Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beating my body into submission...

Ok in an effort to stay current I wanted to talk about the last few days. Well when I last left you all I was feeling good and on track. And for the record I still am. I have had some really great workouts in fact I have worked out everyday since Saturday! Including last night when I had 2 Junior League meetings to go to! I know right?! And let me just say a word about my Junior League of Baltimore leadership team! I put it out there that I HAD to go to the gym last night and before I got started on my presentation the President said and I know you have to get to the gym so we will not keep you too long!

I don’t get the warm and fuzzies over a lot of things but I must admit that I really felt…supported… by that statement. I have been in other settings where my workout schedule or my food choices were…well dealt with differently and I had to actually pause and be grateful for that. I gave my report, got some great feedback, had some wine…and got outta there! The benefit is there is a Lynne Bricks gym at the corner but I opted to drive to the one closer to my home because I didn’t want to stay downtown too late. Well I ended up calling them and they stayed open till 9:30pm which was news to me because I never workout at night! It was about 8pm and I made it there by 8:30pm and there were like 3 or 4 other women there. Needless to say I had my choice of workout equipment but I quickly avoided the Stairbeast lol and opted for Lippy (aka The Elliptical!)

WOW what a new day it is when Lippy is the lesser of two evils lol

Anyhow I did 35 minutes and took my tired butt home!

This is that tipping point in my set point. I can feel it. I am craving all kinds of crazy things like cupcakes… and as the devil would have it who do I spot yesterday when I was catching my late bus! Pinky the Curbside Cupcake truck! I mean seriously! I haven’t seen that damn pink truck in like 50 years ok like 5 months and of allll days it comes creeping and to MY bus stop?!? *kissing my teeth* And my bus was late!

But I resisted temptation!  Ok and the bus came… :-) LOL

Anyhoo I am back to training with Charles starting tomorrow! I mentioned in passing he closed his gym L So in an effort to keep his clients on the healthy path he worked out a free 30 day gym membership with my other gym (yes I have only 2 gyms it was 3 but Krav Maga is on hold for the moment) Anyhoo he is teaching his Chizel it class on Mondays and Wednesday at one location and Monday evenings at the other. So on Monday I did A "2 A Day!" Yes 2 workouts in one day! Whew! I think that will be my Monday norm from now on.

I am burning lots of calories at least according to my old heart rate monitor! My new one seems to clock almost half as many. Yes one day I wore them both. I don’t know what to do! I think one is too low and one may be too high! What’s a girl to do! The rule of thumb for Weight Watcher is 100 calories for 10 minutes so in 60 minutes on average the average size person would burn 600 calories. Everything has a margin of error so I guess the best thing to do is stay within my calories and workout consistently and it will pay off!

I have been logging into My Fitness Pal every day for 45 days now! Yeaaahhh me and I have been more active on boards and in groups. I was telling someone last night that I have to really immerse myself in the weight loss culture to stay focused. Birds of a feather I guess. So that’s what I have been doing.

But my body and mind are totally conspiring against me! I woke up yesterday morning craving steak! I don’t even like steak! I ended up having breakfast vs my normal Atkins protein shake and I had a fried bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and do you know when I counted up the calories HALF of the sandwich (which is what I had) was almost 500 calories! I used to eat them like almost daily! Gheeshhh that’s just breakfast!

I know I am not one of those people who can say she doesn’t know WHY she gained weight or stayed heavy for so long. I like to eat! I enjoy food, fat, greasy, rich, flavorful foods! I just have to make better choices! Or like yesterday not have as much. First bite, 25th bite same thing except the calories.

Like last night after the gym it took EVERYTHING in me not to stop for a cookies and cream milk shake! Mind you the Chick-fila milk shake is like 800 calories! I had to speed by the shopping center! To make matters worst I guess I just didn’t realize how many fast food or other food places there are on my way home from the gym! I had to drive by all of these:
Burger King
Famous Dave’s
Noodle & Company
Five Guys
2 Italian Restaurants
At least three Chinese Restaurants

And I know I am forgetting a few! I only live like 7 miles from my gym and 3 miles are nothing but houses oh and a cornfield! That’s crazy! Right?!

So I did break and stop for a small bag of sour cream and onion chips and as my luck would have it I am wearing my gym clothes of course and it was a tshirt I got from a fitness event that says on the front “Don’t Just Exist” so the clerk goes “Ok I won’t just exist then but ughh what does the back say…”

In my head I said “NEWMAN” Here I am coming from the gym at almost 9 pm at night stopping off for chips wearing a shirt that says “Don’t Just Exist” on the back reads “Be Fit”


So needless to say I turned around... and I turned red… and said “Ha well ignore the junk I am buying now ha ha ha!” So without judgement he proceeds to tell me about his new apartment and they have a gym and the first day he could only run less than a mile and he went again yesterday and was about to do 2.8 miles! So I said “That’s great! In no time you’ll be ready for the half marathon!” He smiled and I walked out with my sour cream and onion shame!

I mean ONLY ME! It’ll be good for the book though lol

Anyyyhoooowww I am dragging energy wise b/c I am still behind on taking my iron pills and I am feeling it today. I guess with all the working out and calories cutting and another natural thing the body does is it makes you feel more sluggish and tired as it tries to hold on to dear life to the stored fat cells. So I gotta push through and take my darn iron pills!

Well no real weight loss updates YET! But at least I have been consistent within a pound or two so hoping for a break through shortly! J

I am headed to the gym tonight for spinning and I am debating going to the Beres Hammond concert. I am debating going becauseee I don't want to run into "Beres Fan" b/c more than likely he will be there. Oh we had it out one last time and for real this time I am done. No hard feelings but its just not what I want and vice versa. I am ok with that. I'll have more dating updates in a few weeks! For now all is quiet and well. *Exhaling*

Be back soon!


  1. Wow Cylia

    Temptations n cravings but you are fighting them cool lady.
    Keep up the good work, stay focused on the goal healthy you.