Friday, August 3, 2012

A Hot Commodity

Well somehow it is August 2012! I don't have a clue where the time has gone but what i will say is I am having an absolute BLAST!!!

 I had a lot of things going on over the past two weeks (I know what’s new) but the biggest of which was my sorority’s conference in San Francisco! I have been to SF a few times but never like this! Once was work related the other two times I was a kid so its almost as if it doesn’t count! But this trip?! This was full on GROWN WOMAN B.I. (that’s short for business I think!)

There’s really way too much to write about but the highlight was the Golden gate bridge walk/run! About 30 of my sorority sisters and I did a 5k plus lol its 1.7 miles across one way J Goodness what fun!! What commitment!  Because it was cold as heck! LOL Bt we did it! I am such an AKA and gift geek I got commemorative pins made and gave them out! Sorors loved it!!! J

I will post some pics and stuff below there was a lot of wine gorgeous Sonoma and Napa Valley! I mean I love to travel overseas but goodness know the good Ole US of A has got to be one of the most beautiful paces on the planet as well!

Well I also neglected to update you on my dating coach/matchmaker I mentioned thinking about doing it and well I put my money where my mouth was and did it. The first session's feedback was great and I have “homework” so I will keep you posted on that progress!

I did a networking event last night called a "Plus 1 Happy Hour" at Phaze 10 and it went well. The concept is that you invite about 10-15 people you know then ask them to invite one other person. The only catch is no one else can know them. Its a way of expanding your network and meeting other people. Simple and easy right?  Soooooo tell em why only one person brought a legitimate Plus 1 with them? I know I am a rules person but this did not seem like a hard concept to ask a friend or co-work to join you for a 2 for 1 Happy Hour drink downtown on a Thursday. And the one person who did bring a legit Plus One seemed like they were on  a date so it was kinda hard to encroach upon them but at least he did it lol

Sooooo that meant I had to meet my own new people... and I did six inf act three where the owners and the others were three random guys at the bar.  See I got into a really good relationship conversation with random  guy #1 and one of the guys I invited. It was something made for tv for real! The good thing is guys can catch it as bad a women in this game and not that, that made me feel better but it made me feel..normal. Dating, relationships, etc. is not  walk in the park and choosing wisely is the best course of action.

Part of my matchmaker homework is narrowing down my deal breakers/wants/needs based on what I with Paul's help that I identify as my top three values. He pushed me to identify my top three  after giving him a list of 10--No fair! A/w they were
#1-Sense of humor
#2- Caring for others
#3- Being committed or passionate about something that will improve or add value to the world.

Who knew I was THAT deep? lol Bottom line if someone doesn't match those three they gotta go. And in looking at past relationships I see why we didn't "fit" if those things are important to me I need someone who respects that and lives their lives accordingly.

All good things to actually know and think about I am going to work on my list for out next sessions and we will see. One other good thing he told me was I actually meet more men and date more than the average person lol well shoot I guess that's good considering there were years that went by when I didn't date at all!

I am a hot commodity!

I met some new people and one guy called me a hot commodity because I was 37,  educated, single, never been married, and I have no kids. I laughed and asked him really? I mean I think I am the best but its nice to hear accolades from others :-) I have to run but I wanted to brag and say I worked out everyday I was away and lost 1.2 pounds! I see collar bones yall!!

Have a great weekend!

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