Friday, November 20, 2015

Counting down to Thankgiving

My, my, my time flies! It's almost Turkey day! I know I've neglected this blog and I know I need to keep checking in at least weekly but life has been way too busy... But I think the time from Thanksgiving to the New Year is the most challenging if you are not being mindful! Blogging helps with that for me so I will commit to at least weekly posts!

I'm opting to go back to a Paleo "diet" it's really the best eating plan I've ever done. The only downside is it requires a lot of preparation. It's not technical a bad thing but makes it hard to wing it or decide what to eat in the go.

On the up side you feel soooo good. No bloating or sluggish feeling. I honestly still have not gone back to yogurt. I still like cheese but use it sparingly.

We just got back from our honeymoon in Costa Rica! I ate soooo much rice and peas or pinto de Gallo!! So delish! But my body does not respect carbs lol even my husband said he's never seen me eat that much rice! Lol I happened to lose 6 pounds after the wedding but as of today I'm up 13!!! I swear it dont take much. So I'm back on My Fitness Pal as of today and I did well in terms of food

1fried egg, 4slices bacon and half an apple

Dark chocolate

Chicken stuffed pepper
Saucy shrimp, wedge salad and glass of red wine