Monday, July 25, 2011

The Prodigal Workout Blogger~ The Awesome Story

Summer 2K11

Well I am biz back! Its been a rip roaring few weeks or however long I have been MIA! I went to Atlanta for my sorority's Leadership Conference and had a BLAST! It was busyyyy but fun! Got to see a lot of good soror friends from near and far and met some great new people as well. Awesome Story #1- Sisterhood is awesome!

My workouts have been lacking. I am blaming the heat its been over 100 degrees so I've just been coming home and going to bed. Not sexy I know lol On the upside no weight gain but I must say my body feels different and not in a good way! LOL I worked out with Charles last Monday and haven't done a thing since! So its Monday again and I am meeting him today! I was really proud of myself because I cut up in Atlanta lots of likka and very little sleep lol but I got up and stayed on track with my training. Awesome Story #2- No excuses!

This weekend I went to the Maryland Alphas Cookout had a good time although it was HOT!! I saw my former student and gave him a tshirt I got for him from Atlanta he was soooo happy lol Awesome Story #3 someone really appreciating you doing something nice for them. 

I posted the above picture on Facebook and 2 people made (as I once heard the saying go)  complinsults! LOL A compliment with an insult. Well one mighta' just been a straight insult lol but it had to do with the fact that I was wearing black and it was hot. I replied it worked just fine! And let's be honest it was 103 degree what was gonna keep anyone cool but the air conditioning? LOL It was a thin  low cut linen dress and shoooott none of the men complained lol so what women had to say was the furthest thing from my mind. BUT what is Awesome Story #4 was the way OTHER people responded to comments of the picture! A few new replies were posted to the picture and in my inbox telling me how great I looked. Positive feed is awesome. Now I don't think either person intended to make me feel badly BUT words do have power and it was cool to see people respond with positivity! :-) You get back what you put out!

Sunday I had big plans to go to Heavy Bag but I couldn't sleep and I was on the phone into the wee hours of the morning so I just spent the day sleeping and watching tv! Awesome Story #5~ A Rest Day!

I guess you are wondering why I keep ending every sentence with the Awesome Story tag lol well in my loafing yesterday I came across a video entitled The 3 As of Awesome! Its an amazing story about a guy who started a blog 1000 Awesome Things  its kinda like a gratitude journal. He became thinking of all the great things in life that are awesome in spite of his marriage ending, the suicide of his close friend, war, the economy, natural disaster, etc. but taking time to appreciate life and all its awesomeness since we only have a short time to enjoy it. Its a great video, great sorry, awesome way to live life. He suggest we live, grieve, and make a choice to either wallow in the bad or choose to be thankful for the simple little pleasures we always experience but don't often take time to appreciate but in doing this it helped to improve his mood and outlook on life. 

Although this is a workout blog its about living a fit & fab life and I can say your outlook sure makes a difference in all areas of your life. 

The 3 As he shared are really profound they are Attitude, Awareness, & Authenticity!

On the dating front there's nothing doing. Its funny I had a conversation with someone where there was a mutual interested but he just isn't where I am in terms of being open to a relationship and he made the comment he didn't want to set me up for failure.Yikes! Check please! 

I've been speaking with another guy I mentioned a whillleee back I went on a great date with and he kinda disappeared...twice. We had a good talk and I was frank and let him know it wasn't cool and I don't really do, do overs and he got a second shots and did the same thing so..... 

I think I am more like a man...meaning I am more mental than emotional when it comes to relationships which certainly has its down sides b/c I can shut down and shut out. But on the upside I am practical. So as I said last time clean slate.:-)  I am reading the book 

Chicken Soup for the Soul Love Stories: Stories of First Dates, Soul Mates, and Everlasting Love.

I don't even know when I bought it to be honest but I found it recently and said now is as good a time as any to read it! Anyway there are some great stories. I love the Chicken Soup for the Soul Books although this is the first I have read. The creator Jack Canfield is on the DVD The Secret and Arielle Ford also did one of the books in fact in her book she said after she did her part (For Singles) she was leaving the single life behind and got to work on finding her soulmate lol so I am overdue in my support of this book!

A/w that's all for now! Stay cool & Stay focused!!! Make it an AWESOME week!!! This is the Omega Psi Phi 100th Anniversary convention this week in DC and a sista has lot and lot and lots of partying to do! My workout plan is: Today with Charles, Tuesday Krav Maga (then I have a class to teach), Wednesday-Krav Maga and Thursday, Friday, Saturday party, party, party! Lots of Sorors are coming to town and I am looking forward to having some fun! Hey ITS THE SUMMER!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My new addiction...I HATE BURPEES!

The Heavy Bag training class is my new addiction! I don't know why I like it since it leaves me in a state of total and utter defeat BUT I like it a lot! Justin teaches on Sunday and that boy is wicked! I mean WICKED!! Sunday's class was off the chain. He KILLED our arms! Killed them! He made us do several punching and kicking combinations which were good then to add on we had to do 10 punches and 10 kicks the do 1 burpee...then we had to do 9 punches and 9 kicks then 2 burpees... then 8 punches and 8 kicks then YOU GUESSED IT 3 burpees!

It was nothing nice and we ended that torture doing planks! WTH Justin!!! Oh this was after he began class with "Musical punching bag" What is that you ask? Oh well just like musical chairs we had to run around the room and when the music stopped we had to fight to get on the inside of the mat facing the inside of the punching bags and of course punch and kick the heavy bag until the music started again. And if you did not get an inside spot?! You had to do burpees! For the record...


And yes I bought the shirt!! lol!
To fully understand the torture I had to post a video! Its below. Now, granted, she makes it look somewhat easy! But I dare you to try JUST ONE and tell me what you think! And imagine doing that in between punching and kicking a heavy bag! That's just the definition of insanity!

We ended the class doing at least 10-15 one minute sessions of straight punches and then he had the nerve to tell us to keep our hands up!!!! Ok after maybe 3 or 4 times you are like no problem but by the 9th..ok real talk the 7th round (lol) your arms are literally screaming at you and saying "SAVE ME!!! DON'T LISTEN TO HIM HE'S CRAZY!!!" Have you ever had to talk to a body part? It is not pretty! They are not amused or pleased at the betrayal! At a certain point I was too tired and worn out to even cry! Plus I can't be crying in front of these people they smell fear and weakness! LOL Ain't no one pulling my punk card! At least the spinning room is dark lol

Man oh man that class is some good stuff. I must say you earn every bead of sweat you produce! And you have to lift the heavy azz bags! LOL They get you coming & going! He ended the class with some wicked ab work! It was so ironic because I was talking with a lady I met there (Fran) and I was saying I like that they work you out until the last second class is over whereas in a step class or kickboxing they stop 15 minutes early to do abs. Well either he heard me and said let me mess with her or it was really a coincidence! I aint too sure which it was but it wasn't nothing nice!!
So we started with doing 3 sets of Russian twist with weights

And then Toe Touches :-/

Couldn't find a video but we also did Hello Dollies. You lay on your back and criss cross your legs. Ouch!  Then we ended it by holding up our legs 6 inches above the ground. Is that how you end a class? That's just not right! I walked out and shoulder checked him and rolled my eyes lol *Humph* LOL He just smiled and said "What?" *insert evil grin here*

Now I know he can take me down in like 2.2 seconds and I wouldn't see it coming but its not right! I had to do something lol I actually toyed with the idea of staying for Level 1 Krav Maga but it was HIM again so I said bump that and left! LOL But someone told me that he actually used to weigh like 300 pounds! I don't believe it he is super thin and fit I can't see that at all!!! So he gets respect from me for that I might ask him and see if he confirms the story! I can always use another fitness idol! :-)

Tonight is the Heavy Bag class again so that's the plan! Last week it was with a different teacher and I didn't like it too much so I hope he isn't the regular. He had us doing all kinds of crazy things to warm up like bear crawls which looks like it sounds, you get on all four and crawl like a bear! We also did long range & frog jumps and other randomness that was more like the cross fit stuff I suppose. But we'll see what jumps off tonight. There's also a Level 1 class afterwards I may stay for.

Its sooo hot this week! In fact yesterday I went straight home and right into the bed. I really need a massage I am overdue but the four pounds I talked about in the post disappeared and I want to keep the progress going. I may try tomorrow night after Level 1 hell if I can go on dates after the gym surely i can treat myself to a much needed massage!

Speaking of dates I am starting from scratch! Wiping the slate clean!! IT/Photo guy like I been saying I don't think that was a love connection. I think we both look good on paper but there was no spark. He was kinda lack luster and I finally told him look no need to keep calling & texting if it aint there it just aint. Life is too short to waste each others time. I don't think he was being deceptive (but that might be my glass half full point of view) but he was and I think I was "open to" fitting a square peg into a round hole and I keep saying that was my lesson from the last time if that "spark" isn't there its a sign of something and so I am good with walking away. I met a Soror at the cookout I went to with him and found out about a cool get away spot. So I'm good! Bless & releasing and sending all the best his way!

New guy with the salsa dancing idea... I just deleted his number. We planned to go out last minute on Sunday evening. I had a date earlier that day, with another guy (no I did not tell him that) A/w it was fun we went bowling and had lunch. He seemed nice but again no spark there so I think I should have gone with my gut when he made a smart comment about why he didn't become a lawyer (which was we bargin with people's lives) he opted for a career in trasportation...which is fine but I don't think I'd be all high and mighty about the evils of the law when 1. Lawyers are always the first people folks wanna call when they need help or get in trouble 2. You didn't ditch it for some selfless career like soical work or to be a therapist or teacher to "help people." Just saying...  So a/w I called new salsa guy called o tell him I was done he mentioned some poetry in the park he wanted to go to so I said I was game. Well when I text he says he went to the gym b/c he thought I was going to be out a lot later. Why I dunno I said I would wrap up what I was doing by 5pm...but whatever... I said cool call me on the way home and he did and he told me he'd call me after he showered etc. then nada... no call... no text :-/

Ok since he been a lil pressed the whole while ok let me not say pressed but calling and texting I was wondering if something may have happened when the following day (yesterday) I still had not heard anything by 3pm. My gut told me there was nothing wrong but I was texting back and forth with a guy friend and I told him my ego wouldn't let me call and I can be honest my ego did not allow me to reach out until then lol but then I wanted to know the deal. Anyway he wrote right back saying he fell asleep and some other gibberish *insert blank stare* I just deleted his number and the entire conversation. That's just rude. Even if he did fall asleep you don't call or text to apologize by 12 noon the next day?! Come on son!

Granted my communication was less than stellar but I apologized and felt we started fresh. And I never made plans to see him and then didn't show or call... ok maybe I did... but it wasn't like a firm firm plan like "let me go shower and I'll call you back" type plans is was a loose oh may be we can meet up next Monday type plan with no follow up. Different. I was luke warm about him anyway so I'm out. I went out with another guy Saturday and that is story for another day and another blog lolololol but its a doozy!

I am feeling like I need another break. Last time I said that a flash flood of men came my way but nothing worth keeping or nothing stuck! I was telling my friend its funny when other people say it they meet The One I get lots of practice on what I do and don't like lol I told her my soulmate is gonna be the bomb is all I can guess from this hodgepodge.

But I want to really focus in on my Krav Maga I met a young girl like maybe 17 or 18 years old who took the Level 1 test after only 6 months!!! She was alil bitty thing too! She is good though! I really don't think I can do it by November but for Feburary I think that is doable if I can be consistent! I got in trouble for giggling last week by Kirk :-(  but she was a lot stronger than she looked when she grabbed me by the neck! I was taken aback I guess laughing was my nervous knee jerk reaction! So reframing and refocusing for the second half of summer. Some good parties and events coming up and I am going to have fun but I still have these 17 pounds to lose and while I need balance I think I need to just take my focus back and while I am never that chick that's sitting around and waiting maybe I need to just work on releasing some things and just not think so hard. 

A/w that's all for now folks See ya!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Struggle

Well I am happy to report I went to the gym yesterday and I took a spinning class! That made it 6 days of working out! I am so happy! I was super excited b/c the Spin teach was Eddie! Eddie is a legend! I took his class a few times when I worked in downtown Baltimore and he is a true teacher! The music was banging! In fact he played my summer jam Shame by Jill Scott!! I told him he ruined that song for me now lol I worked up a sweat!!!!!!

It was such a good class he kept reminding us to hold in our abs and squeeze our glutes. I came home sore! At one point during the ride he told us to go heavy on the resistance and he told us its time to "Struggle because our legs will thank him later!" LOL I dunno about all that but struggle I did. I didn't cry or anything like Monday (lol) but I realized  it is easy to "cheat" in spinning. There was this other girl up front just peddling her heart out! He told us to put it at a 10 meaning HEAVY resistance and her feet are whipping around like she is peddling downhill. What's that about?! I don't get it! You got to be honest in your workouts! Because who are you really cheating?

Good stuff!

No struggle, no progress!

I was really inspired by him last night. I have becoming a certified spinning instructor on my 2011 Vision Board and I know another spin teacher Cheryl and I told her I may need her to mentor me b/c I want to get that done! Not to teach but just to say I have done it! More good stuff!

Nowwwwwww for the bad stuff! *heavy sigh*

The scale was up 4 pounds today :-(

I can say a few things T.O.M. just ended and I have not cooked in a long time. I bought a bunch of frozen foods and I have been eating out. The sodium alone could be doing me in. I will work on that this week even though but I am going away. I just have to be mindful and work out.

I will check in again on Monday and pray the scale is kind. But I still see my collar bones so that is something! My size 14s are getting big again and I feel more firm and trim. But that damn scale has such a hold over me! But I am staying focused!

My workout plan:
Friday: Nothing- going home to sleep lol
Saturday: Early meeting and late lunch and meeting a new guy for drinks in between! 
Maybe something at home on On Demand will work!
Sunday: Heavy Bag and  Level 1 Krav Maga
Monday-Level 1 and Krav Fit
Tuesday- Heavy Bag
Weds- Level 1 & Krav Fit 1 

The rest of the week in up in the air:
Thursday- travel
Friday-hotel gym
Saturday-hotel gym
Sunday-hotel gym

Man! The summer is flying by and I really want to be back where I was in May 2010 before September! That's 8 weeks away at 2 pounds a week I could be there I just gotta focus. I just hate when I bust out my workouts and gain weight its so disheartening! I think I am past the stage of drowning my weight gain sorrows in cheesecake lol so that's good! I have more of an eye of the tiger type reaction I guess. I want my goal back!!!!!!!!! Speaking of which I should go check in at Weight Watchers Saturday. I have a training class in DC at 9am I could make the early meeting and still get there but we'll see!

A/w I was having a conversation with my friend who is started a boot camp this week and we were talking about "the struggle" and I told her I got over being bitter about having to work so hard to get results because there is nothing I can do about it. The fact of the matter is weight loss is harder for some people; its just a fact.

I am one of those people. People who lose weight by walking and "cutting back" God bless them. That's not my story. Other things in life comes a lil easier....ok a lot easier to me than other people. So I guess if this is my struggle it could be worst. I can afford to buy the right foods and pay for the right help to make me successful. I have a supportive network of people that keep me encouraged and I can't afford to stay stuck or keep asking why me. I need that energy to burn calories.

Calories that seem to seek me out like a mosquito in Jamaica looking for fresh Yankee blood :0) So like the quote above says “For better or worse, our future will be determined in large part by our dreams and by the struggle to make them real.” I can dig it!

In other "for better or worst" news my girlfriend Tosha got engaged!!!!! I was so happy when I got the email (lawdie technology!) she sent it last night (a pic) of the ring and the title was "Hey" I was like I'll read it tomorrow morning lol only to get to work and look at my email on the computer (vs the blackberry) and saw the rock! LOL Sweet! She's the person who told me about the book The Soulmate Secret! She's such an amazing woman I am happy for her and can't wait for her big day!

Well that's about all I have today folks! Make it a good one! :-) 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th Recap!

Columbia MD fireworks!

I hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend!!! I know I did! Well workout wise I was on point if I must say so myself! Sunday I went to Heavy Bag even though my body was screaming from my personal training session with Charles & Level 1 Krav Maga on Saturday with Kirk! It was a crazy crazy crazy class! I couldn't even think about doing Level 1 even though I was tempted! That video I posted last time from youtube  was pretty on point with Justin's crazy class! I was soaked by the end of class. I went home for a nap because its T.O.M. (sorry fellas) and I was supposed to go to brunch with a friend but I was in pain! I will take that as a NSV (Non scale victory) that I even went to do that type of workout because whew! I rested the rest of the day because I had a date at 9pm with this guy... it was actually our second date he's cool cute dimples but I don't think we are on the same page. We had a good conversation though but we'll see about date #3.

I made it home at a decent time and got up early for a 90 minute spinning class at Brick Bodies (my old gym that's still been getting my money lol) Krav maga was closed so I was looking forward to mixing it up! They also had a Body Flow class and I really like that teacher her name is Andrea and she always has good energy and good music. I was shocked the gym wasn't sold out the spinning class eventually filled up but it took a minute. I am not even gonna lie yall...I shed tears in the class. Thank God the sweat obscured it from the rest of the class. I dunno I may have just been hormonal but I really appreciate what exercise has done for my life, my body, and my peace of mind and I am so happy and grateful to be healthy enough to exercise let alone do a 90 minute spinning class followed up by another 90 minutes of Body Flow!

I left my yoga mat somewhere (lol) and so Andrea asked the spinning class who was staying for Body Flow-oh by the way body flow is a Les Mills program its a mix of yoga, Pilates, and tai chi. I told her I would but I left my mat and she was "kind" enough to say she had an extra one for me. LOL So I stayed and it was a good class. It was very cold b/c my tshirt was soaking wet from spinning and the cramps hit again but I toughed it out and I made it though.

THEN it was time to get my grub on! The IT/Photo guy invited me to a cookout his friend was having so I said sure I'd go and then another guy I know (who is a fraternity brother I am close to) was having his family from out of town and he did invite me but I planned to go to the other cookout but the guilt text message came lol so I went there first! Had a good time and I didn't over do the food! I had one hot dog on a bun with ketchup, potato salad, 2 bbq chiken wings & baked beans! It was fun... I have a story for another time maybe I will add it to the dating blog :-) the title will be "The greatest couple that never was!" LOL ahhh welll anyhoo :-)

I went to the second cookout and had fun. I had 1 rib, grilled bbq chicken breast, bbq beans, 3 large cookies (my contribution) and a small piece of a peanut butter brownie thing oh and 2 Corona lite beers with lime. I havent had a Corona since I dunno when! That hit the spot! A/w IT/Photo guy's friends are very diverse and cool and we then went to check out the fireworks in Columbia. He's nice but I still don't think its a love connection...again maybe I'll revisit this on the dating blog lol My mantra timing, chemsitry, & quality! I seem to always hit 2 out of 3 which gets me closer and that's the glass half full answer :-)

Tuesday I worked from home and then went to the Heavy Bag class again. It was a good workout but not as hard as Sunday's thank God b/c I was really borderline with going but the week dating wise is shaping up nicely. In fact I had another first date last night and had a good time. We've been playing phone tag and text tag and travel tag for over a month. I will be honest I don't juggle well and I dunno... I've been distracted...but anyway.... maybe this is more dating blog material but we had a nice dinner and he said he'd like to take me out again (if I would ever make time lol) and maybe go salsa dancing! That piqued my interest because that's what I am talking about. A two for one dating and dancing! He's very in shape like to the point where I reached out and felt his forearm ...oh and his chest...oh *blush*

He works out almost every day and he said he was training for a body building competition but hurt himself in a basketball game so this was him "small." *blank stare* Now Superman (heard from him recently was big too but I dunno this guy is big solid muscle in a shorter frame it seems different! Anyway he was funny and we had good conversation after he spilled the water and came late because he got lost *smh* poor thing but we had fun. He's 41 single, never married (formerly engaged however) and no kids! *whew*  Former military but works for the Feds now. So we'll go dancing, I told him let me know when and I am game although I do not have any rhythm. I am looking forward to it!

Lo & behold facebook done found me another date lol so we are going to meet for drinks this week as well. We emailed back and forth and we have like 30 friends in common I emailed a few to see if they REALLY know him so far one person said no. Waiting to hear back from the others! But he looks interesting...and tall and no kids in any pictures I was able to glimpse! Well...its a busy summer! Lots of material for the dating blog lol

Anyway tonight I have Level 1 with my Krav Maga boyfriend Kirk! Its bitter sweet b/c he will be gone for a whole week to do his Instructor's Test  which is a week long - 8 hours a day fighting exam! Madness! Imma miss hum *sniff*  

I think I will stay for Krav Fit tonight too and get two workouts in. Ohhhhh the black wrap dress I almost wore it Sunday night but it was a lil too much but it looks good on!!!  I think I still need 5-7 pounds to not (as my sister would say) offend children but I liked it so did my friend who I designated as my male wardrobe you may recall I went out on this realllyyy reallyyy great date but again another story for the dating blog but we are cool :-)

Ahhh well I guess I should officially mention I am starting a blog co-op entitled To Be Wooed it will be a bunch of stories about dating and well we'll see how it evolves. I still have not called the matchmaker back yet but I will. Ironically a friend mentioned that there was this 10 dates in July challenge going on online and I should try it. I looked it up and lo and behold my Matchmaker guy started it! The Ultimate Summer Dating Challenge click the link for more info! Actually last night was date #1 for me although Body Builder was asking me out for over a month I called him and said hey let's do something! It wasn't so bad! :-) And yes ladies he paid! LOL

My quest is to strike a balance between my dating life, exercise life, AKA life, and my family & friends life! The one thing I have learned about balance is that it is an ongoing process so we'll see how it works out!

Hey! Its the summer! :-)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

ST*U and Train!

Teacher's pet lol
My fave Instructor Kirk & me! His shirt says it all!

Wellllllll its Sunday and maybe this shirt isn't too PC to post but I had to! LOL

I love this shirt!! It says it all!!!  Power moves are a way of life!

Stop running your mouth about what you used to do, what you can do, what you should do, what ought to do and DO IT DAMN IT! I really love it because besides the on line/text speak "Just Do It" upgrade it has Krav Maga attitude! Gotta love it!

Ok first off I been calling my fave teacher the wrong name! Opppsss! Well getting back into my workouts has been GREATTTTTT!! I was pumped up to get back to my workouts Saturday morning so much so Charles even had to say something! I am doing 2 new fitness challenges for July and I want results! Scratch that like Toni Childs I specialize in results! SO its on!

So I finally went back to my personal trainer Charles Harris! Whew and what a workout it was!! Its been about 3 weeks and funny thing an old boss was there training with him as I walked in! I don't know why I was shocked but it was a good thing. I can say Charles is an awesome motivating trainer and she and I were talking about him when I saw her at a party in May. She knew me in law school and as an attorney at my first real job and that was also when I was my highest weight. Its funny I saw another friend from my old job at that same party and she for real did not recognize me lol she finally realized who I was when I kept speaking :-) Weird but good!

I felt really strong during my training even though I went out the night before :-) I know Charles hates when I don't come in at 100% but I didn't have to fake it I really felt that good we when the whole hour without breaks! We did upper and lower body weights, I used the BOSU ball and did squats, 150 sit ups, walking with a medicine ball doing alternating leg lifts, and to mix it up he had me kicking a exercise ball he wedged into a pull up bar lol my short legs! It was all good though! We also did 7 reps on the stairs and I ran (Whoo hoo) 3 times on the treadmill for 3 minutes each time! I am not a runner yes I know I have done a triathlon and a half marathon but I walk/jog so I was really proud of myself!

Dawn & I planned to hit up the Krav Fit class which is a combo of Cross Fit & Krav Maga! We were excited! Welllll when you miss 2 weeks you miss a lot lol apparently there was a outdoor hike/run planned instead of Krav Fit :-( I was no way interested in driving to some forest and running in the woods in my new Brooks ...Ohhhh lol so I guess the teacher anticipated there would be some people who missed the memo so he left a workout on the mirror....LOL

Sorry you missed us...

100 Pull ups/rows/bent over rows
100 Push ups
100 Sit ups
100 Squats
Sincerely John (lol)
 I added the lol

Dawn and I rocked it! My shoulder has been acting up I thought the 2 weeks off would have helped but I need to break down and go to the doctor! I seem to be fine when I am working out but it did bother me when I did the push ups :-/  That workout took about 40 minutes and then we did 20  minutes on the treadmill!

To our surprise Kirk was teaching Level 1 and it was a good class! Apparently he will be gone week after next for his Level 2 Instructor's Exam -its a 5 day 8 hour each day exam! YIKES!!!!

I have 2 Sorors who want to try class out next week so I encouraged them to come to his class on Weds. so that should be fun!

The class was good I even got picked to do the demo at the beginning of class for the shoulder tapping :-) Teacher's pet lol

All in all I feel good. Today we have Heavy Bag with Justin and I slept in late went to the African American festival last night with new guy. I'll have to find another code name maybe I.T./Photo guy will work lol Chrisette Michelle was performing so we stayed for a few and headed back home. There were tonssss of people it was like an Essence Music Festival flashback!  Whew... Tonight Charlie Wilson is playing this event is free and well its OPEN to the public so its a little overwhelming lol

Today Heavy Bag with Justin then lunch with a friend then a date later on tonight! Monday I am headed to my old gym for a 90 minute spinning class then Body Flow class then It/Photo guy invited me to a cookout at his friend's house then we are going to catch the fireworks. Good stuff! :-)

Hope you all have something good planned for 4th make sure it involves burning some calories! Enjoy!!!