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Keep Calm and Love The Life You Live!

That's the motto!
Well I have been a bad bad blogger... I apologize but life has...all together now...been sooo busy!!! Right! What is new!? Well I have millions of updates MILLIONS but I will narrow it down to three!

FIRST! My 37th Birthday was AWESOMMEEEEE!!!! I am SOOOOOO grateful for my life and not just the fun times but literally for my life. The end of 2011 up until..well last week I have experienced a lot of death family members, friends, sorors. Some as young as 32 some as seasoned as in their 80s. I really can’t tell you how sobering it is for me to lose all these people back to back to back. I've been to more funerals in the last 6 months than in my entire life!

Its just renewed my belief in celebrating life and living my best life ever. So in keeping with that I picked an adventure themed birthday weekend which included white water rafting! I am awesome! Yup I said it!

Wisp Resort so peaceful!

View from our room!

My Birthday Goodie bag for my guests :-)

The girls!
I along with some friends and my Bobbie Christina went to Deep Creek, Maryland on the Saturday before my birthday and stayed at the Wisp Resort in McHenry. The Whitewater rafting took place at Adventure Sports Center International.  From Baltimore its less than 2 hours and it is a picturesque trip. The five of us road along our merry way and got there in no time! I had a whole itinerary planned out (which none of them read by the way!) and we were going to do the ski lift and hike back down but it didn’t look operational and to be honest the five of us are busy career women and I think we were so taken by the beauty of the place we just went to the restaurant and opted to enjoy the beautiful scenery and each other’s company! We even skipped dinner got to bed at a decent time because we... ok I... went on youtube looking for whitewater rafting videos and I was getting a lil scared lol But it was too late to punk out now!

I came up wit the idea from a friend who went a few years ago and I thought what a great idea but at my highest weight I couldn’t really imagine doing that so set it as a goal threw it up on a vision board and when I began this blog I thought of all the things I could do with this new body and I posted a few on the poll and I am checking each item off  1) Hot Yoga – √ 2) Indoor rock climbing-√ 3) hiking-√, anddd now white water rafting-√

Here are a few pictures! And as my life would have it I was the ONLY one to end up in the dang gone water lol The 15 minute this is what to do if you fall out the boat message basically was “Keep Calm” so when I saw the Keep Calm & Love the Life You Live poster it seemed like a perfect fit! :-)

 I had a blast!!!  It was a great getaway and I would do it again in a second! I actually won two free white water rafting passes at my Sorors’s nonprofit’s annual fundraiser Hand in Hand Baltimore! As my life would have it I lost the certificates :-( I called the and even though they couldn't find it in the system they let me book the trip anyway! Of course I found it last week so I plan to scan and email the kind woman who believed me! The ASCI set up is great and our guide was awesome! I have been convinced to start a travel blog so I will put more details there on how it all works, cost, etc. In the meantime here are some pictures!

Anddd we're off!

See how I am no where to be found?!?

#2 Non stop eating-Conference recap

Last week I had a two day conference in Baltimore! It was awesome! Ok the conference was just ok but the commute was awesome! I was back to my 20 minute door to door commute what a difference that made in my life! I love my job but the commute is horrible because I spend a good 3.5 hours four days a week just getting to and from work! On a good day. If it rains forget it! Anyway I used the extra time to hit the gym and pack snacks I was so prepared for the carb loaded stuff they had there! I was proud of myself!

One thing I noticed was I eat nonstop. Literally. ALL. DAY. It stood out because we were sitting in rows and while others were taking notes or texting nonstop I kept eating nonstop!  lol Now the items were low cal or healthy items I accounted for point wise but it just made me realize when I am NOT mindful of what I am eating that is how the calories add up so quickly!  I work with someone who is very very thin and I guess because I am always looking at food and weight/sizes I notice she eats non stop all day too but its like shredded wheat and carrots. :-/ Boo! When I really get into something work wise I eat non stop and I don’t usually pay attention to what it is.

I know this was true in law school and I know that contributed to my weight gain because of the stress. I don’t know the take away other than I understand I use food for stress and as I work on reducing that I need to be mindful of what I am snacking on. Stick with zero point fruits and veggies or be mindful of the portions of the other types of snacks I keep around. I went shopping for stuff because I didn’t want to be at the mercy of the vending machines and that worked well.

Conference stash didnt have half of it but better safe than sorry!

#3  The Set Point and Switching Up workouts – Percor and Stairmaster

I was watching Discovery health and they had a special about obesity and the effects of the body and they began discussing the Set Point Theory and it reminded me of the fact that I can’t do what others do and lose weight. My set point is higher and my body will fight me to keep it there out of self preservation. My body doesn’t know that I am still overweight. I went back and did more research again and it was a good reminder that while my set point may be higher than what I want I can beat my body into submission. It sounds cruel and abusive however it is what must be done. That was why Charles was so critical when I lost weight in 2009-2010 he kept switching up my workouts. My body had to keep guessing and building muscle helps to speed up my metabolism which is key in re-setting your body’s set point.

I posted something on the article that basically said this information was liberating to me because I spent a lot of time beating myself up about not having enough self control and motivation to lose weight but its deeper than that its biological. Knowledge is power. So I am jumping out of my box while Charles is in transition (he is closing his gym this month) so I tired some new machines and my goodness is my body responding. I feel good. Stronger. Leaner. I set a goal earlier this year to lose 44 pounds by the end of the year I am already 10 pounds in! Leaving 33 to go! More info on Setpoint can be found. As I said on the board it goes under the file of life isnt fair but its good to know. I wont lose 5 pounds in a week like others b/c my body will crave high calorie/fat food to feel safe at its set point so I have to ride it out and workout hard. Or don't! My choice.

Da Beast!

I have also been obsessive over my calories/points because a piece of cheesecake will add 5 pounds to me while my body is fighting to get back at its higher weight and in someone else it will have no impact. So as I have been out and about traveling, partying, and socializing I am being overly critical of portions and options. I lost 2.4 after July 4th that’s a huge victory! I had bites of a few things and didn’t over do it. Same at my Aunt’s 75th birthday dinner which was held at Pine Bar & Grill in the Bronx. The food was great but the portions were huge! A few bites and pushed the plates away! It helped that my dress was so cute and I didn’t want anything poking out that shouldn’t be ;-) But honestly the first bite and the 25th are the same except the calories.

On my way to my Aunt's 75th Bday dinner!
The beautiful birthday girl a two time brain cancer suvivor! She's amazing! 75 years young!

My fave Doc and Cuz all the way from JA!

My Cuz cuz (aka second cousin!)

White Sangria!

Pine Bar & Grill very nice! The BX!

I had another birthday for Soror and the restaurant's portions are crazy huge I went in knowing I would take food home and it’s a 2 for 1 dinner and lunch the next day. Blue Dolphin is great though! Just not diet friendly without self control :-)

All in all life is good! My workouts are back on track. I am glad I am not someone who hates working out I do get a great sense of self satisfaction when I compete a workout!  

My heart rate monitor has been key! I stopped using the new one it was low balling me! I think my old one with the new strap may be a lil high but its closer to the online calculators so I am going with that. My goal isn’t to eat any of them anyway so its all good!

Oh I also joined Black Girls Run Baltimore! I will do another post on that! I heard about it from Mimi and she has a workout blog I have mentioned before Again not a huge fan of walking or running but it works! It’s a cool group and some of my friends 10+ years joined me last Saturday to do it! It was about a 5 miler! Whew~!

The pink BGR  pom pom I am legit now!

Last week I went to the Baltimore Farmer’s Market and got some great stuff! I spent like $25 and good tons of veggies and fruits! They taste so clean and pure! Love it! I know I still owe yall a Farmer’s Market post and I will get it done soon promise!! Last week was their 35th Anniversary so there were a lot of people including the Mayor who is looking gooodddd and thinnnnn! I saw her in Annapolis at a sorority event and I was so shocked I gave her a high 5! It was good to see she was still holding on tight to her results! Awesome!

That's all for now! Ok a few more pics from the shenanigans over the past few weeks!
Keep Calm and Love The Life You Live!

At the July 4th Baltimore NPHC Day Party

SkeePhi- Rho Xi Omega's event with the Alphas

Vegas baby!!!!

Birthday Cigars! Yes I am GROWN!

My Birthday Happy Hour!

My chapter Sorors!

Life is good!
If you are keeping track I am back to being 75 pounds down! :-)
That's like the size of a 1st or 2nd grader! I didnt really appreicate that last time so I need to celebrate!

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