Monday, May 31, 2010


My LS Stacey #7 "The Apprentice" & Me #1 "Due Diligence" of the 10 L.E.A.P.S. of Faith
My LS Stacey & Me 2009

A NSV is Weight Watcher talk for a Non Scale Victory. In other words when the scale may not say what you want it to but you have other good news to report. That picture has 2 NSVs! The first is that's my little sister's size medium shirt I am wearing! The second, I am loving the pic with my Linesister! A year ago our pic looked verrrrryy different! State's Evidence Photo # 2 :-)

I say it all the time I really don't feel different but for the clothing sizes and the pictures I couldn't tell I've lost so much weight. But pics don't lie!

I said yesterday I am up more than I'd care to admit but I am down almost 2 pounds since last week so I'll take it. When you are more mindful about what you are taking in it makes a difference plain and simple!

I went to my Linesister's granddaughter's 1st birthday party then to my friend's cook out. I ate too much but still less than I would have if I wasn't being mindful!
The biggest mishap was after inhaling a hamburger I saw the box! 310 calories/ 26 grams of fat and 0 fiber= 8 POINTS for a damn hamburger! I should have looked first but I did Body Combat and had 17 points left and I had a small sandwich and some chips & dip at the baby's party oh and some fruit. Plus I still have my 35 points so it was not the end of the world; just another example of how knowledge is power.

I love summer though the fresh fruits are amazing! I had the best watermelon yesterday humm humm good!

Today there are 3 classes at the gym and I am going to all 3! My friend Danielle is coming for at least 2 of the classes. So that's good! I definitely feel my momentum coming back. I looked back over my post and to lose this weight I was working out like 10 hours a week. That's a lot considering I work 40 hours a week, commute 4 days a week- 3 hours a day, and I have a busy life with AKA, Junior League, my bar associations and my fabulous social life lol but I see where I MADE it work so I just have to keep doing it. The Body Combat class is a great workout I think I will work that back into my Sunday routine. I love the teacher Allison! When I came into class she said she was "honored" that I came lol She played a lot of oldies but goodies I joked that Body Combat must be on release #59 and she said close #44 and she added "WOW we started back with Body Combat #4" I said you are right #4 or #5 was my first Body Combat class!!! I know everyone in class was wondering who I was lol Ahh Good times! Anyway I feel great!

That's all for now enjoy your Memorial Day!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back in the Groove

Natalie (Socarobics), Me :-), & Karen (Zumba!)

*Humph* I asked Natalie not to be showing off her abs like that lol

Well I feel good and by good I mean beat downnnn! I went to Chizel It at 9:30am did the elliptical (I affectionately refer to her as Lippy) and then took Socarobics (60 minutes) then to my surprise Charles added Zumba afterwards! I was happy to see that! Both classes were great! Talk about a workout! Well I mentioned in the past that the Zumba teacher called me out to SMILE one day in class a while back so today she called me up front to dance with her in front of class!! I went and had fun! After class I told her she looked great and lo & behold she lost 25 pounds doing Weight Watchers! I told her I was a WW girl too and between Chizel It & WW I am down over 80 pounds since last summer! She said Oh I knew you looked familiar you look good too! She said she remembered my bandanna :-) lol

Anyway I told her & my socarobics teacher that I really enjoy both their classes because I am such a Type A this is the one place I can mess up and be ok about it lol The Zumba teach said she was glad to hear it because the look on my face was so serious she figured she'd take a shot and call me up lol I told her that's just my personality I like to do things JUST SO but I know I am no dancer but I love the class and the freedom from feeling like I need to be so perfect! She was happy to hear it! lol That a lesson on perceptions! She was thinking I wasnt enjoying myself meanwhile I am just trying to focus :-) *note to self smiling disarms people...

After those classes I had Personal Training with Charles. WHEW Great workout! I even had to ask him to increase some of the weights lol

Needless to say I was starving after 3.5 hours of working out so I went to one of my fave spots The Flying Avocado! They have great fresh food its always a treat to go and it had been a minute!

This is the spot!

Macadamia nut Chicken wrap my Personal Trainer suggested it. De-Lish!!! My combo lunch.

This is my usual dish so I had to get it as well! This is the Big Berry Chicken Salad! Its mixed greens, mandarin oranges, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and walnuts and feta cheese! Goodness its great!

Grilled chicken macadamia wrap alone
Its a huge serving and to be honest I had only 1/2 of each because my best guess is the whole serving would be 28 points. Nuts are high in calories and fat even though its health fat. Since I am back up *ahem* to 27 points I could have had it all and been fine since I earned activity points (exercised) so I have some cushion today. I may have a little more for dinner although to be honest I am not hungry. Its very filling and had it around 2:30pm but to make sure my body isn't freaking out about "starving" I may have a little more.
I was talking to my friend about this b/c I regained in the double digits in like 3 weeks. :-( The body is like that though. I haven't been this weight since I left New York over 15 years ago my body doesn't know whats going on. Needless to say it is holding onto everything. This is why maintaining is harder than losing. I think the difference is I am stopping this run away train sooner than I normally would. In the past I would go on like this for months and regain (at one time I lost 45.6 pounds) and regained all of it plus some. It took over 6 months to lose it and a few months (like 2) over the summer to gain it back! How frustrating. So putting the breaks on now. I have some upcoming events and travel but I am focused. I am giving myself 1 year to lose the additionally 50 pounds and there is no sense in backtracking at this point!
Well that was my Sat-day! I enjoyed a hot shower with some Bliss Shower gel & a Law & Order marathon! Nothing better!
Tomorrow I am going to my old gym to do Body Combat and Body Flow looking forward to that haven't been in a minute!
Then I have a baby's 1st Birthday party & a cook-out. That's something I noticed I didn't get any cook out invitations lol actually the one I am going to my friend was just talking about it and I asked why I wasn't invited! I am so not the food Nazi but maybe she was thinking I wouldn't want to be around all that food. Her Mom is the bommmmbbbb cook but I gots to live my life...just be mindful not to over do it!

Friday, May 28, 2010


WELLLLL last night was THE night! Sex & The City II premiered! Yeahhhhh it was good! I liked the first one better though but they are too fabulous not to like! I liked the updates... No gym because all gym and no play make Cylia a grumpy girl so as planned I am back to the gym Saturday for socarobics & then an hour with my personal trainer! I was able to do wayyy better yesterday point wise and I am happy about that. Anyhoo a few pics below from the fun last night! One thing I am learning for sure is that this journey is about more than just working out, losing weight, or what I eat or don't eat; its also about just living a fuller life! Certainly enjoying a Charlotte Flirtini with a great group of women on & off screen qualifies! Don't you think!? :-)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Takeeeee 3

WTH?! There is clearly a glitch in the Martix and it aint good! Well skipped spinning yesterday in fact & in truth (I hate when people say that lol) traffic was bad and I was late for class anyway and I somehow parlayed that into getting a big bag of Utz White cheddar popcorn, Italian ices, and 10 wings from Outback Steakhouse! I blame my sister Jessica who was on the phone and heard me at curb side pickup and did not admonish me! Yup blaming others notttt a great start to getting back on track at all!

Well I went to Cosi with my friend Charmine (*waving hi Charmine*) but got the sandwich instead of the salad still not bad. When we were leaving I got a mango smoothie which is a better option that the 6 point strawberry lemonade but I also heard the lil devil on my shoulders telling me to get this brownie called Double Trouble! Yeah that's the name! lol As soon as I got to the counter my friend Danielle called!!! NEWMAN!!! *Seinfeld reference* I quickly confessed and got the hell outta Cosi and later I looked up the Double Trouble brownie and its 37.5 POINTS!!!!!! Now at my heaviest WW weight I only got 35 points for the day! You see why Americans are overweight?! I walked back to work and got lost... don't ask and well I guess on the up side I got some activity points. Thankfully I could only eat 5 of the wings and half for the bread oh and 2 lemon ices. Oh...

Breakfast-Nada still full from Fridays

Lunch - Cosi 12:30pm
Tomato soup-3points
Cosi Club-5 pt
Mango smoothie-4pts
15 points

10 left for the day

Stopped counting after lunch lol I am over my points...end of story. I don't see my trainer until Saturday so I am gonna ride this lil food binge wave out. Tonight is Sex & The City 2 and few of us are going to see the show downtown can't wait! Going to come in late tomorrow and stay late to avoid the traffic and then crash and get ready for Saturday morning! Going to WW and see what their scale says and get to Socarobics and do my personal training. I can be honest and say when I am working out I eat better maybe in part because I workout sooo hard and to see all that effort go to waste inspires me to stay focused. So same lesson I MUST WORKOUT!
Oh two friends joined Weight Watchers so hopefully we can have a little circle of support and we strive towards our goals. That's had mixed results in the past but honestly in the past I was usually wayyyy heavier and sometimes my success would cause the other person to "act out" or someone's success would cause me to "act out" but for the most part we are around the same weight give or take 15-20 pounds. I think the personalities are very different too, mine included, so I think it will be a good thing!

Ok well here we go! :-) PS Going to start re-reading Women, God & Food there's some good info in there and I need to work throught hats tuff!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back on my grind...Take 2

Well what had happened wassssssss... I know exactly what happened! Stress... well fake stress...someone pissed me off and I got frustrated and annoyed and rather than calling that person to let them know they pissed me off (or change something minor) I let is bubble inside and so I called my old eating buddy/friend and went to Fridays for dinner skipping the gym all together! *exhale* To be honest it wasn't anything really to get upset about but it annoyed me because I knew they were trying to irk me... Anyyyhoooowww the damage is done...I still feel it really just sitting in my stomach..ugghhh not good. Do I need a full confession? Well I had some spinach dip & chips, pot stickers, Jack Daniels Ribs & Shrimp (a few fries), and half a vanilla bean cheesecake oh and a mango mah tai and a 1/2 a strawberry lemonade! I know rightttttt!!!??? Not even trying to calculate the points!

Today is the day I get back on track so I went to the grocery store and stocked up on some Clean Eating type things. Got some frozen veggies they have 2 servings and some spicy black bean morning star burgers. Also got some turkey bacon, egg whites, low calorie/carb wheat bread, and cheddar cheese. I brought everything to work with me because I was sooo un prepared yesterday for that to be the big come back!

But I forgot I had plans for lunch today! So I just took a few minutes to check out the Cosi menu so I can make a better choice today least we fall back into the 6 point raspberry lemonade trap! Let me tell you something this is a prime example of the saying "knowledge is power!"
I spent a few minutes online on the Cosi menu and found out salad is the devil! A Bombay chicken salad is 481 calories/ 32 grams of fat/ 4 fiber/25 protein = THAT'S 11 FREAKING POINTS FOR A DAMN SALAD! Now they have *a lighter side menu* Kudos to Cosi ~ that has a lite version of the same salad that is only
188 calories/8 grams of fat/2 fiber/9 carbs/3 protein= 4 points!!!!
Salad dressing is the devil I guess! Tomato & Basil Soup is 112/8fat/2fiber/9 carbs/3 protein= 3 points
Ok so I will start doing a food journal I think that may help me stay on track! Tonight spinning with my fave teacher!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back on my grind

Well this is my 100th post! Now that's a milestone! Looking back I can say this blog started out kinda rough lol but it evolved nicely! Thanks for all the support and love along the way!!!

Well I had a great weekend; some friends and I went to New York to see Denzel & Viola in Fences! Awesome! It was a great time because I was also able to reconnect with some long lost friends! Well face book has really helped but some of them I have not seen some of them in over 20 yearsssss! How insane is that!! I had a blast! Anyway I am back home and back on my grind. The food situation while I was away was not good! I keep watching TLC and the Travel channel and all these food destination places so I had to check one out and well it went downhill from there!

As I have said before I tend to be a very black or white person. I am either on or I am off I am good or I am bad, I really don't do shades of grey. I am learning not to be so rigid...but damn it if that doesn't work for me. lol When I go off I go wayyy off the reservation and I have to get back on my game this week.

I am back home though and starting fresh today. Going back to's the plan:
Tuesday- Cardio & Chizel It class
Weds- Spinning class
Thursday-Sex & The City 2 :-)
Saturday- Personal Training
Sunday- TBA

That's a good 4 hours of working out this week and I am back to watching my points (in advance) vs. calculating the aftermath. lol Its funny how quickly the pounds can come back on. It feels like it takes no time but when I go back and look at the points/calories I see exactly where the problem is. So moving forward...before my jeans get too tight :-)

I went on a date to go see Just Wright with Queen Latifa & Common its a cute date movie. My new friend and I are doing nicely. He has a few days off next week so we'll finally get in a workout date in. He ain't ready for Charles but Imma take him anyhow *evil laughter* We go to the same (other gym) so I will mix it up I guess. We have a similar goal so I think it will be good for me to have that support.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


So I am checking in for accountability purposes. I made it to my oldddd spin class yesterday as planned! Gold Star for Cylia! I love that class she plays the best music! Last night was a mix of the new Mary J (With Each Tear is my jam!!), some old school Janet Jackson, some Shaggy and lawd she even threw some Prince in the mix!!!! It was a great class!!! It reminds me I plan to get certified to be a spin instructor I need to pick a date and go for it.

Needless to say I need to focus on my Tri :-) I will soon enough! lol Dont forget your $10.00 donation!!!

I went for a massage afterwards I was over do. Massage Envy is the best deal going its perfect, nothing fancy like Red Door but very nice and it gets the job done! A good night! The scale is up. I been eating White Cheddar popcorn like its going out of style. So part may me salt but I know a good part is calories. I will check in on Friday's workout plan!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Good Night

Last night was the Junior League of Baltimore's Annual Dinner. What a great night! It is a great time to sit back and reflect on everything that has happened that year and it is also a time to look ahead at new and exciting things yet to come! It was an extra special night for me for me because I was awarded the Annapolis Bowl Award! It is given only once in a lifetime to a Junior League member for outstanding community service above & beyond the member's League involvement. It is a great honor! Some of the community service I've done outside of the Junior League included the "Stories From My Father" project at Jessup Correctional Institute where we help inmate record bedtime stories for their children, serving as a mentor for law schools and recent law graduates, and of course the community service efforts with my sorority like the Adopted Family Project, tutoring, speaking on topic of domestic violence, and working on the recent children's health fair, etc. All good things. I am really looking forward to this year in the League as a Board member and finding that balance to keep my workouts on point.

Healthy F.I.T.T. Fair Nya, Me, & Charles

Speaking of that. Monday I skipped a sorority event. I really wanted to go but I am learning how to stop before my battery is completely run down and my tank is on "E." Notice the machine metaphors *smh* I am human after all and that constant rah-rah is not good. I am sure the Earth still spins on its axis while I sleep, is my new mantra so its all good if I cannot go to everything. Although the downside I find to downtime is I watch a lot of tv and I am always on the Travel Channel or the Food Network. Did yall know DC has a BBQ Festival? Well see now I know and I am going to it! lol ok let me not blame downtime but how much Law & Order can a lawyer really watch?! Speaking of watching....

Weight Watchers...well... what had happened was.... I haven't been! I know! But I been busy! I am still weighing in everyday (at home) btw I keep my digital WW scale in my kitchen. A/w I had a stomach virus or something and it helped me drop like 6 pounds but needless to say I went back up 5 as soon as I was feeling better so I know this is a critical point. With all that said. Cosi is the devil. Ok Cosi isn't the devil but the sweet juicy raspberry lemonade is the devil. Ok so Monday I go to Cosi for lunch-the lite 1/2 Cosi Club, Tomato basil soup (small), chips (small) & that darn lemonade.... Total points 17 freaking points...17....I get 25... did you hear me say that was lunch? Ok. Nuff said! So here's the plan for the week

Today- Spinning (60 minutes)

Thursday-AKA Event

Friday-Off work so Gym -6am Body Pump & 8:30 Spinning I am staying at the gym for some other cardio before I head out.

Saturday lots of walking & Sunday back home

Monday back on track with Charles!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cinco De Drinko, Doc's Report, & 330 lbs what what?!

Cinco De Drinko ~ With the Sorors

Busy, busy week and some change! But all is well. Last week kicked off with a bang a Soror from another chapter & her Honey Do hold this event called Cinco De Drinko-in celebration of Cinco De Mayo. This was the 5th anniversary and I FINALLY went! What a wonderful time! It was held in this off the beaten path art studio loft something you'd find in New York who knew Baltimore got down like that!? Now it wasn't facy it was artsy! Great spot! Anyway I mad late on uploading the pictures lol but the one above is a group shot of the Sorors! One of the Sorors I was hanging out with made the comment that since I've lost weight I gained way more energy seemingly sapping everyone else's lol I'll take that as a compliment I guess! I was never one to be up in the night and partying like that so I guess I see her point :-) I was definitely more of a business AKA not very much of a social one if you get my drift. Anything related to the service or business of my organization I was there but parties etc I usually passed on but I now realize there is as much value in the social side as the work side!

Saw my Doc yesterday and she gave me a High -5 lol I am down 101. 5 pounds since last January. Clearly the difference was my trainer and WW I began in July. 16 months divided by 101.5 pounds is 6.3 pounds a month. It seems like such a small number but over time well you see the result. I told her my goal is another 50 pounds she said sounds good. So at this rate really 48.5 pounds to go.

330 pounds is my new number....well my personal trainer had me do leg presses and thought trying 330 pounds would be good for me! I did 310 the week before so he added some more. He claims I was holding back on him lol it was heavy as hell!!! He is a mad man! But I did it all 3 sets of 15! :-0 What what! I'm gansta!

What else....ohh yes dating...well. Mr. Law Enforcement & I went to the movies the other day and we still talk daily. He's really nice. We did a trade...a home cooked meal for cleaning my car lol well I can call it fair b/c yall don't know what my car looked like lol well he did a GREAT job! Top to bottom spic & span he even got air fresheners lol! I made some jerk chicken, yellow rice, and mixed greens he enjoyed it and even got a plate to take home! He is American so he's never tried jerk chicken but he says he liked it a lot although I saw him sweating a lil bit. I swear I didn't use much pepper lol he claims he likes hot food so I added more than I would usually add for Americans but he said it was really good.

That's all yall know I am on quota time lol

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Make It Work!

Niffy 50 Party!!

Well I had a busy day! What's new right? Well last night I celebrated with a good soror friend for her 50th Birthday! What a great night! I was out until midnight though but I went to Weight Watchers but didn't get to weigh in because had a committee meeting before my sorority meeting so I went in for "The Word" and bounced. The topic was eating out and the buzz words to keep in mind when ordering poached, scampi, au gratin, etc. We all know baked & fried but some of the others may cause our calories to get away from us.

Chapter meeting ran late but we got a lot done. I am happy about a service project I proposed that the chapter overwhelmingly agreed to support. We also have the Health fair I mentioned coming up next Saturday. So busy, busy!

I went straight to the gym and got down to business! Charles was waiting apparently with much anticipation lol it was a good workout and a good example of how I need to be flexible. Usually I workout in the mornings but I was able to take care of my AKA business and still workout! And I have time to play later! Win/Win/Win!

I did weigh in at home and I am back to by goal weight! Praise Him! Its a good thing that my body is obedient!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mic check!

Getting my run on!

Well I'll be! So now the job *looking around* done caught me on my blog so now I have a message that says I can view it on "quota time" I get 90 minutes....Now is that a day? A year? A week? It didn't say & I guess I shouldn't push the issue lol

Quick updates! I am down about 4 pounds from the 6 I gained so 2 more to get off by next Wednesday. I really want that 100 on HER (the Doc's) scale! I like her scale it is fancy and prints out your body fat % etc. Anyway I had a week from well..from my normal crazy life! lol I was elected Secretary of my Junior League and the transitional meeting was Tuesday...Wow! This will be an interesting year! I am looking forward to learning and growing in The League but this will mean 2 Tuesdays in every month between now and next May are spoken for! And some months 3 out of the 4 will be spoken for. Ouch! I still have my AKA duties and that's right I have a life and passport and will travel! Well what can I say. I will just learn how to balance as best as I can. I joined the company volleyball league so that will help me to burnsome calories during the week and have some fun!

I am drinking chicken broth..yep...I have a good Soror friend's 50th Birthday party tonight and I plan to eat & drink everything in sight. Ok not the best course of action but 26 points doesn't go far. I am hungry :-( but my dress is KILLAAAAAAAAA!!! Pics coming soon! Really Weight Watcher vets how can you live on less then 30 points a day?!

What else... oh so the dating scene I am still talking with this last guy Law Enforcement guy he's cool. We've gone out a few times, speak a few times a day and I like him so we'll see. I like that he respects my crazy schedule. He's really laid back and for a woman like me that would work very, very well... He asked for a workout date this week! LOL I was like okkkkkkaaaayyyyyy! Nice! He told me he lost about 80 pounds and gained some back so he wants to lose 50 more...just like me! So we will do something this weekend since we go to the same gym.

I have a crazy month or so coming up this weekend Friday- Party, Saturday-AKA, JL, Cinco De Drinko party, Sunday-Gym, Monday-Trainer & JL, Tuesday-A Hearing, Bar Assoc. thingie, Weds-Dr. appt lots of errands, Thursday-2 appoints same time lawd what to do, Friday-Date Night I promised him an evening just for him, Sat-A Health Fair my Sorority is sponsoring , Sunday-Gym, Monday-Trainer, Appointment & AKA Night in City Hall, Tuesday- Junior League Annual Dinner, Weds...well you get the picture!
Well it'll work itself out that's for sure! No turning back now!
Well Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms, Grandmoms, Greatgrands, & my fellow God-Mommies! :-)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Back to Bizz

Headed to see Steve Harvey size 12 New York & Company dress!

Well I am back to business! I met with my Personal trainer on Saturday and had a great workout. We ended up going out into the mall (his gym in located inside the mall) and doing the dreaded stairs. I was surprised at how different an experience that was I remember our first few workouts and I had to walk up and down and how hard it was. I had to hold on to the rail and drag myself up by the 2nd or 3 set but not this time. I was actually jogging up the steps without stopping for all 5 sets! Walking down I went slower because to do have like a vertigo type thing going on with steps. But in terms of how I felt I was amazed!

I am back down about 1.5 pounds and its TOM so I am expecting my major drop next week. Hopefully before my doctor's appointment I want her scale to register the 100 pounds! That would be awesome!

Well today I workout with my trainer again and I am ready. When we don't work out I miss it so does my body! I can feel the difference too. I need to make an effort to use my treadmill on off days when I can't get to the gym. I can be honest the next few weeks are brutal but I am keeping my gym appointments which I will log into my blackberry!

In other news went to see Steve Harvey with some Sorors & my Linesisters parents on Saturday! What a good show!! STEVE IS FUNNY! I went out to brunch with another Soror on Sunday and had a great time. If its one thing I am loving about this journey is the relationships that are growing which in terms helps me to grow. There are also some "friendships" that have ended, been put on hold, etc. and I am ok with that. I need positive progressive people in my life and as the word says ask and ye shall receive. I can't say I am sad or mad about the changes because everything has a time & a season and I think for some relationships they served a purpose at that time and no longer serve me and vice versa. That doesn't mean I will never speak to them again etc. but as for right now life is good. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have a sincere circle of supporters and loved ones in my corner.

I am planning my 35th birthday party and its coming along nicely and I am excited about turning 35. 35 is cool! It sounds mature and grown maybe because its only 5 years away from 40? And to me 40 is the ultimate grown girl status! I am excited to have so many things on my "To Do List" checked off and I want to start brainstorming some new & exciting goals for the next 5 years!

Part 2
May 4th 2010- Update***I went to my personal training session on Monday it was H.A.R.D. but I am down another 1 pound this morning! Glad the scale is going in the right direction! As I said I MUST WORKOUT! MUST! I am slacking on journaling now though but I'll work on that. This week is not as crazy as the last few so my goal is to make it to spinning on Weds & Socarobics on Thursday.

Seacrest outtttt! :-)