Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

Well I felt inspired to do a quick Mother's Day tribute! My Mom is out of the country (yup I get it from my momma!) so we will not see each other but she is with my favorite Aunt who is almost like a Mom to her so my sister & I will be sure to call them today!

My Mom was always supportive of my weight loss efforts she would even take me to her gym before thy had child care lol it's wired she was always on a diet but never overweight! Ahhh women! I am grateful that she introduced me to exercise, bought me my lifetime membership to Bally's and always encouraged me to stay the course! In her honor I am headed to the gym for a 2 hour workout! Enjoy your Mother's Day!!

Consequence is no coincidence

Consequence is no coincidence...

Consequence is no coincidence...

Lauryn Hill has been in my mind a lot lately. I am sure you've heard about her tax issues and all the other issues she's been dealing with over the years with her children's father. I swear that Marley boy broke her...I guess it hit me that she was so strong and secure and that album  really touched me and to be honest I still have her CD in my car! It just reminded me we have to be valiant about our happiness and mental health.

And health in general because it all ties together for me... I was up last week and again this week. But the line "Consequence is no coincidence..." Keeps ringing in my head because I have not been doing the right things. I've been doing what I want and then when the scale goes up I have the nerve to get disappointed. 

So all I can do is get it together. I went to the gym after my Weight Watchers meeting and I've set a new goal for myself to burn 500 calories every day....and I am not allowed to use facebook until I do! *gulp*  today was day 1! I remember seeing a workout cartoon that said if you have time to be on facebook you have time to workout. I spend hours  on facebook! So I need to adjust my sails on what's really important. So I'll keep you posted!

I'm upset and disappointed but I did take lunch a few days this week and I worked out after work on Thursday after a 2 hour commute. My goal will be to maximize my calories burned on Saturdays, Sundays,  and Mondays. 500 calories a day is 3,500 a week. As always food planning will be key! 

I also will work on mindful eating that was the Weight Watchers message. When I came home from the gym I cooked breakfast and had it at the dining room table without the TV being on. That's a first for me! Distracted eating causes over eating so no computers or TV during my meals. It will e a big adjustment but I felt the difference!  I made it through the chapter meeting and then went to the Flying Avocado and had a small vegan chili and Chicken Berry salad. I had company for half my lunch and that worked fine!   I'm claiming a GREAT weigh in next Saturday!

Well it's Saturday and I had a full day so I'm in for the night. Have a good weekend! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


OMG its May 1st!!! Where did the time go?! WOW! We are just about half way through the year! That is bananas! And what a year it has been! I can't say its been all perfect but I have had a great start to the new year! For the not so good moments... when I got this email message above it hit me that I must learn how to truly TRUST the process. I have my own control issues so not knowing what will happen next (as it relates to dating and marriage) is an uncomfortable place for me. I am reading the book Think & Grow Rich and I just finished up the chapter on faith. If I have faith in the process I can let go of that need to know...and just trust that I have asked... I must believe... and the way it works is I will receive. The Law of Attraction is just like the Law of Gravity. It MUST work. That's really all I need to know. And because I ahve seen it happen SOOOOOOOO many times I already know that I know that I know it works!

I have been working on me listening to Louise Hay lessons on youtube, doing daily affirmations, and journaling more and it hit me if I was still in that relationship this work I am doing would not have happened. And this is some heavy stuff. Not that people can't learn and grow in a relationship but if you are prone to getting distracted easily well the results speak for themselves.

I think relationships can be a beautiful thing but I do see how one can quickly lose themselves and get wrapped up in getting their happiness and affirmations from the other person vs. internally. I got a lot of emails and text messages about my giving up post and those of you that know me know I was having a pity party lol I don't have them often but that was a moment of mental and spiritual weakness... I am human...its what we do... my Pastor preached last week about the fact that the devil attacks you where you are vulnerable. I must admit dating and weight loss are two areas that challenge me. The test must come b/c we are told to study so that  we can show ourselves approved.

Learning in a vacuum is meaningless.

I have to take what I learn in theory and put it into practice. So.

I am not giving up on love. In fact I am more determined and open to the possibility of BIG LOVE because I got a glimpse of what it could be like and I liked it. I deserve it. like Elizabeth Gilbert said in Eat Pray Love

On Instagram straight flexin' ~ LawyerGal1908

Oh yes yall I done found Instagram! LOL Scary! I love it! Not that I need one other social media network to get hooked to but I love it! Maybe b/c I am a picture person so to see other photo hogs in actions does my soul good lol

Ok back on topic... my point I've really set up a good life here by thinking good thoughts, being a very positive person, helping others, being focused on my goals, PUTTING A PLAN INTO ACTION, and believing the best lies before me (to quote Louise Hay).

On the weight loss front I am still tracking and journaling. This is a high stress week and I am over my points but I did get in a good workout Saturday and Monday. My new Heart rate monitor came. Its soooo cuteeee!! But I see I need to push myself harder. So today is an early day for me and I plan to hit the gym for 2 hours I need to burn over 1000 calories. As is customary when you get a new HRM (and every few months) you should test your levels and well mine came up as FAIR! humph This basically tests your level of fitness and last I checked I was elite! Granted that was over 2 years ago when I was in the gym 5 days a week and getting ready for my triathlon.. but still!! LOL

Anyhoowww!!! *eye roll*

Today's plan is a 2 hour workout after work and before an 8pm conference call about the big event I am chairing on Sunday. The event is a Day at te Races which is a "Hat & Glove Affair" of which I have no hat or gloves or dress lol I create my own stress...I know! But I am taking off Friday and plan to hit the Extreme Kickboxing class at my gym that morning, then go shopping and deal with any last minute details.

So I will check in before the weekend. Its May 1st and I am planning on another good weigh in this Saturday!!!