Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On a School Night!

Well its been a longgg day but I am happy to report I got my 30 minutes in and I got it in IN THE GYM! I would have to dig in the blog crates to be sure, but I don't think I have made a school night appearance in the gym since the summertime! Terrible! Fortunately the weather was not too bad and the traffic was decent so I made good time. My focus was to get to the gym no stopping, no thinking! There was a  6pm class I arrived by 5:30ish and the plan was to take a 6pm cardio class...well it never happened b/c the teacher was a no show! I did the treadmill for 15 minutes and Lippy for 15 minutes and bounced. The next class was at 7pm with my trainer but that is just too late. Plus I was hoooongry! I did a little better in terms of food today. I am feeling a lil inspired by the new Weight Watchers program. I am looking forward to Saturday's meeting!

Breakfast- Kashi Go Lean crunch w/ skim milk and a small banana
Lunch- A Harvest Salad (pictured below)
2 small chocolates
Dinner Sushi & white wine

All in all not a bad day! I still need to work on being on top of my food but slowly but surely it'll all come back together! Its a new day!

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.
Maria Robinson

Harvest Salad = mixed greens, chicken, peppers, onions, cranberries, walnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette

Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday to Monday-Check

Well week 1 of the exercise challenge is a wrap! Ok so I think I tweaked it along the way. I opted to do any intentional exercise every day for 30 days. My goal was a total of an average of 30 minutes. Can you tell I am a seasoned negotiator? lol My Saturday 3 hour workout put me over the top. Sunday I did some walking (ok just into and out of church and the restaurant we had brunch in) and I did some cleaning. Today I made up my own 30 minutes of anything exercise. It included walking in place, going up & down the stairs (from top floor to basement), lifting 10 pound weights and doing biceps and squats and I did a total of 200 crunches. My trainer was feeling sick so no regular session.  

It was a busy and festive weekend. One of my Sorors had a birthday today and planned a weekend full of celebrations andddd it was right on time and I didn't count a point or a calorie.

The pic above made me think of the weekend since I had 2 cupcakes lol plus wine, cheese, crackers, figs, nuts, and fruits at Iron Bridge. Its a great spot! I will defintely go back! Then there was a fantastic brunch on Sunday morning with fried chicken, an omelet, bacon, fried potatoes and mimosas... actually 4 mimosas! *blush* I been honest with yall... I am not focused on my food at the moment and I need to get that together because food and exercise go together. Weight Watchers has a new program I will check on Saturday and report back! I am down 3 pounds since last Monday not bad for a post break up weigh in! A silver lining after a longgggg week...  :-) that plus a massage made it a great day.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Getting To Happy

Well its Day 6 of 30 and I hit the gym H.A.R.D. (Hours and Rest Desired) lol Ok I just made that up! :-) I got stood up by my trainer (lol) only by a few hours though so I took Dwayne's Brickhouse Cardio class.  Its not my favorite class but I was already at the gym when I got the text. Sooooo I maybe haven't done this class since maybe last year? A/w a woman in class came up to me and said I looked really good & that I am "coming down nicely!" I told her I actually was a bit smaller and I went back up so I appreciate the compliment. She said well we all have that struggle but you look really good! That was right on time for my ego! I actually remember her because I like her size and when I caught a glimpse of her we were almost about the same size! Maybe we were off by 15 pounds but that explained why her eyes bugged out a bit when she saw me :-)  A friend posted this quote and it seems to fit my journey... 

‎" Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price"- Sun Tzu.

I have paid the price and will continue to do so and I can say without a doubt it is worth it.. There's 5 weeks until the new year I am shooting for 20 pounds.  Needless to say that's a radical goal but I am up for the challenge!

A/w I still wasn't really feeling class and the teacher even came up to me to "encourage" my punches lol I gave him a look like don't mess with me lol and he kept it moving! I then did Socarobics and I wasn't feeling it either. She used a lot of slower songs at the beginning so I was not really motivated to go all out. The teacher even looked at me and said "Come on I KNOW you got more than that!" I had a weak smile for her and wished I wasn't so regimented because I always have to be in the front on the class! In the spotlight...or under the microscope lol

After that my Trainer and I got it going. He whopped me good. I did a lot of upper and lower body and then half way through I had to do the dreaded stairs with two 10 pound weights for 10 freaking times!!!!!! I told him I can't do the stairs 10 times with 20 pounds of weights. He said "How can you say you can't and you haven't tried?" I said "Because its too heavy already." He said "Well try it and when you can't do it anymore I'll take them." I rolled my eyes and kissed my teeth and started the stairs.

However, 10 flights later I didn't give up the weights. That felt good. I had to take a minute and check myself because I am not really an "I can't" type of chick!  In fact I am still not convinced that I can't fly or move objects with my mind...I just merely haven't tried hard enough!  Buttttt with all that has  been going on my mind was playing tricks on me. I said it before this game is all mental. It reminded me about the speaker at the Iron Girl saying you win or lose Kona in your mind. I kept thinking nnnnah chica the body will let you down I mean its 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, & then a 26.2 mile run.... But really should ANYONE be able to do that? lol Probably not but if you can't wrap you mind around doing it you've already lost. That was a good reminder for me and I am HAPPY I passed that test.

My trainer walked me out as is our routine and he said "I can tell you have a lot on your mind" I had to fight back the tears and I just said yeah it been a longgg week but it will pass. We caught up with another instructor outside who was proud to tell me she is doing the Iron Girl in 2011 and I inspired a lot of people. More good stuff for the ego. That makes me happy too. I mean well, I am not perfect but I do want to leave this world and anyone I meet in a better place than I find them. Maybe thats why Oprah is my idol her life's work makes me happy.

A/w I finished reading the book Getting To Happy by Terry McMillian. Its the sequel to Waiting To Exhale. Waiting to Exhale will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first book of that genre I read. It hit every major issue black women face: love, lost, down low/straight turned gay brothers, work, school, children, and just LIFE and best of all, the friendships we create and the support we give each other through the years. Getting to Happy was an ok read. I think its clear that Terry was still going through what went down with her now ex-husband. To be honest maybe that was a topic she should have tackled in fact I may send her an email suggesting that! Maybe it was still too raw to go there but that may help her heal from that kind of deceit and betrayal.  Getting to Happy does catch you up 15 years later and it still exhibits the enduring nature of TRUE friendships that stand the test of time no matter what obstacles may come.  It also shows that Getting to Happy is not a spectator's sport its an aggressive pursuit. I can dig it.

Latersssssss yall!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday 2010

I am not a Black Friday shopper. I just don't see the point in it at all. LOL I have seen some of the youtube videos and I am like really people? Really? lol Stay home in your bed! But who am I to judge *Kanye shrug*

Anyhoo I was feeling a little down so I was happy to be in the bed and I am such a scholar I felt the need to "research" my break up lol making sure I am on the right track I guess lol Ahhh so me! Anyway I found something about the 5 Stages of Grief apparently there are also 7 Stages but I am a quick study so Imma opt for the 5 version!

Step 1-Denial that was pretty quick it went something like "Say What? Oh Word? Damn..alrighty then!"

Step 2-Anger- I been there and done that and the best part was I got to say my peace...a few times in fact. So that was good & healthy for me.

Step 3-Bargaining- Under these circumstances that's not gonna happen, ever and I am ok with that. I think before I began dating this person (and a few others I met last year this time and into the new year) I got really clear on what I wanted and needed in a mate. I think that makes it easier (not easy) to walk away. I read the book The Soulmate Secret and I know I have mentioned it before but its amazing. SO while I aint judging, I know what standards and desires I have so walking away is just what I must do to be true to myself. So no wheeling & dealing in this case. Bet! I'm down to 4 steps! :-)

Step 4-Depression- self explanatory and I felt myself slipping into this and a few of the articles I read all mentioned EXERCISE as a constructive way to deal with your feelings so while I was wallowing in bed I just told myself to GET UP! Kinda like Neo did when he was trying to save Morpheus in The Matrix. In my best Sofia Patrillo voice --Picture it... Morpheus was beat down and bleeding and tied to a chair and Neo came to save him in a helicopter and as Morpheus raised his head Neo said telepathically "Come on Morpheus GET UP" And he broke his chains and ran to safety... well he got shot in the foot by an agent but he still lived lol Anyhoo I called the gym and asked if they had any more classes and my trainer's wife called me by name *I was thinking I'm busted lol* and she said we have Zumba! I made a b-line and got there and even got an ultra primo parking spot!  I am not going to lie yall and say I felt amazing and energized. In fact I wasn't into it like that at all it was more of a going through the motions but either way I worked up a sweat and got it in. I am happy I did it!

Step 5- Is Acceptance and I am so there maybe based on the circumstances that facilitated that and I guess I need to just work on learning whatever lessons there were to learn and taking them into the future. I am big on learning lessons. I really hope in time the true meaning/reason is revealed to me. As it stands I can only say I dodged a serious bullet and thank God for that. I guess I can say a lesson I learned was I am not as out of touch when it comes to my woman's intuition as I thought. So that's good to take into the future.

In the spirit of black Friday I felt like rewarding myself and not with food so I went to Fleet Feet! My law school classmate's family owns it and they are great! I was in dire need of new sneakers and I got the 2011 Brooks! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THEM!!!! They feel soooooooo light like wearing flip flops! GHOST3 - Adrenaline 10 are the best! They have this new DNA technology. The support and feel are great! All sneakers are NOT created equal thats for sure! The older model was 15% cheaper but I fell in love with the 2011 so I paid the extra. Heck I am worth it! I rememebr when I would drop a C note for purfume or some earrings. My how times have changed! :-) I also got some good socks the $10 ones were only $7.99 a pair great deal and I grabbed a new snack by Lance Armstrong only 160 calories and 7 grams of fat and 1 fiber. Its a good pre workout snack.

Thumbs up Lance!

Ohhhh and my law school buddy says he knows a few people who did the Warrior Dash Maryland! I am so there!!!!

Well its Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! And would you beleive it there are only 5 weeks left in 2010?! Man oh man! Time flies! Tomorrow I have my trainer who by the way ran after me when I ducked out of Zumba...just checking on me :-) He's the best! So lucky to have such good people on my team! I always warn him when I get my Oprah money he is set for life so he betta keep it up lol

Ahh well I got a lot done in one week lol but here's a great quote I found that fit well for the season I find myself in:

♥ "To be upset over what you don't have is to waste what you do have." Ken S. Keyes, Jr. ♥

Thanks for the love & support yall!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

"Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation."
By: Brian Tracy

Things I am thankful for...
1) Family 2) Friends 3) Sorors 4) Education 5) Career 6) Home 7) Insight 8) Health 9) Personal Trainer 10) Money 11) Ability to serve the community 12) Dreams 13) Goals 14) Soulmate 15) Material possessions 16) Opportunities to have traveled and seen so much the world already and the upcoming adventures  17) Roots & Culture (Zeen!) 18) Sound mind 19) Good heart   20) Clear conscious 21) JOY 22) Peace of mind 23) Snapped marathon  };-)
God IS good... Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Trust, but verify." ~ Ronald Reagan

Day 2's report! Well my thighs are still on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Monday's workout! I did not make it to the gym yesterday because seriously I could barely walk on and off the bus without looking like an 80 year old. I did do 100 sit ups when I got home though. So maybe I will change my challenge to do any intentional physical activity for 30 days straight. So I will not count walking to the bus but I will count doing jumping jacks. I won't count walking around the mall but I will count taking a walk around the neighborhood. I know I do not need to be tied to a gym to get a good workout. I know I need to just MOVE MORE! Speaking of which... I let me Weight Watchers subscription lapse and they keep emailing me... guilting me... via emails! I dunno I kinda want to pay as I go because I missed so many sessions. But I dunno yet. Why do we avoid doing the right things that we know will work? I dunno either. But we'll see what I do Saturday. My main goal is to just get the exercise part down pat again and then tighten up the food. Yesterday I had crab dip and 1..ok 2 adult beverages. I know numbing myself but I am only human and I am under stress. Its an excuse and we know about excuses but I am going to allow myself a mini pity party for a while longer.

Ok so today is day 3 and my thighs still hurt...badly...I may need to take something. I need to pick up some Thanksgiving treats for the homes (yes more than one b/c my friends are the bomb) I am visiting since I am gonna backpack around town like the "orphan" I am lol after I hit the gym then church. I have my clothing already in the car and my sneakers are already on! Today I am going hit the gym and do something even if its just my girl Lippy. I ain't spent quality time with her for a minute.   

Well my title is from a quote President Ronald Reagan made when dealing with the former USSR/Russia and I always liked it. I don't tend to be a trusting person in general maybe its the Nu Yorka in me but I understand not everything that looks/sounds/feels/smells good is good for you that true for people, places, and things. The past 3 days has made the crystal clear and I am a better person for it. Mentally I feel strong and determined more so than normal. As Thanksgiving approaches I feel very thankful for truth, honesty, wisdom, discernment, friends oh my goodness what a great circle of friends I have, and most of all for this wonderful trip called life! 2010 has been an amazing roller coaster. And yall know I don't like roller coasters lol but last year I ended 2009 with a vow to take risks and I can say I certainly did that and some paid off ten fold and others...well not so much. But that's okay. As my idol Oprah would say "One Thing I Know For Sure" is I have a lot to be thankful for and I am going to enjoy tomorrow and relish the good times this weekend and prepare my vision board for the greatness to come in 2011!!!! I am going to employ some moderation in my celebration in all aspects except exercise (lol) Imma get that in for sure!!!

***Well unbeknownst to some troll who tried to post something derogatory on my blog I now moderate all comments so forgive me if it takes time to show your replies as we move forward and as others move on and get a life. Happy Turkey Day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 2 of 30

Well quick recap of day 1 of my 30 day - 30 minute a day workout challenge! I went to my personal trainer yesterday for my 1 hour session. Charles, who is a life saver, on so many levels was great. I had SUCH a stank attitude and he didn't give me any problems. lol I guess we've been "together" over a year so he knows my moods and could tell I wasn't my normal self and like a good man he didn't ask me anything lol we just worked out and got the job done. I told him it was a longgggggg weekend and left it at that. I guess my emotions are all over the place but I am in self protect and resolution mode. I refuse to let the devil get the best of me because this situation with the ex is pure evil and I know the Word too well "For we wrestle not with flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12 I will admit that I lost the battle with comfort food yesterday but I am only human and will just keep striving to put my bad habits at bay and as a back up to counter act them with exercise. (Hence the cartoon) :-) 

I am on a journey, I mean we all are, but God has placed certain "seeds" in me and well with that comes challenges.  I just thank God for a praying Grandmother because I know I am protected. I am not happy about the situation I was put in, but I know other women end up with no one to help them or support them. I am blessed to have a lot of support and love. A wise Soror (who will have no problem naming herself lol) posted something that really hit home "Remember that where you are now is part of God's process to get you where you are going. Don't settle for anything less than what God has for you. Remember that God will get you what you need from whatever source." Thanks Soror Jacqui.. And so it is!

Today I am going to my gym for at least 1 hour and taking Charles's Chizel it class. I am still sore from yesterday's workout but I am going to push through that and get it in. Wednesday I am going Spinning for 1 hour. Thursday its Thanksgiving and needless to say my plans have fallen through lol *sigh* but a friend invited me to their house so I have options. But the gym has some classes and then I got an email from Church! Church ain't seen't me in over a year... at least! I don't know why I fell off but I have those moments when I am hot and cold. Not going doesn't stop me from praying but there is something about being in the House of the Lord. So Imma go to church and go to the gym on Thanksgiving. I have sooooo much to be thankful for so I can't complain...but so much! Next thing you know it is Friday again and I am going to take Zumba that evening.

Its a busy but festive weekend coming up. A Soror I know is celebrating her 40th Birthday so I am looking forward to being around good people & celebrating a great lady! Just what I need! I'll need to watch my intake but slowly but surely I'll get back on my grind from last Fall!

I am journaling again and I need to stay consistent with that as well. Well I will report back soon! Thanks!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ctrl, ALT, Delete

Well I had a  New York Times bestseller worthy weekend is all I can say. The Mister/bf is GONE... I wont go into the details on here but I will say it was better that it lasted a mere 6 months instead of long 6 years. Seriously. I have not given up on my sincere hope of a real man, with real intentions and we'll see what God has for me down the road. Right now I am going to spend my time and energy getting back into my workout groove and focusing on my other goals. There are so many! I am keeping on top of my feelings/emotions because I am a stress eater/emotional eater but its just not worth it. Not at all. I have been working on my friendships and have a great support system that has been keeping on top of me. So in the end I'll count it all joy.

Today I am back with my personal trainer and I am going to the gym Tuesday evening and will do something on Wednesday even if its just my treadmill at home and on Turkey Day both gyms do multiple workouts so I am on it. I am going to do a 30 day-30 minutes every day challenge feel free to join me!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Little Things Matter

A Sorority sister of mine hipped me to this website Little Things Matter! Its a blog by an interesting man and he gives insight and advice into how to be successful and achieve your goals. The first article I read was entitled Live by Design, not by Default! The title sucked me in because that is my motto. I don't know how or why people leave things to chance when you can make a plan and follow through. Maybe its a way to avoid disappointment. Anyway it hit me as I am regrouping on this journey and realized I have been so busy I have YET to rework my Vision Board or set up a workout plan. These are little things that matter! It may only take a few minutes but it can make all the difference in the world! Below are a few thoughts on some of the points Todd Smith mentions:

Six Basic Elements to Goal Setting
1. They must be important to you—Goals are not casual wishes and things you simply desire. The only way you will achieve any goal is if the goal is truly important to you. If the goal is only slightly or moderately important, it’s highly unlikely that you will follow through and do what is required to achieve it.

~ This accounts for all the goals I have achieved to date. I decided I wanted to be a lawyer at age 10, I made up my mind to run a half marathon, I set a goal of getting a certain legal career, I have committed to giving back to the community by mentoring and helping people in need and when I make up my mind something is important I stick with it. I think the problem is I have had a lot going on with work, AKA, Junior League, and looking for a new adjunct professor position (which i got by the way!) I just have not focused in on my weight loss/healthy lifestyle goals with the same drive I've been focusing on these other things with lately. There's been a lot of stress and I just have not dealt with it in a healthy way. But the good thing is I have already acheived this weight loss goal so I know it can be done as long as I refocus and make up my mind!

2. They must be specific—You must know exactly what you want. Your goals cannot be vague or ambiguous. For example, if you want to lose weight, you would not set a goal to simply lose weight. Instead your goal must be specific; such as I want to lose 30 pounds.

~My goals are:
-to do a hot yoga class
-to lose 50 pounds
-find another event to do next year (I am thinking about an extreme event like a Mud Crawl) I am looking into it and it is basicallyy a 6 mile run where you challenge yourself to run, climb and crawl through an obstacle course!) I read blog call I Run Like A Girl and she did one and the pictures were so amazing! I will have to look for her site I thought it was on my blog roll.
-get certified as a spin instructor
-get back to Brick Bodies & Chizel It gym during the week

3. They must have deadlines—What is the date or deadline for when you want to have achieved your objective? If you do not establish a date to achieve your goal, you won’t feel any urgency, you won’t be motivated and you won’t be able to draft an action plan to achieve it.

~This is mega important I already know that so let's revisit my list:
My goals are:
-to do a hot yoga class- Ok I left my group on expire! But I will do this before Christmas (Monday Nov. 29th!)
-to lose 50 pounds by May 1st 2011

-find another event to do next year (I am thinking about an extreme event like a Mud Crawl) I am looking into it and it is basically a 6 mile run where you challenge yourself to run, climb and crawl through an obstacle course!) I read blog call I Run Like A Girl and she did one and the pictures were so amazing! I will have to look for her site I thought it was on my blog roll.
Will begin looking into this in the Spring
-get certified as a spin instructor by Nov. 2011
-Back tot he gym during the week- Tuesday, Nov.23rd!

4. They must be measurable—Whatever it is you want to achieve must be something you can measure. If you cannot measure your goal, how will you know if you are making any progress towards its achievement?

-Weight loss is easy but I will weigh in today at home. I been MIA from WW but I will go back before the new year bus pulls up (lol) as my WW leader says about the new years resolution dieters!
-In terms of the gym I will do a chart I did this last year with my plan and my actual workout that seemed to focus me and if I had a goal of 6 hours in the gym if Wednesday came and I only had 4 hours I knew I'd have to get in on Thursday for a long stretch like 2 classes or Thursday and Friday OR use my treadmill at home. But seeing it in writing got it done!

5. They must be realistic—Goals should make you stretch and push yourself, but they shouldn’t be so high that you set yourself up for failure. Once you achieve a goal, your confidence will grow and your desire to set and achieve new goals will follow.

~Like I was saying earlier since I have already lost a majority of the weight I know I can do it its just a matter of refocusing and getting back to where I was 6 months ago! Coolness!

6. They must be in writing—Goals are not dreams in the back of your mind that someday you hope to accomplish. Instead goals are definitive objectives that must be written down and reviewed on a periodic basis.

~Oh no see I type too fast lol the gotcha/gotcha is actually doing it. Its gonna be a busy weekend as usual and I just need to take a minute and write. I am back to journaling so maybe I can get a two for one by writing this plan out in my new journal.

Good stuff! I am not interested is starting fresh in the new year because this is a lifestyle change so I need to just make small moves now and jump in. I have no doubt that this is an important goal and that I can do it I just need to shift my priorities. I have but Junior League on the back burner and AKA I am going to see how to manage my time better with the new responsibilities of my recent regional appointment. My relationship is priority as well and balancing my life in terms of friends new and old and socializing is all apart of the picture. I am stopping all travel plans until the new year. I have an every other year trip to Sedona for a spa getaway with Mom and sis my infamous "before picture" at the Grand Canyon was done in 2009 I was looking forward to going back in 2011 for 2 year later shot. But we'll see! I am kinda burnt out from all the jet setting last year but we will see. Plus Italy, Spain, and France awaits and before you know it its the Fall again! My life...gotta love it! :-)

I can honestly say I am VERY happy at this point in my life everythign seems to be coming together and I feel good. I know exercise is my fountian of youth and it gives me extra energy (like I need more energry) but I feel better when I am working out. I jsut need to get over this 30 day hump. They say it takes 21 days to make a new habit so this weekend I will make my plan and Monday will begin my 21 workout challenge.

Anyway I have some community service to do today, then an AKA event, then a birthday party and tomorrow there's another AKA event and then dinner with a Soror. Just like that the weekend is over!

Sometime today I will map out my workouts this week and I will report back!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ode to the 5am Running Crew

Well I been MIA..clearly... *insert downward casted eyes here* And I most certainly have been off my game for the past few weeks. I really cannot point a finger to exactly what has been causing backsliding (which by the way was the original name of this post) until I saw the Three Amigos as I call them. See there are these three middle aged men in my neighborhood that run every single solitary morning. I mean they are better than the post office because they deliver even on holidays! This morning they stood out to me more so than usual because I know I am backsliding! I am sure for those of you that are church goers, that term instantly rang a bell, and for those that don't well I googled a definition for ya! Backsliding is defined as a problem Christians experience in our path towards perfection. We sometimes move backward down that path; its also defined as turning away from God after your conversion. So in terms of my quest for a consistent healthy lifestyle I most certainly fit the bill! If my health is my religion then certainly I have been acting like an un-sanctified fool. This article talks more about Backsliding and explains as we grow in the Lord, He expects more of us. That hits home with me in terms of being healthy because as I continue this journey I need to expect more of myself...bigger goals, more consistency, and greater appreciation for a healthy lifestyle.

What I did 20 years ago to lose weight will not work now. I need new tricks and I need to keep learning and growing in this journey to wellness. My journey didn't stop with doing a triathlon. Although I still brag about it :-) But I think this reminds me of my spiritual journey in that I have to stay on top of my thoughts, my urges, my desires and not be ruled by "the flesh." I need to dig deeper and make a firm commitment to my body and my health and my new lifestyle. In the same way on one's spiritual walk you need to stay connected to God in prayer, worship, and in your thoughts acts and deeds.

All of which brings me back to the 5am running crew. They have kept the "faith" or stayed the course of their commitment to fitness for over 5 years and I think that is amazing. I will skip the gym for Oprah (who by the way is getting big again..mama noooooooooooo :-( but her shoe game is still killing 'em

but back to the 3 Amigos I have seen sometimes when they run faster and then sometimes slower, sometimes with knee braces sometimes without, sometimes in the snow and like this morning in the pitch black darkness while it is raining with little flashlights on their head gear. But they are doing it. The article states that backsliding is a sin and is a result of not understanding the role God has in our lives. It also says its a matter of spiritual blindness. I liken that to eating right & exercising while I know the role being healthy plays, I act like I don't. I act like I don't know carrying around this extra weight is making me tired and sluggish. That's what we call in the law "willful blindness." I am taking the temporary good feeling I have from eating poorly and not exercising and making that take priority over the good food and exercise that makes me feel stronger and healthier and overall makes me feel better.

Well I am not going to end this with so I got to work and walked up 20 flights of stairs, plan to do Zumba at lunch, and eat a salad. I am too realistic for that. I am going to say I am going to make a plan of attack . Making a list/goals works for me. I know it does not for everyone, I have no clue how they get anything done, but I had an interesting debate with some friends about using lists to set goals and well some people hate doing it! I think we all agreed that one should use what works for them but the "advice" I was given was to be open to being flexible if things don't go just so on your timeline in life. I have never been a let me wing it type of girl and that has worked very very well for me in life but I think I have dealt well with the twist and turns and still made a great life for myself but I guess I don't give off that I go with the flow vibe. But anyhoo, so I am going to make a plan and set some goals. I found this great article 10 reasons Why We Love Making Lists ! Check it out!

I'll check back in with what my plan of attack is!