Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Getting Back On Track Looks Like... Part 3

Ok here was my shopping list for the week. I had two goals 1) stick to a $$$ budget 2) Stay on point

Got these from Weight Watchers they were like $4. They are a little salty but I like them its a good crunchy snack but better than getting chips at 7 points a bag (like Sun chips) these are only 2 points

I knew I'd want something sweet and some breakfast foods these were on sale at Safeway for about $2.00 the strawberry shortcake was very good! And the english muffin taste just like Mickey D's

More snacks because there is no need to deny what I will be feeling. I just need to arm myself. I got some chocolate pretzels from WW, Wheat thins, 100 calorie packs of ritz snacks and almonds (unsalted), the new WW magazine which I need to get a subscription b/c its cheaper! and Special K bars only 90 calories. Just had one for breakfast or my 1st meal. I'll have some yogurt and almonds too in a few.

Ok I promised the Mister dinner so I made a whole wheat lasagna. He loved it had seconds and took some home and came back the next day! Ha! I used 93% fat free ground turkey instead of beef, a 4 cheese blend that wasn't too high in fat or calories and Ragu and I used whole mozzarella but part skim ricotta. The mix of low fat and regular made for good flavor.
I also grabbed some albacore tuna in water, egg beaters, and other shredded cheese they were 4 for $5.00 the key is using your measuring cup to keep up with the calories/points!

Last buy my Mom swears by this stuff I got it because it was on sale. The taste is good and I add the almonds to beef it up.

As you can see not a fruit or veggie in the bunch! Sad! I do have some frozen and canned veggies already but I need some fresh fruit. I will see about that. Not perfect like I been saying all along I need to re work my points and keep this train moving!

ETA: I also bought some Lean Cuisines mostly Fish dishes forgot to take pictures :-)

Did ya miss me?!

Well its been a hectic time...stress means bad behavior but I been on top of it and I am happy to report I was down 3.2 pounds this week at Weight Watchers. So I know I was up last week when I skipped that meeting but I expected a gain after the crazy drop two weeks ago and I really just didn't want to see that. I kept at the workout and my body leveled out. I would have been happy with staying the same so thats a blessing! I am 15.4 pounds away from my goal and trying to keep focused. My Apple Bottoms jeans fit again! Sweet! lol But some of my suits from last year's conference are still too tight. I need those 15 pounds GONE! Its weird because people seem to notice these 15-20 pounds more than they noticed the first 50 pounds! That trips me out. But I swear I still don't see a difference up or down. I guess pictures help with that and ohhhhh I have good news I was featured on another website! Click here ~~~> Call Me Iron Girl ! Thanks so much to Shalena D.I.V.A.! ITS A GREAT WEBSITE!!! Check it out! I gave a more detailed accoutn of the Iron Girl and some other advice!

I am also happy to report my ****DRUM ROLL***** Personal Trainer Charles completed his first Triathlon! He has actually decided to start a triathlon club at the gym!


I have a food post to follow! Thanks hope you are all well!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wearing a lot of hats....

Well I had a GREAT weigh in on Saturday thanks to this food poisoning or stomach virus! I lost 11 pounds lol The poor counter lady at the Weight Watchers dropped her jaw! I told her don't get excited I had stomach virus and I kept working out anyway. I lived off of ice chips, water, and broth for a whole week. I finally felt a little better by Saturday and had a great dinner with some good friends from my old job. I took it easy because it was the first real food I could keep down all week. It was a nice & healthy too! Love my people! She made grilled salmon, a roasted corn and tomato salad and a low sugar version of candied yams. If I remember correctly it was the sweet potatoes, honey, cinnamon and lemon juice. They were good maybe some brown sugar splenda would have added to the sweetness but honestly it was just sweet enough. I was good until dessert! My down fall was the home made pound cake with coconut glaze. Humm by 1:30am I had had 4 slices lol and took 2 home!

This week's workouts are ok so far. I had chapter meeting on Saturday so that cut into some of my workout time. But I still met with my personal trainer afterwards. *patting self on back* We are taking a break for a little bit while he competes for the Iron Man competition in Atlanta! I maybe should have asked another trainer to step in but I like Charles so I'll just have to make sure I don't slack off for these 2 weeks! We had a great session Saturday and I was proud I went. Once upon a time I would just skip workouts on AKA Saturdays but a good start to my week involves a Saturday workout. It was later in the day and I liked that better because the gym was basically empty! Sunday I took a rest day that included a trip to DC for my friend's event she had a great singer Akua and it was to raise funds for her Scholarship Fund ! Monday I had another session again a great workout! I went 30 minutes early by accident and heard him down the hallway teaching that's when i realized I was too early! But it was too late I was caught he was all too happy to shout me out tot he class and tell me to get some hand weights! So I got a good 30 minutes of Chizel it then we had our 1 hour session! I was debating going back for an evening class but Oprah came on and gave aways all this free stuff and well I stayed in bed! Ohh Oprah how I love & fear you!
Well tonight is also out because I have Junior League meeting. Let me just say I am busy!

Or as my chapter president said about me Saturday....I am wearing a lot of hats.... Working on chapter stuff, working on a great regional committee for my sorority, pitching in with an upcoming sorority celebration for an international officer, working on the Board of Directors of my League, helping out with the JLB 100th celebration, work, gym, family, Mister, & life in general it all adds up! I guess I always do a lot but this year or post summer year is shaping up into a busy, busy time! All good things though but just super busy. My week ahead...submitted for your approval....

Tuesday- Junior League 100th meeting- 5:30 then visit with Mister

Wednesday-Goal- catch spinning class @ 5:30pm then 9pm a Committee Con call...ok literally I have had 4 concall is 5 days I dont know how I did that!

Thursday-Chizel it workout

Friday-CBC event in DC

Saturday- Prisoner's community service project 9-11:30am then afternoon tea with my friend. Gym in between these two things

Sunday- Gym then a Raven's game party

As it stands that would be 5 hours of exercise this week at the most! Not good but better than nothing I guess? I am feeling better and eating more so thats good I think lol I anticpate a gain this week although I am gonna fight it because that leaves me with 17 more pounds to reach my Dec 31st goal! Well I'm off :-)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"I do not like to repeat successes; I like to go on to other things." ~ Walt Disney

Disney was the man! Anyway I saw this quote and felt justified lol as I mentioned I get bored easily which is why I never did another half marathon after the Baltimore half in 2007 and I honestly don't think I would do this Iron Girl Triathlon again either. I guess this quote sums up my feelings about the subject nicely! If you do something its done! Check off the To Do List or the Vision Board is how I see it. I toyed with the idea of doing it again for a better time since my goal is to be 50 pounds less by next May but ehhhh!

Anyway updates I had some steamed shrimp on Sunday in an effort to bypass Mister's Mom's good ole home cooked Sunday dinner. Its just not the type of food I can have a small portion of. Plus we family now! They know I am greedy! That kind of cooking/foods are trigger foods and I can't indulge for a little while since I am trying to really get back on track. His family understands. Anyway I think something may have been wrong with the shrimp I been sick ever since! In good news the scale is down lol but that's only because I can't hold anything down :-( hoping it clears up ASAP!

My workouts...I am proud to report are on point!

Saturday- 60 minutes Personal Training 60 minutes Socarobics 60 minute walk with Mister

Sunday-Rest b/c I was very sore!!!!

Monday- 60 minutes Brickhouse Cardio, 60 minutes Zumba, 60 minutes Chizel it (And Charles announced to the class that I did my first trialthon!!!) :-) Got a lot of kudos & pats on the backs!

Tuesday-60 minutes personal training

Weds- Sore again so rest day!

Thursday-that's TBA I am still sore and feeling a lil sick plus I already have in 7 hours of exercise! Awesome!

Life is busy busy as usually! Got some good news regarding my sorority involvement! It will be a lot of hard work but I am excited and up for the challenge! Junior League is still going well I try to send my minutes out ASAP because well its the best way for me to work! The 2 Tuesdays are going ok but there are some great classes on Tuesdays and I am such a creature of habit one week off messes with the whole flow. I need to be more flexible but thats the truth.

My training sessions were great the pic above was me doing the stairs with two 10 pound weights 7 timesssssssss!! What what!!!! I was beat but its all great because I remember over a year ago I did those stairs and had to hold onto the railing and stop at the top every time I went up and I only did it like 4 times lol then 5 then 7 and now I am doing 7 basically non stop with weights! Charles had to tell me to slow down and pace myself lol I am not at that place yet where the exercise has given me energy and most of you that workout and take breaks know what I mean after a certain point exercise pumps you up and you have loads on energy at first however there's a hump you have to get over so that's where I am. They say it takes 21 days to make a new habit so we'll see I hope the energy comes back quickly in the meantime I am just doing it. I had a post before that said Motivation is overrated and it is at some point you just gotta get up off the couch and do it even when you don't feel like it. Even my Zumba teach commented about my energy level and she chalked it up to the Tri and I didn't have the heart to tell her I went grocery shopping after the triathlon so that wasn't it lol But I feel good about getting back in the groove of working out. Shooting for 10 hours next week! Laterrrrrssss

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Checking In

Well I was actually up from 3 weeks ago. It was only .6 so less than a pound but I was SURE I'd be down! Well my home scale goes up and down so I must have gotten on on a good day. I went to my personal training session with Charles. Yikessss! I been MIA for real! We did some cool old things with a twist like doing the mall stairs. This time with weights...two 10 pound weights in fact...whew! I actually got there 1 hour early so I walked around the mall while on the phone that was about 1/4 of a mile and then went inside. Afterwards I did Socarobics I was a little tired but I did it anyway. So 2 good hours. Waiting on Mister we have some sight seeing to do and he wanted to walk the 3 miles in Columbia today. Its a perfect day great weather so that sounds like a plan!

Sunday I am headed to Brick Bodies for a class or 2 and Monday they are doing 3 classes at Chizel it so I will do that! Tuesday I'll have my personal training session. Back on it yall!

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, September 3, 2010

What we can learn from T.I.

Well its been all over the news about the rapper TI getting arrested. I got the urge to write about him & his "alleged" (thanks Law School) situation. Click Here for the CNN version of what went down. My initial post was going to be about this article I read on CNN entitled She Drops 100 pounds and Gains a New World but I will somehow pull them together for you in a neat Tiffany's & Co. bow!

I gave TI a shout out in my Triathlon post because I talked about how his song 'Bring Em Out' was in heavy rotation during the 3rd part of my Tri (the 3.4 mile run). I am not gonna lie, I like TI! In fact one of the highlights at the Essence Music Festival was when he made a surprise appearance with Mary J Blige. Not too much of a surprise to me because we saw him at our hotel headed to the show but when he took the stage I was hyped! I like the verse on the new Mary J song Gimme That Good Love! Anyway what can be learned in terms of a healthier lifestyle and his situation.

1. He is talented and has accomplished some major goals: A few Grammy awards, a good actor with great movie credits...I mean opposite Denzel even, philanthropic efforts, and best of all stardom. I often say everyone has a vice if you are lucky its only one. You have to identify your "vice." What bad habit do you have that you struggle with? I talked last time about appreciating my new level of awareness when it comes to food. As I became more aware of my vice (over eating) I had to take steps to actively avoid & combat it. A word to the wise is sufficient my grandmother would say.... Its a shame to lose progress based on an old bad habit. That's the worst. There's a saying from church I always liked "The devil doesn't have any new tricks." If you know your weak spots work on them. No one is perfect or will ever be but we should strive to improve but when you have the same tests coming back over and over its time to take a time out and make some serious decisions.

2. Do the right thing even when you think no one is watching. I mean you are in your car... yadda yadda... its LA yadda yadda...tinted windows....yadda yadda... and maybe its the lawyer in me but dude almost every major criminal law case started with " during a routine traffic stop!" And once Sniffy the Dog (as my Con Crim Pro professor called him) shows up; its a wrap. Needless to say if the "faint hint of..." *insert fave smelly drug or substance hear* is present well its open season on you & your car. This isn't a judgement on the police; its their duty but seriously do I need to start a Criminal Law 101 class for rappers & athletes?! *writing down on my to do list*

Bringing it back...my point.... so what if no one else knows? You know how much you are eating (if you are REALLY trying to be on top of your game) or how much or how little you are exercising and/or how HARD you are/ or are not exercising? Later for all this talking on my blog and to friends if at the end of the day I don't see results its because I am just talking a good game and not putting any action behind it. When you make a "plan" like I am on parole and will not do these things Judge because I don't want to go back to jail...How about you stick to it! Or in my case you want to lose 50 pounds by May to look fab in your pics when you go to Spain & Rome well stick to your plan. Its a reminder for me is all. I have not worked out since the Iron Girl that was 12 days ago...almost 2 weeks. And I planned on it but didn't follow through...I actually dodged my trainer and everrryything...lol...No bueno! I'll weigh in tomorrow and see what the happ's is and go from there! But accountability even when you think) no one else is watching is key! Mister's Dad wants to take us out to dinner tonight so I'll have to put my mind where my mouth is and make the right choices because I face the scale tomorrow! :-) Good reminder :-)

3. Surround yourself with the right people. They are married but both are dead wrong (allegedly) and Imma say 1. the person on parole who just got out of jail is wrong & 2. the person who says they love the person who just got out of jail is wrong.

Support in doing the right thing is important in one's life and I just can't imagine my recent husband getting out of jail and is on parole and is driving while black (yall know that's a real term!) in LA!!!! And I am just gonna ride along & puff along or watch him do it. Not on my watch. Now I dunno what went down maybe she tried or maybe he tried but it was a big ole FAIL. But same goes for over eating and not exercising. I can't be with someone who I am a bad influence on or vice versa. Not just romantically either but friendships as well. I have friends that we only went out to eat. I had to change that up...some came along some didn't. I don't know what they were thinking. I will hope for the best for both of them. I suspect she'll "take the charge" for her man and get probation. He'll probably get off with a warning. The Judge who thus far has bent over backwards to help reform him (MTV show, early release, community service, half way house...) Time will tell worst case she can use her spousal privilege or he can and not testify against the other. Anyway a big ole unnecessary mess! But the lesson for me was surround yourself with the right people. Some friends have gone others have come in their place and maybe that was for the best for my journey. I'll keep working on that because truth be told there may be others that have over stayed their welcome in my new happy home! No judgement, no fuss just like The Word says there is a time & a season for EVERYTHING under the sun.

As my idol Oprah would say....One Thing I Know For Sure....Life is too short for unhappiness.

Which brings me to my initial post about the CNN article I posted above (She Drops 100 Pounds) I thought it was going to be a great motivational piece about an overweight woman who loses 100 pounds and finds out how great she feels and how wonderful life is... Ehhhh no not exactly. She (AND MANY CONGRATS TO HER) likened her experience of losing 100 pounds to Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live where he goes "undercover" as a white man and finds a whole "new world" like white people dancing and drinking on the public bus when black passengers get off. Its very funny I remember it from high school. But she makes a good point. Society is not kind to overweight people at all. I was not immune from that but I give a lot of credit to my parents they really instilled in me an I can do ANYTHING attitude! Thus far they have been right soooooo watch out world domination is next! :-) Well win the lotto then world domination. :-)

A/w my point...Her "new world" was seeing the world through "Eddie Murphy eyes" and not liking it one bit. In fact her final line in her piece says "I hope I always stay fat on the inside." Deep. I could relate to her article because as I lost more and more weight people did become more obvious with their fat prejudice. Making snide remarks about "big people" and laughing at certain things that didn't sit well with me because 50-60 pounds ago that was me! Now these are not mean or bad people (ok well some can be mean! lol) but for the most part these are good men and women. But I am sure many would agree fat prejudice is the last "accepted" form of prejudice out there. What really made me think about this last year or so I was on a message board and someone asked would you rather gain (can't recall exactly) 25 pounds or lose a toe and I think out of maybe 20 replies only 2 said gain the 25 pounds. I being one of them because I think at that point I'd already lost 40 pounds so I wanted my toe! Plus I have a weird thing about missing body parts can't help it. I kept thinking hell I could lose 25 pounds again lol but every other woman but one would rather lose a toe than gain that weight! I was shocked but it just demonstrated to me what people really think about weight. I think what really struck me was most were not overweight at all and 25 pounds vs. a body part no matter how small just didnt compute to me. But that was me looking at the question from my point of view. But I was really taken aback and these aren't strangers we have been on this message board over 10 years so we know each other seen marriages, births, deaths, graduations, new jobs, new homes, travel together, party together, the works so it was like we were a pretty tight knit group that shared a lot but I never knew most felt that way about weight until that question was posed... I tired not to take it personally but it was hard not to but that was about them and their perspective and that's how they felt so I couldn't own that and eventually let it go.

Anyway my point here is not to talk about society in general but to talk about the health & fitness world and how that population differs from society at large.

I can not think of a more supportive segment of the population.

While I walk down the street people may not know I am an Iron Girl but while training and doing the event people had the utmost respect and support for me because I was in the race doing something along side them while others sat at home or on the sidelines. Sweet.....Athletic cred ie. street cred/credibility get it? lol
I often talk about my 2007 Baltimore 1/2 marathon experience and how supportive the other runners were. It really blew me away, here this man was at mile marker 20 of his 26.2 mile marathon and he was giving me the thumbs up telling me I was awesome! I am thinking DUDE.... NO YOU ARE AWESOME! !! lol But he was right too! :-)
My favorite memory was after the marathon we had to take the light rail (train) back to where our cars were and as I was getting off a group of guys were getting on with their medals around their necks and let me tell you they looked like they stepped right off the Times Square billboard for Abercrombie & Fitch ! You know what I am talking about! And they saw my half marathon medal around my neck and started yelling "Awesome!" and high fiving me and saying I rock ! Love it! I was totally apart of the cool kids! And loved every second of it! Plus they were hot! lol
Same thing with the Iron Girl we were all in the struggle together and people were soooooo supportive! Wheter it was during the swim or the bike ride or the run all this encouragement was outstanding!! People were yelling "You can do it!" "Go Team!" "You are amazing!" I eat that stuff up anyhow but wow what a feeling! Oooooooh and let me just pop our collective Iron Girl COLUMBIA collar! Did you know Iron Girl Columbia has the longest swim? And that all Iron Girls are NOT created equal!? Ok back to the regularly scheduled program. :-)

Anyway the point I am making is if you have some fear of working out at a gym or doing something like a marathon or half marathon or Tri or Dualthon etc. Don't be afraid or self conscious! Its not only for those that appear to be fit. In fact the health & fitness community in my experience is very welcoming and supportive of anyone trying to live a healthier life. So get started today! I think I will email the writer and ask her about her activities and encourage her to put her new body to the test and maybe try an Iron Girl event and experience yet another "new world."

Have a safe & wonderful holiday weekend! :-)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Picture Time

Out the water

.62 miles done!

Clearly I saw this photographer so I tried to squeeze out a smile lol

This was my real face for the 17.5 mile ride

.62 mile swim
17.5 mile bike ride
3.4 mile run
bragging right for a life time.

P.s do not judge my bootlegged-ness yes it s picture of a picture

Sept. 1st

My goodness where did the time go? It is freaking September 1st 2010! WOW! Seriously where did the time go? Well I am looking forward to this Saturday's weigh in. My home scale has been going down and it really shows me just how much tracking your food (alone) can make a difference. I am not being perfect, in fact yesterday I had a milk shake and a carrot cake for dinner but its TOM and I felt so sick at work (FYI weight loss can affect your hormones and for people like me who suffered monthly in high school then out grew it "it" can come back with a vengeance!) so when finally all the ill effects stopped I wanted something comforting like sugar!! I later made a turkey and laughing cow cheese sandwich :-) so all was not lost!

Ahhh well its the first of the month! I, like many people, used to wait for some magical date to" get back on track." Mondays were popular once upon a time for me oh then the first of the month. I was telling myself a few weeks ago I'll just wait for September 1st to hit the ground running but something in me said NO HEFFA why put off a lifestyle?!? I have to get rough with myself sometimes! :-)

I often talk about this weight loss being a result of a lifestyle change and therefore there is no need to wait for Monday or the first of the month!!! I think that's my take away message for anyone reading today. Don't put this off. I will check in Saturday but I am expecting to be down at least another 4 pounds since my last Weight Watcher weigh in 3 weeks ago. I am happy because what if weeks ago I went with the feeling of waiting on September 1st to get it together? I'd probably be up 8-10 pounds rather than down 8-10 pounds Right?! For example this weekend I had an AKA event and the food was GREAT it was breaded talapia AND chicken breast with a lemon sauce and green beans and yellow rice drowned in butter! I aint gonna lie I wanted to eat and eat and eat! But I stopped myself. There was a tea before the luncheon as well and I avoided the cookies and cakes and only had 1 chicken salad finger sandwich 1/2 of a small scone and some tea. Instead I spent the time taking pictures and talking with my sorors instead of eating because I knew lunch was coming. But it was interesting to watch people add several sandwiches to their plates over and over and I thought about how I used to act at these kinds of events. I wasn't a big girl who only ate in private lol like a lot of overweight people. While I did do some "closet eating" but I did plenty of public eating as well lol But it was good that I could stop myself and not go overboard. I like that I am aware. I was not judging anyone but I know what its like to not be aware of what you are doing to yourself and this new era of enlightenment is so empowering. The new Regional Director is inspiring she has lost a lot of weight and I can see our pictures through the years and we've both come down nicely. She even had her personal trainer at the event and thanked him! Yes Charles will be getting a shout out at my 'Now that Oprah is gone I rule the world' luncheon!

Usually when I do the right (not necessarily easy but right thing) God sends me confirmation. I am sure you have experienced it as well. It could be a news story or a quote I run into or a conversation I have that says you are on the right track. Well today I was really re-inspired by a high school friend who posted a powerful message about his new weight loss efforts. I was feeling really down because I HATED my Iron Girl pictures. Not disliked BUT HATED them! I don't never hate no pics of myself! lol I'll post them in another post anyhow because it is what it is. I am trying to hold onto the fact that that was still 70-80 pounds lighter than where I was January of 2009 and that is a blessing but I am annoyed with my back tracking. Anyhow I am hoping I twisted his arm enough to blog about his experience as he starts his journey to wellness. I told him as a black man he would be great to be a role model to others because its common for black men to die in their 30s-40s of heart attacks, etc. That's scary! He said he'd think about it. I hope he does it it would be a powerful testimony. He is participating in a bible/spiritual based weight loss program and I think great things are in store!

Speaking of which....Mister has upped his workout game quite a bit! I don't know what has gotten into him! He is still doing the Iron girl race track in Columbia and in fact the only day he missed was when he asked me to go and I flaked :-( bad girlfriend! But he got right back on it! He's off this weekend so we have some active things planned. For those of you in the Maryland area you may find this list of 50 Free Things to Do in Baltimore interesting. We are going to do a few this holiday weekend! The cool thing is they all involve movement of some kind movement whether its walking around a park or a museum or sightseeing! Some of the events have passed but that's OK still plenty to do. Funny Mister asked if I had a list of what we will do prepared lol I told him no we can play it by ear. I am such a planner lol but I am trying to be more flexible. Its so hard when your anal retentive ways work for you but I am trying to be more balanced so we'll see!

What else... well I talked my sister into taking an intro to Italian language and culture class! Its a class at the community college and I can't wait. I have the Mediterranean cruise plans down and this will be a nice reminder that this is a reward for my 50 pounds lost!!! Or a grand total of 119.5 pounds weight loss! That will be sweet!

Last thing-Foodies I had a quick list of what I bought last weekend to help my diet/food issues

Laughing Cow cheese - 35 calories and great flavor I get the plain one and the garlic & herb nice on crackers & sandwiches saves lots of fat and calories!

Trader Joe Tomato Soup- Ok De-lish!!! Its like 2 points per serving and very flavorful! Stay away from the low sodium version lol

Trader Joe Chicken Lime burgers- Don't let the name fool you it isn't a lime-y taste to it but its a good burger!

Trader Joe Multigrain crackers- Ok hummm these were great but some how I guess they want to up the fiber content so I have been picking out branches out of my mouth. Not sure what that's about but its low calories and high in fiber lol Will not be getting anymore I need my eating uninterrupted by bark lol but you may like it. I will find a replacement and update you!

Mister's Dad (a.k.a. POPS!) Gave me some white peaches from the farmer's market!!!! Great juicy snack ok so here's his trick you have to wrap the hard peach up in newspaper and put it in the closet that helps them soften up! Good tip because I hate hard crunchy peaches!

Odwalla Bars- My new staple! I mentioned these before they are high in calories/points because they are meal replacements. I was overeating on Cinnamon toast crunch cereal for like 3 months and this morning I was tempted to get one from work but brought my Odwalla bars instead they are sweet and tasty. I had the chocolate chip peanut butter one. It isn't as good as the banana nut or the sweet &salty almond but still not too bad. Its 4 points and its HEAVY like I been snacking on it since 8am and its 9:30am! Its a hearty bar lol 4 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein. Good stuff!

Eggs-rather than egg beaters or egg whites this time. I been craving boiled eggs lately and so I wanted something versatile.

Louis Rich turkey bacon

Oscar Mayer has a 3 pack of ham, turkey, and Canadian bacon it was 2 for $5 at Giant this week. I tend to stay away from deli meat or at least get it fresh from the deli but this seemed like a good deal.


Boost high protein energy drink its a meal replacement too good for a morning meal or afternoon before the gym. I still like the EAS shakes but these taste better more sugar I am sure but they taste better than Slim fast.

Jiffy peanut butter to go! They made them smaller because the first version was 11 points and I'd easily eat it off this is 6 still high but better portion control!

Andddd a few pink lady apples! Its a cross between a golden delicious apple and another one and its deeee-lish!!! I love them I can't wait for theme very year! Trader Joe's had tote for $2.49 that's a steal!!!

So that was my shopping list! I had a few things already at home tuna in water, veggie and chicken broth, turkey burgers, ground turkey, and beans.

I'll check in with my weigh in results and my workout with Charles gotta get back on that track! Latersssssss!