Thursday, June 8, 2017

Janet is my hero

Wait March.... *counting my fingers* Dang 3 months! My bad. I have been super, stupid busy with lots of other things besides my health... and it shows. I ain't been on... no plan or program... I tried to do a Whole 30 reset for one week I made it like 24 hours...barely. I made it back to the gym for like 3 days and my goal was 30. I've just been too stressed and preoccupied I mean all good things and working on good causes but am I not the best cause to work on? Its like that saying you cant pour from an empty cup. I am running on E.

I'm scattered with too many pots on the fire or however the saying goes... I'm Jamaican so I mix those sayings up. LOL

I am taking a lot of things off my plate. I need time to myself. My diet and workout plan re-starts tomorrow... I am going away on vacation for my birthday to my happy place for a total break. I am taking a sabbatical from social media something I've never done not even with the Lent folks. I'm going to get a tan, swim, eat fresh fruits, meditate, journal, read, sleep and then mid week enjoy time with family. I can't wait. In the mean while... My Goal...


 Eat clean, exercise and journal

Just like my hero Janet Jackson... Janet done lost 50 pounds in 5 months

It sounds soooo easyyyyyy... well mind over matter.. My daily affirmation will be "It is easy..."
And it is if you make time for yourself and your health. I've done it before. 

I don't like the way I feel right now. I feel sluggish and like I'm dragging. Its so silly when I do right, I feel right but this is easy in a way... eating what I want, drinking what I want, doing what I want. But its all about priorities and setting myself up for success. 

I'm done with my pep talk because at the end of the day I know talking only goes so far.