Thursday, October 18, 2012

St John, Insanity, Dating, & other things I said I wouldn't do!

My First SJ

Well the fall is full of lessons about saying what you won't do! LOL

#1) SJS~ for the longest time I said I would not be a St. John Soror! In my Sorority St. John Suits seem to come along with the membership card! I am not a fan of knit attire and I love me some Jones New York and Calvin Klein! They are sharp and more forgiving for more figures lol BUT I took the plunge and got in on the St. John action! I went to another chapter's anniversary luncheon and it seemed like the perfect time to wear it! I really liked the way it all came together and well 2 weeks ago when I lost the 10 pounds it zipped (lol) and it is...a size...10! Now I am guessing because its knit it is even more forgiving and I shouldn't be so judgy about it! Either way I liked it and got lots of compliments! :-) I'll be investing...because theya re an investment in a few more...So never say never lesson #1

#2) Insanity until a few minutes ago when my coworkers proved me wrong I thought EVERYONE knew what Insanity is! So needless to say when I told my co-workers I started Insanity this morning...they looked alarmed! Ahhh lawyers! So I had to explain what it was! Sooo in case anyone else out there doesn't know about Insanity its (well to steal from their facebook page)  Personal trainer Shaun T will push you past your limits with 10 workout discs packed with plyometric drills on top of nonstop intervals of strength, power, resistance, and ab and core training moves. No equipment or weights needed. Just the will to get the fittest body you've ever had.

Well I am not a fan of working out at home! So I said for a longgg time I would never get these DVDs or P90X because I hate working out at home! Wellllll I changed my mind. Maybe one too many nights being up late and seeing the infomercial got me but I said this week you know what?! I want to try Insanity! A friend of mine let me borrow his and I began a 5 Week to Thanksgiving Fitness Challenge with my Sorors and some other friends and I said let me start on the same day.

I regained the 10 pounds (pus 3) I lost while I was sick and man does 10 pounds make a difference!!! When you have lost so much like I have from 1999-2003, you really forget that 10 pounds is a lot! The picture I posted yesterday and the one from last week I see it!!! So I want it back!

So this morning around 5am I woke up and went to my living room and tried to get this party started! Well low and behold I realized I have not used my DVD player in yearsss and the darn thing wouldn't open! LOL I pressed buttons, tapped it, tried to pry it open with my nails but it wouldn't open! I have no idea what happened! So I said well maybe I will just wait and follow the guide they give you and start on Monday but I said no that's the devil and I already told everyone I was starting today!

I went back to my bedroom where I have a VHS/DVD combo machine and I had to figure out how to open it too! Then how to play it and I couldn't find the remote! Where could the remote be? Picture me at 5 am HOT and MAD because I am too careless to put the darn remote on top of the TV! It came to me that I might have it in my night stand and there it was! After moving my bed out the way lol I was ready!!!

So here's what went down with the Fit Test

Day 1 fit test -
65 switch kick
40 power jacks
85 power knees
33 power jump
9 power squats
7 suicide jumps
35 push ups on knees (no push up jacks)
23 Low plank knees

I aint gonna lie I was impressed with my darn self! I was pretty close to where the demo people started! I know working out with Charles has me in good cardio shape even if I don't wear a size 6! Some of the moves were too hard for me, so I had to modify them especially the last two!

I left my heart rate monitor in my car and I was not braving the cold for it but I found this calories burned calculator on line and it says at my weight I burned 410 calories in the 30 minutes! Not bad!

The drills were hard but the moves were nothing new between training with Charles , having done Krav Maga, and  Les Mills classes! So I will be excited to see where I will be in 2 weeks with them! I most def'ly worked up a sweat in a short amount of time! So tomorrow will be day #2!

#3) Dating... I said I wasn't gonna date this fall...not because I don't want to but...because I wanted to focus on suck and get on my nerves. LOL

I know, I know its not what people do it's your reaction to what they do is what matters yadda yadda yadda. I am burnt out on dating and meeting new people and hearing new stories and the like. But I mentioned I met someone and it seems he is in the same "space" dating fatigue space and so we are speaking and getting to know one another and have planned 2 dates 2 weeks in a row and they haven't panned out. :-/

I don't like that. I said and he agreed because we are in that place there is low to no pressure and I do like that but I am human. If I am anticipating a date and it doesn't pan out its disappointing. And disappointments are deadly for me because I know I am an emotional eater. So I am left with what to do...again stakes are low but are stakes ever really that low in matters of the heart? Ahhh what's a girl to do!? I've had great convos before and things don't go anywhere...which in some respects is fine because my constant prayer is if he isnt the one for me move him out the way quickly. I may need to flip the script and say don't send anyone not for me my way lol cut out the in between time lol

On the plus side, it is a chance to really get to know him and vice versa. He does ask some really great questions. Really great questions about my goals, my friends, etc... And he is funny which is critical but what can I say only time will tell and worst case I gain a friend :-)

You should know in my head I am really saying I have enough friends lol but that would be rude to say out loud lol

#4) Under the title "Other Things I said I Wouldn't Do"~ Early morning shopping! As I have mentioned before I live 66 miles from my office so I am a commuter! I like to go in early so I can come home early! But this morning I had to stop myself and go grocery shopping. My refrigerator has wine, wine, mayo, wine, protein shakes and relish. To my credit, I had a breakdown scare last week, so I emptied my refrigerator but still that’s sad! How am I gonna start a 5 week challenge and on day #1 I don’t even have any food?

I ended up going to the store closest to my bus stop and grabbed a few things for work! Now that is a BIG deal because that adds like 30 minutes to my commute the later I go but it was worth it. See below!

*So I grabbed the Dole Lite Cesar salad kit. I am not going full on low carb but I am trying to watch my simple carbs without feeling like I can't have any.  So salad is a must This is very flavorful and low in calories it comes with lite cesar dressing and garlic crutons and romaine lettuce. At this stage of the game hopefully you are opting for mixed greens, spinach, or romaine lettuce much more value for you nutrition wise!

*I opted for the Yoplait Greek yogurt. I was compaing Fage, Chobani, and Yoplait and Yoplait had lower carbs and lower sugar. I will bring Cho and Fage back but for this first 2 weeks I am going to stick with Yoplait and save some carbs

* EAS protein shakes. I am not a big breakfast person. I get to work around 7am and I am just not hungry in the mornings like that to want a meal most times. But studies have shown and I have felt it for myself that if you do not have something to "break the fast" by lunch time you are like a wild boar starving and overdoing it and it can just have a bad trickle down effect for the entire day. So I switch between EAS, Atkins day Break, and yogurt for breakfast. 

*Muscle Milk- I have tried muscle milk and don't really like it like that but I don't recall trying the lite version so I got one because it was on sale.  I will report back!  I am going to list some old posts I have done with food reviews because I know that can be helpful! Any of your faves please feel free to pass them on to me as well!!

7 Days...540 minutes...and 4,685 calories later...

What Getting Back On Track Looks Like... Part 3

In other news I did another hypnosis session and it focused on emotional eating. I can't really recall all of it but I know it was on time. Unfortunately, the CD she gave me didn't work :-(  So I been using the first one.  I am weighing in daily and the scale keeps going up. I can be honest and say I have not been tracking like I should and I have been out almost every night so it is clearly adding up. So since today is Day #1 of my 5 Week Countdown to Thanksgiving Fitness Challenge I am refocusing! I set the following goals

Week 1 goals - drink 64 oz of water a day, journal my food daily, exercise 5 days/5 hours this week

 Over all for the 5 weeks lose 10 pounds, improve my cardio, and be consistent!
I'll be back!!! :-)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Workout Blog: Barre Review

My Workout Blog: Barre Review: Last night @ the Debate Watch party hosted by the Deltas! Politricks is a serious matter but I was all smiles! Word to Big Bird! Wel...

Barre Review

Last night @ the Debate Watch party hosted by the Deltas!
Politricks is a serious matter but I was all smiles! Word to Big Bird!

Welllll I stumbled upon my first Barre Class!! I mentioned in my last post that I got a groupon for the Barre classes and explained what the class was about. I know if I was a good blogger I would refer you back to the link and all but yall know me by now..or soon will for the new folks lol

In short Barre is a new workout craze its a combination of ballet, pilates, and yoga. If you think about it ballet dancers do have very lean and trim bodies so needless to say their workouts are like that! I went to the gym on Sunday to take Spinning and Body Pump and as I was dropping off my spinning number at the front desk I saw a sign up sheet for Barre! I won't go into how long it took me to get the information I needed and I should email Lynne Bricks about her people BUT since they are typically on point and it was a Sunday I let it go. Well in my own way... lol

Anyway a few of the ladies that were taking the class overheard all the back and forth with the front desk clerk and said the teacher would let me take the first class for free so I followed them! I had to get a few items a yoga mat, exercise ball, and small weights I opted for the 3 and 5 pounders. One of the ladies warned me it was a lot of small movements so don't get anything too heavy. That's my set up below!

Well I stayed with the 3 lbs weights the wholeee time!!! I will say this about the class they were very welcoming I let them know I lost a lot of weight regained some and lost about half of what I regained and wanted to mix my workouts up a little bit. They all said they loved what the class has done for their bodies and its intense. That's the word they kept using over and over lol intense!

Well the teacher came in and recognized me as new and she assured me I will love the results! Sidebar: After class we got to talking and she actually reads my blog lol How cool is that! A/w the music was great very Madonna, Foo Foo Fighters, upbeat empowering tunes. I didn't expect that thinking back to my days as a dancer *cough* when I was six years old *cough* everything was very clean and white and quiet! Not Barre! LOL The music was actually a little loud and in your face and that should have served as a warning.

The class started with push ups! What class starts with push ups? LOL It went down hill pretty quickly. The class is no joke! I will say the teacher did tell me that I was a quick study because most of the time you are on your toes with your heels together doing squats and leg lifts! It is hard! Very hard to focus your mind when your body is hurting! LOL
My legs were not happy with me at all! But I like the challenge! It is always good to mix it up so I am excited for the next 10 classes to see how far I will go!

As I mentioned before I have a workout group on facebook for my sorority sisters and I just realized Thanksgiving is only 5 weeks away! I sent out a call for sorors to join the group and do a 5 Week Fitness Challenge leading up to Turkey day! Close to 30 new members joined the group!! How exciting!! I need the support and accountability!! One goal is to do intentional exercise every day for the 5 weeks. It can be anything but it must be on purpose! I also want to lose 10 pounds that's 2 pounds a week. And I want to at least set a date to take the spinning certification class. A soror reminded me this weekend that I had that on my 2012 Vision Board I would like to see that through!

Anyyyhoooo I trolled the Internet to find pictures of some of the moves from class and found some good ones! I would highly recommend the class and I was able to get it for $125 for 10 classes so that's $12.50 a class! That's not bad!

Everyone warned me I'd be so sore the following day and I was a little bit sore but mostly my smaller muscles like my triceps and unknown back muscles. I burned about 700 calories in 1 hours which I did not expect at all but your heart rate stays pretty elevated and I was dripping with sweat. So that will be my Sunday go to workouts 8:30 spinning then 9:30 Barre! I will just need a change of clothing lol

Here are some pictures! Enjoy! If you try it out let me know what you think!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Foodie post!

Ok so I was hit up about a few items I posted on facebook so I opted to do a blog post about it and rather than call it "What Getting Back On Track Looks Like" (like all the others) I figured I would call it Foodie post since I was no off track! *Bragging*

Ok here's for the recipes and reviews!

Recipe: Homemade Chicken Soup/Stew
1 Box of chicken broth
Red onions
Handful of Cilantro
4 Cho Cho/ choyate squash
4 pieces of chicken thighs ( you can use legs, or breast)
portabella mushrooms
fresh garlic
garlic powder
celery salt
a tablespoon of olive oil
and sea salt to taste

Boil all the ingredients together for about 1 hour on a store top on med/high heat. Done quick and easy! You can feel free to add more veggies like squash, sweet potatoes, eggplant, etc.

Recipe #2- Flatout bread Pizza! De-lish!

Flatout Bread is kinda like a tortilla pr wrap but it is lower in calories and carb counts than most tortillas and in my opinion it tastes a lot better

All you need is your Flatout Bread
Pasta sauce I used Prego but any will do! You only need about 2 Tablespoons worth
shredded cheese I prefer the Italian blend
Some pepperoni (turkey or the real thing)
and some garlic power and oregano
Back on 350 for about 10-15 minutes and done!

Foodie Review

Well good ole Chobani Greek yogurt has made a new type of item kinda like Fage. They call it Chobani Flip!

I got the only two flavors they had a Chocolate Chip raspberry and a Honey with banana.

I didn't LOVE either to be honest! They were just ok. I have a thing about mixed textures so the Chocolate chip with raspberry was not my speed. The raspberry had seeds and just didn't make for a pleasant experience IMO! But I like smooth yogurt. The Honey and banana was just ok. It was a different taste so the newness of the flavor was good but I don't think I will be beating the doors down for either again.

I still had the fullness that comes with a  Greek yogurt which was good but I would say its worth a try if you are bored wit the old flavors.

I also picked up the Yoplait Greek yogurt. Its only 100 calories so it saves you almost 50-60 from the Cho brand but has less protein and less taste. But again for the mix it up effect I wasn't mad at it!


Well that's all I got for now! If you try any of these out let me know what you think!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

The word hypnosis (according to wikipedia) comes from the Greek word hypnosis which means sleep.

Hypnosis can be defined as:
Look deeply into my watch..You are feeling very sleepy... Yeah...didnt happen!
a special psychological state with certain physiological attributes, resembling sleep only superficially and marked by a functioning of the individual at a level of awareness other than the ordinary conscious state.

I mentioned a few entries ago that I opted to try 10 sessions to help with my weight loss efforts and I just completed session three. I liken it to mediating and I like that but I rarely make time for it. Having these sessions gives me dedicated time to do the things I know I should do to get my mind right.

The first session was just a brief introduction and going over the nuts and bolts of what it was to dispel any myths or misconceptions. We did a very brief session and it allowed me to get into a very good state I could hear everything going on and hear her voice but I did have the sensation of slipping away. I didn't like that lol what if she asked me to quack like a duck? LOL
Seriously though it might of just been a power and control thing with me the idea of slipping away, not being in control...

The second session was more intense and I did not feel relaxed at damn all! I was actually annoyed during the session it was more probing that suggestive in nature. I always thought in hypnosis they just put you "under" and tell you what to do and it seeps into your subconscious and you use it as another tool in your arsenal. But she was asking me direct questions about the level of responsibility I feel for my weight gain, how much do I contribute to poor decisions regarding food, etc. I was like WTH I didn't come for an intervention! LOL Before we began we picked fingers to represent yes, no, I don't know, and I don't want to know. I had to spend so much time remembering what finger was what I just couldn't relax. On top of that I think I felt judged like I was supposed to say my weight was my fault! Ok so I know I am the one that controls how much I eat and how much I exercise so yes I contribute to my weight BUT I have to say I am prone to being bigger than the normal 5'1.5'' girl! I guess if I carve out that excuse the Universe will give me all the evidence I need to support that fact so I need to rework my brain around that fact but still I didn't go there for that! After the session she asked me and I told her that's not what I signed up for it was way too much work. So she said the thrid one she will do suggestions. She told me to use an index card and write down reasons to be fit and healthy. I made up a list of 10 things; they were:

1) To feel good 2) Look good 3) Live longer 4) Be healthy 5) Enjoy life more 6) Inspire others 7) Respect myself  8) Wear cuter clothing 9) Be stronger 10) Be committed

She also suggested I write down some alternative behaviors but during the session we discussed the fact that I KNOWWWW all the right things to do... call a friend, go for a walk, take a nap, read a book, journal, etc. I rattled off like 10 things. So I know what to do I just don't do it consistently! So I did something different I found what we call in Weight Watchers an anchor. I found an affirmation to keep me grounded when I feel myself swaying. The one of found said

"I am strong beyond belief, I am powerful beyond measure!"

Session three was more what I expected. She started off with asking how the past week went and I told her I was feeling better (after a stomach virus) and I was really eating poorly and I knew it was stress related. I had a lot of meetings and running around to do and I was just happy I could eat again and I had some work stress. She asked me to pick one situation so we could talk about it. The one I discussed involved this attorney who was getting on my nerves by being unreasonable about a few things. Not huge deals but I have an issue with people thinking that can get over on me. Kid Fury just did a youtube video about Niki Minaj and Mariah Carey and their drama and I was sad to say I was Niki! I am not going to be punked buttt as Kid Fury said you are the one that ends up looking crazy. You gotta fight shade with shade lol

Ahhhh well anyway based on the stress he caused me I went for some chocolate I did not need and honestly did not enjoy. I learned a long diet time ago if you are going to have something make it good. A snickers bar is nothing in comparison to a Godiva anything so get a smaller portion of the good stuff and be done with it...Sorry for the sidebar... Anyway so we talked about fighting shade with shade lol no no we didn't we talked about holding onto images or a time when I felt good/proud/accomplished. After some talking the moment my Property Law professor told me I got the highest grade in her class and I dropped my water bottle in excitement and held my face like the Home Alone kid was it!

I've had a lot of good highlights in my life but this stood out because I worked HARD to do well I would have been happy for a B but to get an A and get the highest A in a 4 credit class in your first year of law school?!? Really it is a feeling I can't properly describe. But it was my moment. So he called today and I held onto that feeling answered his questions and sent him on his way. I did take a few deep breaths but I didn't have that rage or knot in my back that happens when I get upset...progress!

Anyway session three was more of what I expected she made suggestions about choices and reinforced my goals and the ability I have to set goals and achieve them and weight loss and health are no different. She also made me a CD that I used today before I began my work. I popped it in and I really felt more focused and relax afterwards. In fact, I bought a bag of cheese curls yesterday and kept the leftovers in my desk and I poured water in the bag and threw them away. That felt good. Oh that was another thing we discussed the fact that every time I do not give into a craving I increase my strength. So every time I say no, I get stronger and saying no gets easier. Kinda like dating the wrong guy lol

Well speaking of dating nothing much to update haven't found a code name for new guy so I'll just say the New Guy or NG. NG and I didn't make it out last weekend. It may have been a slight miscommunication or he could have been trying to test me and my patience. I gave him a lil bit of attitude but we ended up on the phone until 4am Sunday morning! Mind you I had to be up at 6am for the Junior League race and my chapter had a fundraiser that afternoon as well! Both turned out great! The Afternoon of Jazz was amazing! What a great event! The music, food, people - AWESOME!

So NG and I will try again this weekend which is a beast! Friday the Regional Committee I am on has a meet and greet in DC (I hope to see new guy after that), then Saturday we have an all day sorority conference back in DC again, Sunday another chapter of my sorority is having an anniversary luncheon I am going to. Then next thing I know it will be Monday again!

I told NG I was actually on a dating hiatus when we met and ironically he was too but he said I intrigued him so he didn't want to miss the opportunity to get to know me better. That makes it very low pressure and low risk for me and that's maybe what I need. He does ask some great questions and our conversations are never boring. He has the right mix of humor and seriousness that's hard to find. So I'll keep you posted!

My workouts for the week...are up in the air I did make it to the gym on Tuesday for spinning and a strength training class! It was good stuff! I was hoping to get there tonight before a Junior League meeting but a soror is having  birthday happy hour I want to go to so unless I have some fight left in me after the meeting today looks like no go! Which means no workout until Sunday morning! :-( No bueno! My Life!!! What can I say!

I recorded my weight today and began using a new journal a soror gave me so we will see where I end up on 7 weeks! I would love to lose those 14 pounds I gained since getting better. So I am gonna work!

I'll be back soon! :-)

Friday, October 5, 2012

What is Barre?

Well I am back on the mend and gained back that 10 pounds I lost :-(   It was expected but I am still bummed but not bummed enough to stop eating like a mad woman! Its been junk all week! Cheese curls, wine, chips, wine, chocolate, wine, pasta, wine well you get the point. I dont think I had a decent meal all week lol just junk!

I know the mind game the body plays with weight loss so I expected these ravenous cravings but that doesn't excuse my behavior so its time to reel it in! I got used to seeing less of those number on the scale!

Well in an effort to mix it up I am going to try something new this week! Its called Baree! I was getting results with my workouts and I had a good two weeks of rest and now I want something else. I overheard some of my Junior League members talking about it and low and behold a livingsocial deal came across my email and I put a call out and one person texted me and said let's do it! Sooooo

What is Barre you ask?
Barre. combines Pilates, yoga and ballet moves to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles – without the impact and injuries dancers endure.

Barre class

So this Monday its on! I went to dinner at the 13.5% Wine Bar  with a friend and mentioned it and she goes too! The place is closer to where I live than the livingsocial deal so if I like it I will take classes there! I'll be sure to report back! She already warned me they are very small but instense movements and she ends the class dripped in sweat so sounds like what I need!!

I am going to Weight Watchers this weekend to check in I should still be a pound or two down from my last visit. Aside from that I have my chapter meeting and possibly a date Saturday night. We'll see.

Sunday is the Junior League 5K and later that afternoon my chapter has a Fundraiser. Monday is a holiday! Thank goodness and I am working on decluttering my basement so I can finally get the tile finished in the basement! All good things!!

I have to add a before and during picture with my friend Dawn who had a pre-Birthday Happy Hour! It was a great time to catch up with my old work friends and boy does that feel like a lifetime ago!

Anyway can you tell a difference!



:-) That makes me smile
Have a great weekend!!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wow! Is that really YOU?!

WELL GUESS WHO BIZZ-ACK! I know it’s been a minute and I guess every time I run off like this I say that but time really does fly! It’s October! Can you believe that? I certainly can’t! But that doesn’t stop Father Time so no sense in complaining I suppose!

Life has been good but busy as per my usual! I am just getting over some stomach virus that helped me lose 10 pounds in 6 days! Nottt that I am complaining too much lol It helped me break my plateau and I am 9 pounds from goal again! Its been a great workout season ironically, however, I started losing when I backed off of the exercise. The body is so weird!

My clothing is wayyy loose and I can see a difference in the mirror. It’s a little surreal to be that close to goal again and I am already thinking what next. I now know maintenance is actually harder than losing and I just need to focus on savoring the moment.

Speaking of savoring…it’s been non stop events! The Junior League of Baltimore did an event called Sip, Savor, Shop! It was a fab concept! Food, WINE, shopping, & discounts for $25.00 a person! Very cool! I even won a cosmetic basket and free facial! I love it!

This weekend the winner from my Sorority’s  Day at the Races fundraiser raffle invited me and a few others to her prize; which was a private wine tasting and pairing at Basignani Winery where I had my 35th Birthday party. Well I know the owner but she didn’t acknowledge me and finally I said “Hi there it’s Cylia! Good to see you thanks again for your donation!” And she looked dumbfounded and said “CYLIA? WOW! Is that really you?!” I said “Yes indeedy!” She still looked so shocked and gave me a big ole hug! LOL

I remembered it was two years ago and chimed in “Yeah I have lost a little weight!” She said “A LITTLE?! You look great! It was more than a little!” I said “Well, true maybe about 25 or so since then.” :-) She gave me kudos and I was reflecting on that and in actuality its more like 30 pounds. Its so weird I still don’t see that big of a difference but it was a good feeling to see her expression! J Good reminder to stay focused on these last 9 pounds!

In other weight loss news I actually decided to try something new! Hypnosis! I will blog more about that later it’s a 10 week thing and its to supplement my Weight Watchers, exercise, and vision boards. I just realize I need as much reinforcement as possible and its almost like meditating and getting to my subconscious mind to get it on board with the program to help with better choices and cravings. Again I will report back! But here's a quick article about it Weight Loss & Hypnosis.

I’ve have some great newsssss! I was selected as a 2012 Maryland Daily Record Leading Women honoree! The award identifies women age 40 or younger for the tremendous accomplishments they have made so far in their career. They were judged on professional experience, community involvement and a commitment to inspiring change. Even though it was a bad week health wise that perked me up big time!! I am looking forward to the reception!

What else, ohhhh The Junior League of Baltimore Commit to be Fit 5K is coming up! I remember kicking this idea around when I was on the Board a few years ago! I am so excited to see it happen! I think as a organization that is about leadership development, helping the community (the last few years childhood obesity has been a focus), and creative networking a 5K is an awesome idea and there are close to 200 runners and walkers signed up! If you are in the area you should join us!!

5k Run & 1 Mile Walk

Date: October 7, 2012
Location: The Hunt Valley Towne Center in Sparks, MD
Time: 5k @ 8:00 AM, 1 mile walk begins immediately after

Entry Fees:

5k: $20 until August 17, $25 until October 3 ($30 at packet pickup and on race day)
1 Mile Walk: $15 until October 3 ($20 at packet pickup and on race day)

On the workout front I was off for about 2 weeks. I did go spinning on Sunday and whew was I winded! I plan to go spinning again tomorrow and this weekend and build back up to four days! My energy is getting better but I think my body needed the rest anyhow.

Well I will leave you with a few pictures from my escapades!  

Ohhhh pump the brakes!!! I met my Dating Coach Paul Brunson! He came to Baltimore last week! So cool to meet him! His new book Its Complicated (but it Doesn’t Have to Be) will be released this month. I still have a follow up with him and he said after the 11th he will be good to go!

Of course I threw in the dating towel a few weeks ago (again) and then met two interesting men shortly thereafter. Paul won't be pleased that i gave up already since he warned me to be patient and think longterm so maybe that's God little reminder. Both are pretty unique and appealing in their own ways so I am gettign to know them and enjoyign that. No pressure. So anyhoo I will contact Paul after the 11th for the follow up. I still need to do most of my homework anyway lol Ahh always something! 

Well that’s all for now! :-) Be back soon!! Hope you all are doing well!

Sip, Savor, Shop @ Towson Town Center~ JLB

Paul & I

Foolin' with them Ques!

Back like it was! Skee Phi party with Rho Tau Lambda

Don't ask lol

Bmore Night Life!

At Phaze 10 in Baltimore

Got a few workouts in too! "Mr. Impress Me!"

Wine tasting!



Back to WORK!

Excited about what Fall will bring!