Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A long day

My Sponsors
(right to left) Soror Florine, Mary, Me, Margaret, & Alma ~ Circa 2004

Yesterday was a longggggg day. One of my Sponsors and sorority mentors passed away last week and yesterday was her funeral. I met Soror Florine and my other sponsors/mentors when I was working for the Boys & Girls Club & going to law school. They came to do community service programs with us when the children in their program left to come to the programs we began! A close relationship developed; that was 10 years ago. At the time, Soror Florine was the Chairman of The Arts, Soror Mary chaired Education, Soror Margaret chaired The Black Family & Soror Alma chaired the Economic Empowerment committee. As you can see I was "raised right" by some hard working Sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha! At the time there were 5 Program areas and as you can see the women who thought enough of me to bring me to the light...ran four out of the five committees. So when people wonder why I love my AKA its because I saw a good example from these women on what a lifetime commitment to our sisterhood should look like. Words cannot properly express their impact on my life as a soror, woman, and as a member of society always striving to improve my life and the lives of others. The priest yesterday said that Soror Florine was like a fallen branch whose seed spread far and wide and at the end that is what you want; to be able to look back and say "life owes me naught...I've lived my day"
As I stated last time I don't do funerals well. Maybe no one does, but I think its because I have not experienced a lot of death in my family which is a blessing. And maybe its a more selfish reason, death makes you face your own mortality. I mean you go along in life and then all of a sudden someone you know and love is gone. You must take a pause and reflect. But anyhow it was a long emotional day and I didn't work out although I told my personal trainer I would take his class last night. I did spend some time with the Mister and that was nice. While I've never been one to say I don't need a man and I have been single for over a year and consider myself very independent and self reliant but I must say it was nice to have someone to "go home to" and to talk to and just feel cared for sorry no treadmill would make me feel that way yesterday. He's cool.

On a lighter note I am happy to report my home scale had me down 3 pounds already. I am going away and the plan is to go to a Weight Watchers meeting while I am away. Yup that's right. I found a Weight Watchers meeting near my hotel. Its too soon to skip a meeting is my feelings on it so I am going to go. They have an early meeting 7:30 and its only 4 miles from the hotel. I'll be there and back before the roomies wake up. That's the upside to WW they are everywhere!

I need to keep my head in the game. Yesterday I stopped at Cosi for dinner and I ordered the Cosi 1/2 club and tomato soup I swear I could eat that everyday. The soup is so delicious I swear there is meat in there! lol but anyhow I waited FOREVER for that damn food! I was talking to a Soror on my cell phone and even she said something about where did I go for the food and why did it take so long. Anyhow in a effort to be nice... the cashier gave me a cookie to apologize for the long wait. I took it and ate it and now I am calculating my points and well not a good idea lol its turns out to be 11.5 points! Well to be fair that was a damn good 11 points lol Well the day would have been ok but for my late night eating of some Sunday dinner the Mister brought me..mac & cheese, greens, meatloaf, and green beans. Granted I didn't eat all of it but I had a good bit. Total comfort food. My weekly points I already maxed out and I just put yesterday to bed and said the saying I hate most in life 'it is what it is.'

So today is a new day and I start off with Cinnamon Toast crunch... don't judge me (lol) but I avoided the donut that was calling to me. :-) That's all for now!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday's Report

Well went back to the gym on Sunday. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and the 1 hour long Body Combat class. Les Mills is the best! I really enjoy the workout but I can say for certain I felt sluggish in the class. I made it through it and that's the only thing that matters but I see working out has to be a regular routine in my life or it is harder and harder to commit myself to this lifestyle. I did so/so food wise on Sunday. I had a Soror's birthday brunch and it was a buffet. I think this article gives good tips and if I should ever find myself at a buffet in the next 6 months I will use more of these strategies CLICK HERE
I had way too much. As a rule of thumb I avoid situations where I can over do it. I have not been here in over a year so I thought I could handle it but I was wrong so... one more year. I am not kicking myself and I journal ed everything and what it showed me was over eating is a slippery slope for me because then i came home and had 3 of them darn WW oatmeal raising cookies an d milk and trial mix. I wasn't even hungry! But it was "dinner time" and I had to have something. Frustrating. I can't give up an inch. I do understand the body is going to find for the pounds it lost and my brain is not helping so I need to be vigilant about my exercise and not putting myself in situations where temptation to over eat will over come me. So no buffets for a minute. Even if I go to a palce with one I will order from the menu and be done with it. I have a trip coming up and I am goign to find me a Weight Watchers meeting in that place I want to stay on my game and have a good weigh in this weekend regardless!
But that's all for now. Thanks for the positive feedback on the last entry I will do another one soon!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What getting back on track looks like II

I bought a Weight Watchers Points calculator! $11.99 very good since I am on the go. Helpful int he supermarket if I am not sure about points

Blueberries & Blackberries from the produce market $1.99 & 99 cents

Weight Watchers Oatmeal cookies my sister recommended them. They are good but they are small. So this 1 point treat can easily become 2 or 3 points.

Fuze drinks on sale at Giant for $1.00 usually $1.79 I buy the ones that are under 100 calories per serving I may treat myself to the higher calorie ones from time to time. But the Raspberry Cuma Cuma is good 60 calories per serving= 2.5 servings and the Strawberry Melon is good and its 20 calories for the whole thing. So = 0 points!

Egg whites good protein and 0 points good breakfast option

1/4 cup-USE THE CUP! = 3 points

I usually get a trail mix from Trader Joes that is also 3 points but this was on sale at Giant for $1.49 and it taste better to me!

My Chobani Greek yogurt! Its the best it has 14 grams of protein and its thick so it helps to fill you up quickly. I add the 1/4 cup of trail mix to this after the gym. I also add a packet of splenda. I like all the flavors but peach is my fave. It was on sale 4 for $5.00 at Giant

Special K 90 calorie bars -a quick 2 point snack I had it before spinning yesterday

This was all the rage in the WW meeting. Its only 1 point and it taste great they said. As you lose points this "finds" are critical. will try it today and report back!

If you want to share any items feel free to in the comments section I am always looking for new items to add

What getting back on track looks like...

Then (maybe 2001?)

Now... 2010
Above a picture of a picture on display at the going away party. WOW!

Well Saturday was my "rebooting day" according to WW I am up 19.1 pounds since my last visit which was in April by the way. APRIL?! How is that possible? Life has been busy but not that busy. I have been lazy and just straight slacking is all. Anyway I went back and bought a few things at WW like the new magazine & a points calculator. I also went to the supermarket and the produce market for a few items as well. In an effort to share I am posting the pictures in case you wanna know what getting back on track looks like :-)

I made it to the gym and did RPM which is a spinning class. And it was hard as heck! But I needed it. The plan was going to be to stay for step but I was too tired and it was getting too hot outside. I had a cookout later that day for an old friend and former co-worker who is moving away and the Weight Watchers topic was right on point. The message was about how to navigate those kinds of situation successfully. Although I didn't use all the tips I was more mindful. One tip I did use was to eat before I go which I did have a sensible lunch so I wasn't starving when I got there. The other I didn't use but was really good was to bring a board game so the only focus wasn't food. They were playing cards, well spades and I refuse to learn to play that. lol But they were game for Taboo or Scatergories but I forgot to pack them up.
Food wise-I had one plate although I could have gone back for more and a small slice of cake. I had 2 small buffalo wings, 2 meatballs, a spoon of potato salad, and spoon of seafood salad, and green beans in lard... Im saying they are southern lol One error was in taking a plate home although I only took 1 chicken wing 1 leg and 4 meatballs. Most of them have not seen me in 4 or so years so everyone was shocked. I told them I can't fool with them anymore my jeans were tight by the time I had some cake! lol but it was fun and I enjoyed myself. I came home and had the "plate" I called my sister to "confess" and she told you know you can't bring that home. She was right but its done now. A/w yesterday's meals looks like this
Greek yogurt (3), trail mix (3), 4oz baked chicken (4-which I used my scale food to weight!), low fat Italian cheese mix (2points for 1/4 a cup which I used my measuring cup to measure properly), salad dressing (2points 2 -Tbspn which I measured only had 1 btw) and Fuze drinks were on sale had 1 bottle -0 points
Not bad even the cook out wasn't horrible but in tracking my points I see how it can get away from you I had 14 points left and used twice that so I pulled from my activity points and my weekly 35. I was over by 1 point based on the food I had at the cookout and after last night I needed another 10 or so from my weekly. Again a lesson to journal b/c in my mind I would not have calculated that properly at all then I would have wondered why I didnt lose weight! Same thing with the measuring "eye balling" doesn;t work for someone like me I need to use what i know works and measuring cups and spoons work! Ok off my soapbox!
Next entry will have the pics of the things I got too hard to place them properly in this format at the end lol

Friday, June 25, 2010

Taking it from the top...One...Two...One...Two

"Taking it from the" Ok that was the get it together phrase my friend Tovia and I had in law school. Its kinda like Ctrl, Alt, Delete when you need to reboot. Well I need to reboot. I am down 3 or 4 pounds as far as I can tell from the home scale but tomorrow I am going into Weight Watchers to face THE scale. I haven't been in months. Ironically I been pushing everyone to go or go back and I was cold chillin' and eating let's not forget the eating. My master plan was to reboot after my birthday. However I bought and ate 2 pints of Haggen Daz ice cream and just about finished all the cake that was left from my birthday party. I also been really showing off in terms of eating out for lunch. I been out EVERY DAY for the past week and maybe a 2 days. I am someone who always brings lunch even if it is a Lean Cuisine but not lately.. Chinese, Seafood, Founding Farmers fried fish & chips anddd red velvet cake with ice cream! WTH?! CTRL, ALT, DELETE!!! Today I didn't go only because I got caught on the phone when I was about to leave! Sad! Now the bad thing is my clothing isn't getting tight if it was I'd be more pressed but 16 pounds really (on me anyhow) doesn't seem to spread me too far. However I do see that the smaller clothing (size 14/16s) can still fit, they just fit differently. I do see that belly poking out a bit more and what not. I admit it I been chilling and well enough is enough! As far as the last update those plans didn't see the light of day! But tomorrow I am going to Weight Watchers and then the gym for spinning then Step class and get this train back on track!

I can clearly relate some of this to emotional eating because sadly one of my Sponsors (someone who sponsored me into my sorority) passed away this week. I don't really deal with death well...or at all. I have been very fortunate in that I have not experienced a lot of death in my immediate family; thankfully. So I been avoiding those feelings in light of all the good vibes from my birthday. But that isn't a healthy way to deal with loss or disappointment either. So enough of the back tracking and I'll just have to feel the feelings...and make it though without food as crutch. Easier said than done.

All is well on the dating front. We get along well and he had a chance to meet my friends & family at the party. Everyone was on their best behavior :-) its interesting the getting to know you phase and the its time share my space phase are flowing a lot easier than they use to in the past. Imma blame it on age! But he's easy to get a long with and I like that.

Ohhh Team in Training & My Tri- Game is STILL ON!!! ON I SAY! Click Here for my page!! I still need some $10 donations to meet my goal! Ok on the real not a lick of training has been happening I need to go swim this Sunday and get my bike looked at b/c it veers to the left. I am always so last minute so fear not I'll be at the finish line!


Monday, June 21, 2010

35 and all the way LIVE!

1st Birthday Gift from the Mister! Yummy!

35 & All The Way Live Birthday Bashment @ Basignani Winery

33 Is The Age To Be dinner party @ Getrude's in the Baltimore Museum of Art !

Well I am officially 35 years old..and some days! Nice! I had a great birthday party at the Basignani Winery! Had about 40 friends & family members gather to celebrate the awesomeness that is ME! :-) I had a blast! It was a perfect day and everyone had a great time!!! There was great music, great Jamaican food, great people, and great wine! Nothing better in life :-)

On the weight loss & workout front...I been eating & eating & not working out & working out!! Too much foolishness! Working on doing better though and it will fall into place. I have no choice I gave away all the big clothing I owned lol I just need some time to get it together and map out a plan of attack for the next few months! This is not to rest on my laurels but look at my 33rd birthday picture vs. my picture from last week. I see progress! I just need to keep it up. I can't wait tos ee what I will look like at my 40th birthday celebration! A/w I have been super busy with Junior League and work has even gotten really busy so there is always something going on. Dating adds to the mix as well. Trying to make time for someone else can be challenging with my kind of schedule but I am working on that! Mr. Law Enforcement got me a nice Edible Arrangement for my birthday! He said since I was getting back on track :-) Sweet!

Anyway today I will map out my workouts... so far looks like Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. I need to go back to Weight Watchers on Saturday morning too and face the scale and maybe that will spark my full on renewal to my healthy lifestyle!

That's all for now!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

20...full stop

Well tomorrow is my birthday :-) I am soooo looking forward to it! I planned a nice party and I am going to enjoy my night... just me & Jesus! In case you missed it click this link ~~~> Jesus is a June baby! June 17th to be exact!!!
A/w I went to my Doc today and I am up 20 pounds YIKES! I know I been carrying on bad for a minute! I am back on it gonna go hard and keep doing what i know works.. Back to WW on Saturday! Had my trainer on Monday and I am hella sore! Its all good though! Living & learning!!! Anyhooooooo birthday pictures to follow!!! :-)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On de' road!

June 2010
Well had a great trip back to Trinidad! Baby sis graduated from Vet school and the whole "nuclear" (phun intended) family was in attendance! Not the same as Carnival but not complaining. I know I didn't workout as much and had a lot of food! I need to get it togetherrrrr but I am not going to beat myself up too badly. I took a lot of pics as I normally do and I am gonna pause for the cause and say job well done. A little more work to do but I found a "before picture" and all I can say is what a difference 17 months with less food and more exercise can make!
June 2010 -Trinidad on the way to Maracas Beach

Jan 2009 - At the Grand Canyon

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rest Day

Well yesterday ended up being a much needed rest day! Traffic was kinda heavy and I was sooo tired so anyhow I was late for spinning so skipped the gym. I had my first Board of Directors for the Junior League the night before (Tuesday night) and it went until about 9pm and then I jetted! I hate that I can't socialize afterwards but my commute makes that impossible! Then I got home and I was too wired to sleep. I ended up talking to my sister for over an hour and didn't fall asleep until midnight only to be back up at 5am for work...Not good. So its ok...4 days was a a good come back!
Tonight I have a date with Mr. Law Enforcement :-) going to go to dinner & a movie since I am going away this weekend. Looking forward to it and of course I still need to pack :-) but what do I need? A dress, a bathing suit, shorts and two or 3 tops oh and undies...done! lol Can't wait for the get away
! Have a great weekend!
Pics will follow!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

4 days and counting!

Well I am happy to report I am back on track 4 days in a row! Tonight the plan is to do spinning as well. A quick re-cap

Saturday- Socarobic, Zumba, & personal Trainer

Sunday- Body Combat

Tuesday- Body Pump (Workout Date :-) & Personal Trainer

Whew! It was great! I am so glad I like working out! I get a really big sense of accomplishment when I am done. I know Oprah always says she hates to workout I don't, its a great feeling to me! I was telling my trainer that I looked back over the fall when I was having so much success and realized I was easily getting in 10 hours of exercise A WEEK! That's a lot but the results were evident. It really wasn't stressful either so my goal is to get back there and look this week already I am at 8 hours and its only Wednesday! Granted this was a holiday weekend and that allowed for 2 extra classes on Monday morning but there is still plenty of time between 2 gyms and a treadmill at home to get that in!

Thankfully the scale is moving back down! Its about 3 pounds less buttt I still got a way to go but I had a very successful shopping trip for my 35th Birthday Bashment dress. Two words Nicole Miller *swoon* oh and Size 10 *double swoon* I may hunt down a size 12 b/c the store only had a size 10 and that JUST fits with the right spanx (lol) but we'll see it might work as is! And I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the bragging rights of wearing a smaller size for my 35th birthday than I did for my 30th birthday is not a factor :-) Hey I am only human! And a girl!

What else ohhh finally had my workout date with Mr. Law Enforcement. We did some time on the treadmill and then took Body Pump together. He's never taken that class I am not sure if he will again either lol but it was fun. Anyhow that's all for now!