successful weeks of adding back my workouts in addition to my personal trainer! I did Socarobics & Chizel it last night. Boy what a workout! The best 2 hours of the day I'll tell you that! Socarobics was a lot harder last night than it usually is; not sure what got into her! Chizel-It well we know how my personal trainer gets down it is what it is. I know I mentioned it before but Chizel-It is a combination of Step, weights, kickboxing, and high impact aerobics...yes all in one class! Well it is a hardddd class but I must say I felt stronger and I could workout longer than before! The scale is moving again so I am 24.4 pounds away from goal. Surreal... In an effort to be fully in the moment...(Thanks Debbie Ford)
I am happy, grateful, and I feel fantastic!
I rejoined my other gym Brick Bodies got a sweet deal with the Junior League so tomorrow my plan is to go to Weight Watchers for the 8am meeting then go to my fave Step teachers class at 9:30 and then 10:30am I will go to my other gym and do Socarobics. LOL I know what that sounds like but that's my life! lol

I go to see my Doctor and my nutritionist next Friday. I need to have some blood work done and I know my Doc will freak b/c I have not been taking my vitamins and I know my levels will be off. That's a tip be sure to ask your Dr. for a full blood workup. Last year I was really dragging and found out I had a Vitamin D deficiency like I am in Antarctica or something! But I was waking up at 5am, at my desk by 7 and leaving at 3:30 and home by 5 and maybe getting 1-2 hours of sunlight! Not good so I had to take 10,000 mg Vitamin D supplements! I was beating myself up for being "lazy" but in actuality my body did not have any energy to give me! So be sure to get that checked along with you other important numbers at least once a year!

I cut back on my food a lot this week in an effort to squeeeezeeee out the last 25 pounds before my appointment & I have some kinda stomach thing going but I am feeling it in my workouts. So yesterday I added some more carbs but they were crappy carbs pita chips and cookies oh and yes chocolate! WTH? The mind is a trap! I had the nerve to email my cafeteria (after then sent an agency wide email asking for suggestions) asking if they could have baked potatoes &/or baked sweet potatoes on a more regular basis as both are healthy carbs and make great meals or side dishes! The manager wrote right back saying great idea he will offer them the next business day; Tuesday! And they have been there everyday and I have walked right by them lol Ah well at least they are there :-) See not perfect...not in the least bit and since I gave up the goal of perfection some time ago I okay with that. I am a peace and that's a great feeling!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For the good of the Republic

I am a Poli Sci major and I love history. I was debating about going to workout the other day and the phrase "For the good of the Republic" popped into mind and I got myself to the gym. Plato wrote a famous book of sorts entitled The Republic... In Plato's Republic, Socrates leads a discussion with his fellow philosophers attempting to isolate the concept of justice in the soul. In order to accomplish this task, they hypothesize that justice can occur both in the city as well as and the soul.
Because the philosophers are more familiar with the workings of a city than the soul, they try to find justice by creating the ideal city. Another big concept is the book is the division of labor because if done right it makes the city the most efficient, or ideal. For example, if you are a mason stick to that, you can cook do what you do, you use your talents wisely don't go trying to be a doctor stick with what works for you and what is for the good of the Republic.

In my quest to create the "ideal city" I need to do some things and one of them is exercise regularly and consistently; that's my job in this deal to make my city efficient. Thus far we are good to go. I am back to 2-3 classes last week plus my 2 personal training sessions. Its for the good of the Republic... I am still busy and seemingly even busier at work but I am striving for that balance.

I took tonight off I am sore from yesterday and I am feeling tired as my sleep has been off lately. I will hit Zumba tomorrow again and Chizel It in Thursday and Socarobics!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 1 - Eat, Love, Pray...Check

Well Day 1 of Back On My Grind Like The Fall was a go! Ok long title I know but whatever. Anyhoo my Soror couldn't come because of work :-( and my other friend couldn't come because of childcare issue and my other friend...well she didn't text back lol but another Soror did come! Yeah for the quadruple accountability system! And she brought a friend! We had a blast. As I mentioned it was Zumba class so its kinda like salsa dancing with a little Reggae-ton flavor. I got there early and did about 20 minutes on the treadmill and then did the class for 60 minutes.

I was happy it was such a good workout! I must admit the last few times I took the class I was a little frustrated with the teacher because she kept stopping to give the dance lesson but maybe someone said something *oops I think I did... to my personal trainer/the gym owner! Right I forgot! lol* the fact is, it is a good class, but I am not on Dancing With The Stars! I am trying to get my cardio fix and stopping like that defeats the purpose! Well if he said something; Good! Because I got my sweat on! Something I did notice was my type A personality shining through as I tried to get the steps 'just so.' I was so intense the teacher looked and me and said "SMILE! THIS IS FUN!" "Hummm getting it right is fun" is what my Ego said. Me & my ego...speaking of which, I am reading the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am in love with this book. Like deep unconditional love. There is a whole section about ego where she is in an Ashram in India meets this witty, crazy, Texan (that explains it all right there) ...Ladies & Gentleman Richard from Texas has arrived! Anyway she is having trouble getting her mind right to meditate. The problem is her mind is unruly and she ends up having these big blow out arguments with herself and doesn't know why:

"All I seem to do is argue with myself when I try to meditate." Elizabeth
"That's just your ego, trying to make sure it stays in charge. This is what your ego does. It keeps you feeling separate, keeps you with a sense of duality, tries to convince you that you're flawed and broken and alone instead of whole." Richard
"But how does that serve me?" Elizabeth
"It doesn't serve you. Your ego's job isnt to serve you. Its only job is to keep itself in power. And right now your ego's scared to death cuz its about to get downsized. You keep on this spiritual path, baby, and that bad boy's days are numbered. Pretty soon your ego with be out of work, and your heart'll be making all the decisions. So your ego's fighting for its life...don't listen to it." Richard

I felt like that last night. Here I am back to working out (more) and I am burning up inside because (listen in to my crazy mind) "My arms are too jiggley, my feet wont turn just so, my ponytail looks too thin, my breath taste like Whey protein, and oh crap did my feet shrink because these $100 sneakers feel like they are about to fly off and hit someone in the head and I don't want to buy a new pair right now damn... did I book my hotel room in Panama? I need new shoes for that trip..." and the list goes on and on and "Oh damn-it my salsa arms look sad! Hope I can step it up before Panama and Trinidad I don't want to look like I can't dance with the natives!" Yeah all like that...
Meanwhile I should have been grateful that I can work out and that I went to work out and I had the opportunity to do some exercise and have fun. I tried to break free of the mind trap but I couldn't the negative stuff just kept coming up like mental word vomit.

Lesson learned... I will check myself next time...maybe tonight will be a good Take 2 opportunity. Day 2- Is going to be Socarobics and maybe the Chizel it class. In an effort to get back into working out I need to get to the gym at least 4 times a week. I want to make sure I don't over do it though. I have a tendency to go full speed ahead and I am in the process of the 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse and one of my goals was to be kind to my body and exercising in excess is not being kind. But we will see. The goal is to do (5) 60 minutes sessions of cardio & Strenght training a week... period. I get 2 in with my personal training and the other 3 will be classes or my treadmill at home. I have a meeting Saturday so I will not see my trainer so that means making that work out up somewhere else plus I missed Monday because of my Doctor's appointment. So two classes might be a good thing tonight.

We shall see I'll check back and let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting Back On Track

Well Christmas is a fond beach frolicking memory, New Years is a fun filled evening now by gone! Anddd a sister still has not gotten back on her workout grind like in the fall!!! I can say I didn't stress myself this holiday season. My goal was to not gain weight this holiday and while the scale went up and down in the end it was down so I am happy about that.

But its January 13, 2010 and I am going back to basics! A wonderful Soror of mine emailed me about the Zumba class at my gym and so we made a date to go tonight and have a lite dinner afterwards! A workout buddy is a great asset because you are less likely to skip out on someone who 1. You like & 2. You know they are counting on you to be there! So I am looking forward to it! Now its about 4 people going. Sweet! Quadruple accountability!

So today is Day 1 Back On Track with my additional exercise as I call it (meaning in addition to my 2 personal training sessions per week). Good point to make here...don't ever drop everything! I may have skipped my classes but I kept up with my trainer and I know that is what will make it easier to return back full force sooner because I didn't just stop all together.

A/w I have been really busy lately (I know, I know lol) but it really seems like every time I turn around there is some meeting, event, party, or program. I am not really sure how that differs from any other time lol but maybe I am feeling a little run down because last week I had a horrible cough went to the Dr. and it turned out to be bilateral pneumonia! I was shocked because I didn 't feel THAT sick but he said that's how it happens and people end up in the hospital! I was off work for a few days and now I am back feeling fine but my appetite isn't really back to normal. But I am not complaining! I am sipping on a protein shake and I packed some chicken broth for lunch with no salt saltine crackers (yes there is such a thing!) and laughing cow cheese! I shall take advange of this! lol

Yall know I am not the poster child for 110% healthy eating I get that weight loss is like balancing a check book and I will drink my calories and for-go chicken! Not saying that's the right thing to do because it is not but you really have to watch skinny people if you want to be one. For example, in the past when I would go to a happy hour I would eat a meal... hot wings, crab dip, fried shrimp w/ fries and all at one time! Yeah I might share some but on top of that I would have at least 2 drinks. That's after a work day where I would have had breakfast, lunch, and certainly a candy bar for energy later in the day. Do you know how many calories that is?! And late in the evening? Meanwhile look at the skinny girls... they may nurse 1 drink all night and dance or play pool (shout out to the FOP!), or God-forbid just TALK! I am hip to the game now. So now you really do not catch me eating at happy hours...drinking heck yeah but pigging out not a chance! I go there to be social because that is really the point of a Happy Hour. In the past when dieting I would just not go and people thought I was anti-social but really it was a control thing if I wasn't there then the fried chicken wouldn't tempt me! But that did not lead to a very balanced lifestyle and I am a social person! I loving being out and about and having a good time. Everything in moderation! I can be honest if it is one thing lawyers are known for, its for being big drinkers. So in my professional/social circle there is ALWAYS a Happy Hour or a let's meet up somewhere impromptu Happy Hour. Its like after the bar results you get a tab or something lol but I can say my new job is not as stressful or as social (lol) as my old one and I think that has lead to my success as well. Anyway off topic...

I am setting some goals for 2010 most of you know I am doing the Iron Girl Triathlon in August, I also will do the Baltimore City States Attorneys 5k in the spring, & I want to get certified in spinning and also at least 1 Les Mills class. That's a busy fitness year but I am looking forward to it!

Weight wise I am (give or take the day) within 25-30 pounds of my initial goal. I am giving myself until March 15th to lose the rest. I have been skipping my Weight Watchers meeting too and I haven't been to brick Bodies and I plan to go back this weekend I miss spinning and Body Flow. I think if I can get in 5 solid workouts a week I will be golden. I'll keep ya posted!

As always thanks so very much for the love and support! Sometimes I get a text or an email just when I need it most and I have to say thanks :-) Change is difficult, even good change like living a healthy lifestyle! I have always been a pretty confident and self assured person (Thanks Mom & Dad) but when you set an intention (Please watch or read The Secret) like I did last year to make this dramatic change it requires a tug-of-war with the person who are vs. the person you are becoming and that ain't easy! So thank you! The positive reinforcement is a tremendous help!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Reverence for Your Body

Jan 2010-My Personal Trainer Charles & Me after a tough workout! Thanks Charles!

I am doing this The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse by Debbie Ford on ! The focus of the cleanse is described as a way " building a profound and intimate relationship with your soul and the infinite force that fuels you with the will to live your highest potential. It is a profound process for cleaning up the past, getting honest about the present, and envisioning a future unlike anything you've ever imagined. This process offers a full-immersion approach to spiritual renewal, emotional transformation, and reconnection with your deepest purpose. Designed to support you in letting go of all the false beliefs and assumptions that no longer serve you, this cleanse will guide you to a deep and profound relationship with the greatest love imaginable, a love that can occur only when you've made peace with yourself, others, and your life as it is right now. And I can tell you with unshakable confidence that it will work for you if you allow it to."

I would remiss in my duties if I failed to mention plainly that weight loss is as much a physical journey as it is a mental one. Thats why I like Weight Watchers its not just this is how much you should eat it. It also gives you tools to explore why you want to eat when you are not hungry, how to set goals along the journey, and how to look at the big picture. WW is limited however which is why I explore other ways to work around the mental and emotional aspects of weight loss.

Day 5 of the 21 day process is about forgiving yourself for the ways in which you mistreated your body and didn't treat it like the temple it is. Not only over eating (guilty!!), but over working (yup!!), not getting enough rest (yes!!!), over exercising (Guilty!!!!), not eating properly (guilty!!!), and not respecting it in other ways as well. I sometimes dwell on the past but there is no power in past behaviors unless I give them power. This is a good day for me! I made some commitments to my body today that I will share with you all.

I commit to:
-feeding it properly
-exercising responsibly & regularly
-treating it like the scared vessel it is
-loving my body
-listening to my body
-embracing my body
-trusting my body
-being kind to my body
-respecting my body
-not allowing anyone to abuse my body
-appreciating my body
-vacation JUST for fun (Trinidad & Panama here I come)
-pampering my body regularly & consistently!

What can you add to your TO DO list to treat your body temple better this year?

Friday, January 1, 2010

From Resolutions to Results

Happy New Year! Well 2009 is a wrap! A wrap I say! I had a great 2009 fitness wise. I set out last fall to lose weight and get in shape. I am not looking to be a size 2 or anything but I wanted to lose weight and get to a healthier size. Last January I was wearing a size 26/28 or 3XL last night I wore a (stretchy) size 14! Good stuff!

For as long as I can remember, every January I make a resolution to lose weight and exercise more. I tend to be a Type A personality and I think that is what led to my downfall in the past trying to do too much without leaving room for the depth of this battle. Last year I really began in December trying to just get my mind right and in January I began making small steps and going back to the gym , in August I got a personal trainer and rejoined Weight Watchers. I didn't jump in 110% in January. To get from Resolutions to Results for me meant pacing myself. I am not where I want to be but I am not where I was so that's a victory.

Well 2010 has a lot going on goal wise (1) Lose the last 30 pounds (2) do the Iron Girl (3) Get certified as a spinning teacher or for a Les Mills program

Looking forward to 2010's journey!!! 2009 ended on a good note I was blessed to visit The Bahamas and had a great time. I was able to visit Yoga Retreat and the whole vibe of that island was just surreal and calm. I'll plan a trip back soon.

Headed to the personal trainer. I managed to lose weight even with a sketchy workout schedule nothing much just 3 pounds or so but that's great. I am going to buckle down the next few weeks I am giving myself 2 months to lose the 30 pounds. If it takes 3 or 4 I won't be mad but my goal is to see this goal through as close to the 1 year mark as possible!

Thanks again for the support and a number of you have emailed me for advice or pep talks THE TIME IS NOW! JOIN ME! Here's to 2010!

Positive Thought

"Remember that all things are possible. Don't limit or censor your visions for the future. You must believe in yourself and believe that you are worthy. Keep all of your actions, dreams, goals, and desires in alignment with your life purpose. Decide what you really want your future to look like.Happy 2010, everyone !!"