Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Motivation

My Motivation

Well its Day 3 of the 8 week Extreme Brickover Challenge and I am doing great!!! Granted its only 3 days but I’m still gonna sangggg about it! :-)

Last night was a test! I went to work early but left late and those of you that have been around know I live in Maryland and work in DC and it is a hell of a commute. I was trying to employ the same mental tactic that I did on Tuesday morning! Well its more of a mantra but basically I keep saying get up and workout before your mind figures out what you are doing! So I was trying to drive fast to Chizel It and say get to the gym before your mind figures out what you are doing lol

I often talk about the mind…its tricky… it can be your greatest assets or your greatest liability. I often start my mornings out with positive quotes and some people think I am jumping up out of bed singing with the bird!

No ma’am! I am trying to pump myself up! Now I like the fact that when I do post something on Facebook or on twitter other people feel me but truth be told I do that for me!

The mind will tell you to sleep in when your pants are too tight to wear! The mind will say go have that double scoop of ice cream when you are busting out of a dress you just got a few months ago! The mind will tell you to skip the gym after you had Micky Ds and the very least you could do it burn off a few of those extra calories! That’s what the mind will do IF you don’t beat it into submission! Yeah I said it!

My WW leader often tells us stories about the little devil and the little angel that sits on her shoulder and will whisper in her ear. Same concept. She talked about that last week in fact; she was telling us about being up late on the computer and her husband came home with a bag of trail mix he bought by the dock in Baltimore (lol yeah I know!) She said it has nuts, (ok), raisins (alright), banana chip (welllll…ok I guess), then there’s M&Ms and peanut butter cups!! Ok so not the normal healthy trail mix one would think.

So Joann tells us she knew she didn’t have no business eating at 11pm at night and certainly not eating that but the little devil whispered in her ear “Psstt Joann…. You can have some of that…It has nuts!”
Then the angel came by and said “No no don’t you eat that!”
Lil Devil “Its healthy just eat around the chocolate!”  

Next thing she knew she ate the WHOLE bag and wasn’t even hungry! And had he husband looking at her sideways because she ate ALL of HIS snack! LOL

I been there! I still visit from time to time and that’s ok because I am not looking to be perfect! But I realized I need something more than that $100 to motivate me properly to stay on track for 8 weeks and it came to me!

When I was in Vegas I saw this and fell in loveeee! (see below) The picture doesn’t do it justice but trust me… Ok forget me trust Tiffany’s its beautiful! So if I win any of top 3 prizes its going in an account to buy this!!! The Return to Tiffany Diamond Heart Tag & Charm

Last night I took my tired butt to Chizel it and did Couch to 5 k, Zumba (a few minutes anyhow), the elliptical, and then lifted weight, AND THEN went back on the treadmill! I did 84 minutes on A HUMP DAY! YEAHHHHH BUDDY! Well they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend so I need my BFF!

Tonight-Couch to 5 K, Chizel It class, & some Sorors are doing Hot Yoga I plan to join them
Friday- Couch to 5 K
Saturday is a travel day I really don’t know if I can get anything in but I will be in a hotel maybe I can slip into the gym on lunch? We’ll see
Sunday- Spinning & Body Pump

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. It made me think that I need a weight loss journal.