Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The BGR Little Black Dress Challenge!

I know I have been MIA for a longgg time! But I am back and I hoped yall missed me :-) Sadly I had a minor or what should have been a minor procedure that turned into a nightmare! Thank God I am ok and for the most part back to 100%

I hope you all have been well! I had a great Christmas with friends and family and I am looking forward to the new year! I hope you all had a great holiday too and are looking forward to all that 2013 has to offer! I had a really amazing 2012 and I am working on other aspects of my journey as I have often said this is a mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical journey.

I found a new church home. I am really excited about what I am learning and how I am growing at New Psalmist Baptist Church.

I won a big award I am very proud of that was given by The Daily Record. The award is called Leading Women and it identifies women age 40 or younger for the tremendous accomplishments they have made so far in their career. We were judged on professional experience, community involvement and a commitment to inspiring change.

Oh the health and fitness front I am feeling good. I had a great workout this week. I did everything from Spinning to Extreme Kickboxing to Swimming!! I know right!!!

I felt really inspired to jump back into my workouts because of the Black Girls Run: Baltimore~ Little Black Dress Challenge! So the group leader posted the idea of this challenge and I loved it!  The goal is to find a dress (either buy a goal dress or dig one out from your closet) that doesn't fit the way you would like it to right now and take picture of it (or you in it) and post it to the group and then we will have a "reveal" date in the spring to see how far we have come to reaching that goal! I have two nice black wrap dresses that kinda fit but if I could lose these 20 pounds they would be perfect!

So I got to making a Vision Board!!! So as you can see I plan to put in some WERK!!! I placed my goals on the board and so far so good! I have done 2/3 days of walk/jog run goal, I did Hot yoga on Sunday, I am drinking my water, praying daily and journaling more. I am getting on my clean eating and weight lifting next week.

My vision boards are like my children so I try not to pick favorites but I must say I realllllyyyyy love this board a lotttttttt!!!! :-)

Well its back to the lab a.k.a. the gym tonight I plan to do spinning and 30 minutes on the treadmill!

I packed my breakfast, lunch, and even snacks! Its only 10am and I already had 32 oz of water and I am working on my second serving! Oh and I am going to work on my new affirmations for 2013 based on the Joyce Meyer book "Change Your Words, Change Your Life"

Today is a good day!!! I'll check back soon!


  1. I use to go to that church, they have some good services. Congratulations on the award and good luck with the competition!