Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Slipping...Up 6 pounds

Me @ Luckie's in Atlanta for the South Atlantic Regional Conference 2010

I'm Slipping & tripping! I am up 6 pounds since I hit goal! WTH?! Well I know what happened and Imma show you the pictures lol I am not really tripping BECAUSE I KNOW I just got to get to the gym. The one thing I know for sure (My Oprah moment) is I MUST WORKOUT! I MUST WORKOUT. Period end of story! But lawd YALL got to see this food! Its just different down South! I could never live there I'd be big as a house (again!!!) But it sure was fun & TASTY!!! But look at that... I went to Panama, Trinidad & Tobago and LOST 9 pounds in a week went to ATL for 3 days and I gained well like 3 or 4 pounds!! *SMH* I have not been to the gym since LAST life has been hectic with work, AKA, Junior League, and other fun things like going to see the Yankees beat down the O's :-) Good time! But back to biz tomorrow afternoon I see Charles and map out a way to get in at least 4-1 hour workouts this week. I have my treadmill and I need to use it for these hectic times! Nothing to it but to do it! I feel good, look good saw some Sorors I have not seen since 2008 and I got lots of kudos and "Girl I didn't even recognize you!" I saw my 2 cousins I havent seen one is almost 10 years!!! Unacceptable! I am going to do better! And I saw a good guy friend I havent seen in like 10 years too...dang I don't know why we were never single at the same time...*smh* Ah well...Anyhoo it was an amazing trip I am glad I went!!!! Anyway on to the food!!! Hee hee

This post is dedicated to my dear Soror and fellow Road tripper now Road Dawg Deanna!! Great idea to capture these images of the Durty durty!

First stop- South Carolina, for BBQ!! If you ever road trip go here right away!!!

Ok Pork 3 ways...Really you need 3 ways of Pork?! LOL

My platter! I am drooling just going down memory lane! Baby back ribs with baked potato & Mac & Cheese oh and corn bread!! Deanna had catfish!

Ok the name of this place gave me pause... Biscuits in the south apparently have their own zip code! No doubt to go with the zip code your booty will require if you go here often!!!


I had lunch with Denise & Karen @ Paschal's one word YUMMY!!!Its near Morehouse & Spelman so be sure to top by~Black owned and operated and a landmark!

My catfish!!!! Yams, Mac & Cheese, and corn dressing took half of it home!!

The bread pudding.... OMG Its the truth....none went home lol

Denise got the peach cobbler!! Devine!!

I had the strawberry lemonade!!! Sooo delish!!!! and refreshing!! They had the never to offer 1 free refill!! I barely drank all of this! it was huge!

Bread pudding from Luckie's we went to party but around 1am I went for something sweet!

The Smyrna Jonquils festival- FRESH strawberry lemonade like she squeezed the lemon in front of me!!! In the background this gigantic chicken fingers I had 1 and gave up! That wasn't no finger it was a whole damn arm!

Can you even guess what this is??? Scroll down!

That's right...they fry pies in Georgia! *Smh*

And the picture that birthed a blog entry about my weight gain and southern food... That's right people 20 oz. Steak for $ WHAT THE HEAYL DO YOU NEED 20 OZ OF STEAK FOR??!?!? AND HOW THE HELL THEY SELL THAT FOR 12 BUCKS?!?!
Damn America...just damn... lol
Hope you enjoyed the food p*rn :-)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sorting things out...

Well I took some time this week to see where all the over eating came from and I think its fair to I think I am being honest when I say that. I think I am a lil frustrated with the experience and that came through in my behavior over the weekend. I should have gone out and worked out or something instead of drowning myself in Italian Ices. I just don't think dating/relationships are rocket science. I went from meeting all sorts of men i really didn't care for who didn't really want relationship to meeting "quality" men that still don't want relationships! I really don't know which is worst lol

I have a date tonight, he seems very nice, so we shall see. I think the on slough of bad press for professional black women is interesting and I fit into the demographic so I can appreciate the need to report but in the end its just you and your feelings. I think its a matter of timing and chemistry and people always say it happens when you least expect it (usually those people are married or on the way to being married so I guess its sage advice) *insert smirk here* But these articles I read some time ago came to mind so I figured I post them!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Well I made it to my evening personal training session. OMG I am B-E-A-T-D-O-W-N!!!!! Charles didn't even care. Didn't care I say! I pushed myself without whining but I am just not an evening person. It was a great workout though. I did about 20 minutes on the treadmill first then the 60 minutes with him. We moved the time back so I didn't take the class with Dewayne.

I just wanna say did I WANT to go workout? No! Was I motivated to go workout? NO! But knowing I already paid for the session and Charles was waiting made me stick to the plan even though I wasn't feeling it. So needless to say I had to treat myself lol

So afterwards I went shopping! I got this nice black and white skirt suit. Its not really court room attire but it can be worn to work. I got a size 16 in that designer the 14 just wouldn't fit up top. I also got a size 14 Nicole Miller dress. I heart Nicole Miller! I have a few bags but never could buy any clothing! They had it in a size 14 and a size 10; a 12 would have been perfect but it was on clearance so I took the 14 with a smile! I got another dress too, a size 14 same deal, a 12 would have been perfect but they didn't have one. I plan to wear that one on my "coffee date" tomorrow! Looking forward to it. We have been talking daily and he seems nice and laid back but not like a push over. So we'll see.

Ok I am beat down for real I am barely able to make it out of the shower and in the bed! Thanks Charles! But I had to check in to let you all know I made it to my session. Thanks for all the support and encouragement knowing there are people cheering me on is a big help!!

Staying on point

Well I felt like I had a good weekend. I didn't feel like I went overboard but I was up a few pounds this morning. I think it may have been the fish (sodium) I had and I started in on the Italian ices cravings again. Something about summer makes me think of the Bronx and Italian ices. They have 120 calories and no fat and its an 8 pack...and ughhh I dont have any left from I think Thursday when I bought the pack? Yikes! Not good. I also had a cola champagne. About the same calories and no real value...I just like it! lol
Ok another thing I didn't exercise this weekend. At all! I had a lunch on Saturday and then I went home to sleep for the bowling event that night. Sunday I spent the whole day in bed basically so I have not worked out since last....Wednesday maybe? Quick math 120 calories x 9 items = over 1,000 calories on crap. I also bought these Athenos baked pita chips manna from heaven type snacks and the bag is done... yeah...they are about 120 calories a serving that I think about it lol and I am back-journaling today ---meaning I wasn't using my WW journal AS I WAS EATING these items... WW Rule to live by... "You bite it , your write it!"
On top of all of that I tried to do the right thing and packed my 0 point WW soup, a baked potato, lite sour cream and some cheddar cheese and I LEFT IT IN MY CAR!!!! I bought some chicken salad on wheat bread and I am having water.... Ok so back to basics for me!
So I went into work today and I am meeting with my trainer Charles at 5:30 tonight. I hate working out at "night" but I gotta do what I gotta do. I will more than likely stay for the Brickhouse cardio class with Dwayne too; I need it... :-)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Living my life like its golden..golden...golden...

"I got a pink & green girl..she' don't even fly Delta"
I loveeeee this picture!

*Dancing to the beat in my head* Life is really good right now. I went to Weight Watchers on Saturday and my goal was "confirmed." I still don't think it has actually hit me yet maybe because I now have another goal. But I feel good. I went to an event Saturday morning and saw some people from my old job that I have not seen maybe 2 years one I went to law school with and literally her mouth dropped when she saw me. lol She said "YOU LOOK AMAZING!" I said "I feel amazing!" *Flipping my hair* That was cool!

Anyway I am reading this book Women, Food, & God by Geneen Roth. Its deep but it is good. I am definitely recommending it to any woman who has an "issue" with food. I say "issue" because the book really explores the fact that it is not about the food only how we can abuse it to deal or cope or avoid the real issues. Its not a book you read in one sitting if you are reading it right. You need time to listen to what she is saying. Understand the stories and relate them back to yourself. She will be on Oprah May 12th I already plan to work from home that day to watch it!

In other news I went to a sorority event last night for a sister chapter near my home. See picture above! They had a Rock n' Bowl it it was late night blowing with good music! It didn't start until 11pm so you know I love these Sorors because as I have said in the past I have a wicked internal clock. On the upside I never over sleep but on the down side my body likes to shut down completely around 10pm-ish! I am always the party pooper but in my defense no matter what time I fall asleep I am up at 5am so I gotta do what I gotta do! lol
But I love that picture..because to be honest I don't really "see" or feel my weight loss. I know that sounds crazy but I think I have said this before I don't think I really appreciated my size before. There was the truth and what my mind's eye was showing me... I have always been a picture taker but even then I don't think I realized...anyway new pictures help me to appreciate where I am and not because of how I look per se but because of how I look beside people I know are skinny lol I don't know if that makes sense but maybe I'll try and explain it again another time.

Other the date went well but we are going to keep that in the friend zone...its a long...long...story... but he's cool. The End.

But I met someone else :-) and we are going for coffee/tea (he doesn't drink) this week. Seems cool, he's 36, he is in law enforcement (no criminal record- check), works out almost daily (CHECK- we actually belong to the same gym), single, no kids, never married, lives nearby, likes to travel, seems really down to earth and normal ok he admit some neat freak like tendencies but that a plus for me since I can't (won't)even mop lol...

A/w I will be honest I have been tempted to start a dating blog to commiserate... I mean chronicle my adventures in dating but I am hoping I wont endure much more of the interesting adventures I have been subjected to lol But when I am married with 2.5 kids and an Alaskan husky dog named Buffy II I will be writing my book for the masses! Believe that!

Workouts- Well Charles kicked my butt this week. I swear every time I think it can't get any worst he steps his game up. My goal this year was to not whine and complain. Well what happened was we were working out one day at the same time as another trainer and client and the woman got on my GOT DANG nerves with all her whining and fussing! I asked Charles do I sound like that? He said sometimes *insert Colgate smile here* I said ok well enough of that then lol
I am trying to get back into a Sunday routine but we'll see for May. Since I workout so hard on Mondays I kinda like a quiet Sunday.

I lived off of WW zero point soup and chicken pot pies this week. It is a lifesaver. Since I wasn't feeling great it helped. What else ohhhhh my cousin in Canada began a weight loss and workout blog please support her!!!

Go Trac!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

100 things...

Half way through the workout....

I wanted to say something profound when I hit that 100 mark but that fell kinda flat lol so the idea of listing 100 observations/ realizations I have made over my lifetime but really most came to mind from January 2009 to now. That's a 15 month span of time where I swear it flew by but a lot of progress was made mentally, physically, emotionally, & spiritually.

1. I am happier

2. I am healthier

3. I am smaller

4. I am more fit

5. I am more energetic (as if that was possible)

6. I am nicer (still got my Mean Girl card but...)

7. Its easier to travel

8. I wear smaller, cuter clothing

9. I can workout longer

10. I can workout harder

11. My mind is more clear

12. My determination is more fixed

13. My drive is more solid

14. I feel in control

15. I enjoy receiving a lot of compliments

16. I feel more alive

17. I am more confident

18. I am more active

19. I am more aware of my feelings

20. I am more forgiving

21. I am not afraid to step on the scale regardless of what I am wearing or what time of the day it is :-)

22. I feel a sense of accomplishment

23. I love working out

24. I love pushing myself beyond what I think are my limits

25. I like trying new things

26. Failure can be a good thing

27. God is able

28. I am capable

29. I am stronger than I think I am

30. I am fearless (except when it comes to bugs, rats, & snakes, etc.)

31. I am a role model

32. I am not perfect

33. I no longer strive towards perfection

34. Delay is not denial

35. I love myself

36. I care about others and their struggles

37. Its ok to skip a workout or two or even a week...just get back on track...

38. It cost a lot of money to lose weight and be healthier (sorry cold hard fact)

39. I have spent a lot of money... 2 gyms, personal trainer twice a week for 9 months, Weight Watchers, protein shakes, vitamins, Doctor visits, nutritionist, etc. but its worth every red cent.

40. I have NO REGRETS

41. I can see a lifelong healthy lifestyle for me and my family

42. All goals are attainable

43. Being incredibly sore is ok...sometimes lol

44. Dating & Dieting can work

45. Its ok to skip a meal

46. Eating at night is a bad thing

47. Ordering dessert is okay

48. Love is the only true adventure....

49. Life has its ups & downs

50. Its only a test

51. Its ok to ask for help

52. Its not a sign of weakness to cry

53. Real friends remain

54. New friends appear

55. Life is a series of accomplishments & disappointments...spend more time on the good stuff

56. Take care of yourself first!

57. Make yourself a priority (see above in case you missed the point)

58. Don't allow anyone into your space that will not treat you the way you deserve to be treated

59. Therapy works!

60. Learn to trust people

61. Quotes are good for you and for others!

62. History is the best teacher

63. I appreciate the mind body connection more...still need to overcome the roadblocks of my mind however I am and will always be a work in progress.

64. Exercise is cheaper than Lexapro

65. Its cool to FINALLY weigh less than what I have been lying about on my driver's licence


67. I am stronger mentally

68. I am more open

69. I like change

70. I have learned how to relax

71. Massage Envy is the best

72. I have not had a Krispy Kreme donut in over a year

73. I have not had a 5 Guys burger in over a year

74. There are some trigger foods I will never eat again and I am ok with that!

75. Life isn't perfect and will never be perfect and that's ok

76. Being of service to others is essential to a good life

77. Balance is the key...

78. Life is good

79. Challenges are opportunities

(sorry to anyone I screamed on, fussed at, or rolled my eyes at in your face...if you missed oh well no harm no foul)

81. I've learned not to be so sensitive... so you didn't know about the big news early on, you didn't get invited to the party, you didn't get to go on the what?! What other people do is SO not about me... and that's totally OKAY! LOL

82. I will always love Jay Z

83. Beyonce' is aiight and yes I am being a hater I am allowed!

84. Laughter is the best medicine

85. Love your parents...warts & all :-) (Run tell 'dat!)

86. It was/is a blessing to have parents that instilled my "YOU ARE THE BEST" philosophy in me or as my friend Tovia says "Your parents did a GOOD job..." although there is a hint of scarcasim and concern in her voice and facial expression when she says that! But whatever Cylia is the best! *throwing confetti*

87. Not everyone is in your corner & that's ok

88. I may not be everyone's "cup of tea" and that's ok too

89. I trust God

90. I don't always do right but I mostly mean well

91. I love to travel and will figure a way to parlay that into a Rachel Ray (my nemisis) like empire...

92. I don't fear the seatbelt on the airplane anymore

93. I am blessed

94. I have sound judgement I just need to use it more often

95. I swear by the power of daily affirmations & mediation

96. I feel my collar bones now *giggle*

97. Fitting rooms are a good, safe place to shed a tear when you fit into a smaller jeans size!

98. I am working on a good bye letter to Lane Bryant & Ashly Steawrt & the Women's department of Macy's etc.

99. It feels good to go from "Theroy to Practice"

100. If I never achieve another goal in my life I will be okay with that :-) Because this feels great & I am in a happy and content place!

Pain is weakness leaving the body

Well if pain is weakness leaving the body I am in good shape then lol I had a killer workout yesterday my goodness. Monday was tough too so I guess the back to back has left me with a sore right calf and a tight left thigh lol not a good combo as I am walkign around today! But well worth it.... some pictures of the killer workout above~!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well this morning I finally weigh less than what I been lying about on my driver's licence for over 10 years lol in other words I reached my goal. I have lost 100 pounds. Well I will be honest its a bit anti climatic (lol) but I am maybe shocked? I was giving myself till mid May to lose the 7-9 pounds to get there but a few extra workouts and getting back on the WW track seems to have caused some forward movement faster than I expected!

I don't really know what to I will get some thoughts together and come back for another post :-)

BUT THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT & LOVE! I already know I want to lose some more weight so the story and journey is to be continued... :-)


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dresses, Dates, & Desserts

Weird title I know but I work well with titles when i have to make a quick post otherwise I go all over the place!

First up dresses! Well I bought 3 new ones yesterday and I must say when you lose weight shopping is a whole different animal! I have always been a shopaholic but I get a whole new high nowadays; the true essence of retail therapy! Ok I know that isn't right or emotionally healthy but for now it will do! Below is a size 10! Say what? Shut yo' mouth!? Yes chile'! A size 10 now granted the other dress is a 12 and the other a 14 but that's not the point THIS dress is a 10! lol
I am so mad I have become one of those obnoxious people taking pictures in dressing rooms and emailing to their friends for approval (Thanks Danielle) and then posting them on a blog! Ahh when did U become that guy!? Ah well! A size 10!

Dates- Well I've been on dating hold for a few months not completely self imposed..I have met some dudes but just no get up and go to the encounters I guess. I did however meet a nice guy 3 weeks ago or really re-met him (long story) and well we are meeting for lunch today. I picked the place because I know the menu and well I am I hate dieting & dating (yes even though WW is a lifestyle, its a diet in a sense as well) I am not a salad eater and I need to watch my points I am down to a mere 26 points! The other day I had only 12 left after breakfast! So I picked a place I know and will make a good choice. They sell very small plates so instant portion control! A/w I am looking forward to it! Even if it ends up being a cool friendship I will not mind (terribly) becuase he is hell-a cool but I do like him! :-) Maybe because he reminds me of myself. In good ways lol very funny, busy with other organizations, professional, attorney, go-getter, community service minded, lots of personality and he's an Alpha :-) sums up my "list" for the most part! So we shall see!


OMG SELF SABOTAGE ALERT! I am eating too many desserts this week brownies with ice cream on Sunday, Vanilla bean cheesecake from TGIFridays Tuesday & Red velvet cheesecake from Cheesecake factory yesterday! See below OMG soooo good! On the quasi (lol) plus side I skipped dinner on Tuesday & last night lol I know bad! I am going to get it together not sure where this sweet tooth came from all of a sudden. I think there is a natural fear of change even good change and my mind is playing tricks on me. Gonna get that in check though!

Later peeps! Thanks for all the support

& encouragement!

Don't forget $10 to support Team in Training!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Almost home!

Me & my 3rd born/bought Justice in the background @ Ihop

Well I would be lying if I didn't say I was excited this weekend. I weighed in every day several times a day over the past 4 days and finally yesterday I believed the scale! I am down 91 pounds since January of 2009. 15 months have gone by and at a rate of a mere 6 pounds a month I am seeing my goal materialize right before my eyes! 15 months is a long damn time but I told myself this time enjoy the a new thing...expect a new thing... and well here we are 9 pounds away from my (first) goal. *insert big cheese grin here*

The picture above is from Sunday. I am wearing my sisters old size 13/14 Apple Bottom jeans she gave me like 3 years ago since she was confident I'd eventually fit into them I guess (Thanks Bobbie Chris!) Lord knows I had them in the guest room in a bin just sitting there. I went out on Saturday with my friends and they both made comments about my jeans being too big ok one said "Wow those are too big time to get some new ones!" The other said "Aren't we trying to find you a man? Why the hell you wearing them big jeans..." LOL gotta love your friends!
Well that made me think let me go and try on Jessica's old jeans and see if they fit! At like 60 pounds I got them I laid across the bed and held my breath and didn't try and get surely another 30 pounds would do the trick lol and it did! They actually had room a little room!
I went to my fave bad store Walmart (don't judge me!!! lol) and they had a cute sundress I instinctively went to the back of the rack and picked up a size 16 and bought it...Well when I got home it was a lil big. It can be worn that way but I figured I'd take it back for the size 14 I went back and said what the heck let me take the size 12 into the dressing room and lo & behold it fit! I took the dress and ran! Well skipped back to customer service and gladly exchanged it! Sweeetttttttt!!!
I am trying to just focus on these last 9 pounds then I will set a new goal. But I am going to enjoy this moment!
In other news My Tri training begins this month!
I am still raising funds and my Sorors & friends really stepped up this week in a major way its not too late to show your support :-)

Friday, April 2, 2010

JHud & WW

Working Out Chizel~It Style
March 2010

I am excited about Jennifer Hudson being the new face of WW! I am a fan have been since the American Idol days when Simon told her she was too big to win and she didn't... but boy did she show him!!! She is amazing and I love that he had to apologize to her after all her success! a big girl... I watched her video and could relate! I have been heavy for most of my life too. I was never the biggest one in the room but that changed a few years back and I was cognizant of that change and my Doctor recommended Weight Watchers. I joined and had some success but it would usually be followed up with slipping back into old habits the same habits that caused the weight gain to begin with. In 2006 I got real and took my Type A control freak personality to Weight Watchers again and joined a great gym and lost 45.6 pounds in about 6 months great success it felt good, I felt good but slowly I regained that plus. That's the thing WW isn't a diet its a lifestyle change you adopt and I got that at the time but somehow life got busy and very stressful and I lost sight of that.

I got back on a serious path last January and got a nutritionist. She was good and I still see her from time to time but she really wasn't giving me anything more than Weight Watchers was for 3 times the money! So I went back to WW in July and got a personal trainer and decided not to be so Type A about losing weight and getting healthier this time. *cringe*

I said I would take the weight losses with the weight gains, the good weeks with the bad, and keep moving forward even if it was only .5 pounds lost at a time. That worked for me oddly enough. In my life of strictly black or white, on or off, this shade of grey allowed me to stay motivated long term. I have to say changing jobs made a big difference as well while I have a longer commute the stress level is next to nothing and that has been a tremendous blessing. God looks out for His people is all I can say about this job...I found it on line the day the paperwork was due...out of over 300 resumes mine was one of 10 they liked and 3 interviews later I got the job...I marvel at that every once in a while but then again my mantra is "I am blessed & highly favored" so they couldn't help but love me! :-)

A/w back to the topic...I like JHud b/c she is a real spokeswoman a lot of woman can relate to. She is busy, travels a lot, has family issues, a demanding career and she is trying to find balance like the rest of us. I like her! I am rooting for her!

While I am rooting for JHud yall are rooting for me! Don't forget $10 at a time! :-)