Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Thoughts After One Week Vegan

Another long blogging break and I really don't have a reason why. I am less busy and have scaled back on a lot of responsibilities to just slow down a bit. I am enjoying going to work (remember my 1.5 hour commute in the morning and 2 hour commute home on a good day) and being able to come home and just relax. I think it has improved my overall mental and emotional health and allowed me to make myself a priority again. I can't and won't do what I did to myself the last year or so. As someone said to me Shonda Rhimes had her year of yes, you need a year of NO! I agree, I have been more thoughtful in how and with whom I spend my time with and will keep that in mind going forward! Its all about self care.

Oh yeah! Chileeeeeeee!!! Imma Vegan!  LOL

Well with that extra time comes extra reading, sleeping and tv watching and I stumbled across this documentary on Netflix called What the Health . It is a lot of information and I would say if you know you don't want to change do not see it. It was very eye opening and someone recommended  I also watch Forks Over Knives both explain the benefits of a plant based diet to people, the animals and our planet. I am heart broken over the treatment of the animals. As a lifelong pet owner I was left asking myself what is the difference between that cow or goat we kill and eat and my cat?

They are all animals and none of God's creatures deserve to be treated that way. There really is no humane way to kill a living thing.

On top of the killings the actual conditions also got me. I won't quote some of the information because ultimately I am not trying to gross anyone out or convince anyone to do anything I am just sharing my journey, but I have been literally nauseous for the last week just looking a meat... frozen, raw, cooked any meat has made me physically ill. I can't shake it.

My initial plan was to "lean into it" and try to have seafood but again the smell made me so sick I had to throw a dish I made earlier out and had to jump into the Vegan Lifestyle feet first.

I was also troubled at the money trail as I am calling it. If you follow the money it paints a pretty grim picture and why most of the public has no idea what is really going on. Ignorance is bliss. I had a choice off taking the red or blue pill and I went all the way into the Matrix so I cannot see myself turning back. Especially after watching Earthlings. People are soooo wicked.

I did some research and came across a pretty huge black vegan community online! I have several vegans and vegetarians in  my family; its pretty common in Jamaica actually so it is not a foreign concept to me, even Bob Marley was strictly about his ital food ( Ital cuisine is usually vegetarian or vegan. Developed by Rastafarians, Ital food is a natural way of cooking that tries to avoid processed food, additives, oil, salt and sugar); but never looked into it seriously for myself because honestly I was someone who lived to eat not someone who would eat to live. Hence my battle with obesity. I have been listening to a lot of Law of Attraction weight loss You Tube videos by Abraham Hicks and this actually seems like the next natural step. I will do a different post on that but as Esther said --kinda like after the "There is no spoon" scene from the Matrix when Morpheus told Neo when to time comes you won't have to dodge the bullets... I'm am evolving and coming into alignment. HOW EXCITING! The Universe makes no mistakes. God's timing is perfect and I am here for all of this good stuff!!

A/w my favorite find was the Brown Vegan! She's awesome and I really loved what she posted on Instagram and saw she had an online Vegan 101 training program called Zero to Vegan. It was on sale for only $7 and so I purchased it and started going through the program immediately. Part of the package includes a private Facebook group as well and I jumped right in.  Ideally they say you can slowly convert but I didn't have that option with the nausea so here we are at Week 1 already! I really like the course it is very informative and she has some great recipes.

My initial thoughts...

1) Its a lot easier than I thought between apps, IG, Facebook and the Vegan community IRL and online there is a lot of support and sharing. Baltimore has a very active Black Vegan community! As well as several well known vegan restaurants like Land of Kush which I've tried before since it is near my law school. There's a new one called The GruB Factory and closer to home we have The Flying Avocado. I like cooking so does my husband so I think options (at home or eating out) will not be a big issue.

2)  My skin is jacked up. Lots of break outs but this is basically a "Daniel Fast"  (shout out to the church folk) and my old church used to do one every year so I am not shocked. You tend to get breakouts. I think between having done Daniel Fasts, Paleo and Whole 30 I know how to live this lifestyle so that is a plus.

3) Energy seems the same but sleep definitely feels better.

4) I don't feel full but I don't feel hungry. I was telling my husband last night I feel like the food isn't hitting the bottom of my stomach like with meat. But I do not miss feeling weighed down either.

5) The reactions!!! LOL People are angry/rude/ condescending about those of us giving up meat. I mean that is truly laughable. I will never get people who do that. I was saying to my husband the other day I am the kind of friend if my friend wants to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge I will be sure to buy the best bungee cords, check the wind speed and be there to take the cool pics. Why do people relish in being so negative?

It kind of reminds me of something someone told me once about my overzealous ways in groups. I always say do you, I'll do me... I am not judging but when I say I am going to do something I give it 110% but she pointed out when you do so much it highlights for others what they are not doing and that is uncomfortable for some people. Fair enough. I stated earlier and to others I am not here to convert anyone. We are all doing the best we can, with where we are and with what we know. So there should be no judgement on other side in my opinion.

In the immortal words of Jay Z "What you eat don't make me..."

Ok so some pics of the week. Please see my CyliaFitAndFab Instagram page for recipes! Everything came from Trader Joe's or Target. A quick google search for Vegan options at any store and you can find a great list. So helpful. So here are a few items

I am trying to do a mix of plant based and non GMO items to make a well rounded diet. Here are some helpful videos I just ordered Russell Simmons book The Happy Vegan and I am so impressed with his interviews here is one ~~> Today Show: Russell Simmons Perks of being a Vegan

Oprah did a special program with her staff Oprah's Staff Goes Vegan

Its all very eye opening and I am enjoying it! My workouts are on track and I will still be going to Weight Watchers for accountability because health and weight loss are still goals aside from everything. I weigh in Saturday but I can see based on tracking these points can still add up between the beans, starchy veggies, and high calories but good fat items like hummus, nuts and avocados add up!

Ok I'm out! I will be back to update this weekend!