Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dying for Chocolate and hot buttery popcorn…

I am dying for some chocolate and hot buttery popcorn…

The nerve right? Been MIA for forever and my return post is a Foodie craving confession! Yup that’s about right!

So much has been going on I don’t even know where to begin! Well for the title! I was sitting here texting back and forth with my Mother and immediately I had the urge to go buy some chocolate! Identifying triggers has always been something I did AFTER the fact so I am glad that when the feeling hit I registered it and did some deep breathing!

I fought the urge earlier to get lasagna from the cafeteria and stick with my bagged lunch which was peppercorn chicken and my now Facebook famous cabbage bake!

 I swear its like every minute it’s a battle! I know I shouldn’t claim that but that’s what it feels like...like a series of mini test and I am walking a tight rope.

I went back to Weight Watchers and I’ve actually gained weight lol I shouldn’t lol but I swear who does that?

I did better with getting back on track but its like 2 great steps forward then I backslide! Like Monday I went to do some community service and I made sure I had a hearty breakfast of steele cut oats, I took a pear, and some pistachios, had water, then we went out to eat afterwards and I got a bacon cheeseburger, season fries, and a pancake (yes just one I shared the other one with someone else)! My mind said you are at a diner go for it! SMH!

I am doing a daily gratitude post on Facebook and last week I posted about gaining four pounds in a week and I know why because I can’t do like everybody else the scale is quick with me! Likewise if I do right I don’t really plateau like other folks either.

So that is a good thing.

I know I didn’t mediate, journal my feelings, exercise, plan my meals, or do anything to lose or even maintain my weight so the four pounds was a reminder. A few days later I was back down on the scale by doing a handful of right things like journaling and exercising. I felt good about that!

Well its Tuesday and I feel like I am walking a tight rope. Every minute is a choice. And one of the things I learned which is very powerful is every right choice I make, makes me stronger in this journey. So its like working out the more cardio I do the better cardio endurance I have. My appetite and my mental fortitude, are like muscles so I have to keep strengthening them to win and lose weight consistently.

So today I had several mini victories
1)      Steele cut oats for breakfast
2)      An apple for a snack
3)      64 oz of water already
4)      A healthy lunch
5)      Fruit and pop chips over chocolate and hot buttery popcorn  

I teach tonight but I would be so bad azz if I went to the gym after work! I am not sure if I have workout clothing in my car but I will check, and I will check back to let you know what I did!!!

I want to thank everyone for their support! I have gotten a few emails recently form readers and I appreciate the support so much! ;-)

 Like I said its been crazy busy but here are a few pics of what I've been busy doing!!

Christmas Bruch with my Sorors!

MLK Day of Service

AKA International Vice President
Got a lil partying in
Volunteering at the Maryland Food Bank for MLK Day..A Day ON and not off! Whew!
Sorors were generous!
And got a workout in
AKA's International Founders day in Bmore Lead on sorting over 10,000 items!

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