Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome September!

Where did the summer go? I can't believe its September! How terrible to see time fly on one hand but how exciting it is to welcome a new month! I need a fresh start! I just feel so ill prepared to proceed! LOL

Well the scale has been creeping back up slowly. I gained 6 pounds in like 2 weeks WTH?! I can be honest and say I have been busy and eating out and eating pretty much anything I want. I have not journaled and I have been sporadic at best with my workouts. The one thing I always say is my body is obedient if I get it together it'll come off but when I let loose its a free for all and the pounds come back with a vengeance. This summer my initial goal was to lose weight but it became apparent too much was going on and my focus wasn't where it needed to be so I am putting on the brakes! Summer is over back to business.

Today was a good day 1 I went on My Fitness Pal and logged in my food and I have four goals for September:

#1- Lose 5 pounds
#2- Exercise every day (even if it isn't hardcore 3 back to back workouts just some form of intentional exercise!)
#3- Drink 60 oz of water daily
#4- Plan my meals!

And I think these are doable. And not to make excuses but its been a stressful month some serious tragedies to people near and dear to me, an Earthquake in DC while I was a work, Hurricane Irene (thank God it was only a lot of rain for me and I didn't lose power or anything), I am teaching three classes, some work related drama, and it just been a lot. Food has always been my go to stress reliever and that is a habit I need to work on breaking one meal at a time. Some days I won some days I lost.

I am where I was May 16 when I went to my Doctor so that puts me at 23 pounds vs. 17 to goal and I am not ok with that but I just have that as a starting point to work with this fall. Still a long way from where I was January 2009 so I'll keep pushing.

On the dating front things are going well with the guy I mentioned meeting at the Beres Hammond concert. Its only been *gulp* less than a month but we have a really nice connection/vibe. I am glad I cleaned my dating slate a few weeks before even though it was just to take a mental break from dating all together but I guess God has something else in mind. We've been on 5 dates in 20 days that's bananas lol but I like it! So the story is to be continued!

Today's exercise is as follows: Eddie for Spin class. Period!

Friday: I am seeing (we'll call him the Beres Fan or BF for short) Cardio & weights at the Gym

Saturday: swimming & walking

That's all for now! I will share my new vision board soon!

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