Sunday, June 2, 2013

Welcome June!

It is June 2013 we are officially half way though the new year! And what a new year it has been! I have had some highs and lows but mostly highs! I am so grateful for a new month and a renewed spirit ready to embrace whatever else 2013 has for me. I am expecting a lot of wonderful things to happen in this second half of the year!

I went to my new Doctor! I really like her. Got some blood work done because I am really dragging I feel like I did last year when I was really low on Vitamin D. Sure Nuff she sent me an email saying I have a few vitamin deficiencies. I glanced at the other results and they were good cholesterol, sugar, etc. so we have a follow up next week.

I been back at the gym going hard and my new heart rate monitor is a great tool! I have been on point with my Weight Watchers meetings and I had 2 great weigh ins in a row! 4 pounds each! I am down again this week but will wait to weigh in on Saturday since I went in on Sunday. I am journaling everything everyday I will share a few of my meals over the pass 2-3 weeks!  I'm feeling really good but every once in a while I am reminder how quickly every pound adds to my waistline. Like I wanted to wear a dress yesterday and I wore it last year it was free flowing last year and darn it if it wasn't too small! It was hugging alllll on my belly I was like yikes! On the other hand I did fit into some capris my Mother gave me a few months ago that couldn't get pass my thighs. Whoo hooo! Now I just fit!! I mean just! I could barely think about sitting lol but I was still happy!

So I have been busy as usual but all good things so I can't complain! I set some good goals for June here they are below!