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St John, Insanity, Dating, & other things I said I wouldn't do!

My First SJ

Well the fall is full of lessons about saying what you won't do! LOL

#1) SJS~ for the longest time I said I would not be a St. John Soror! In my Sorority St. John Suits seem to come along with the membership card! I am not a fan of knit attire and I love me some Jones New York and Calvin Klein! They are sharp and more forgiving for more figures lol BUT I took the plunge and got in on the St. John action! I went to another chapter's anniversary luncheon and it seemed like the perfect time to wear it! I really liked the way it all came together and well 2 weeks ago when I lost the 10 pounds it zipped (lol) and it is...a size...10! Now I am guessing because its knit it is even more forgiving and I shouldn't be so judgy about it! Either way I liked it and got lots of compliments! :-) I'll be investing...because theya re an investment in a few more...So never say never lesson #1

#2) Insanity until a few minutes ago when my coworkers proved me wrong I thought EVERYONE knew what Insanity is! So needless to say when I told my co-workers I started Insanity this morning...they looked alarmed! Ahhh lawyers! So I had to explain what it was! Sooo in case anyone else out there doesn't know about Insanity its (well to steal from their facebook page)  Personal trainer Shaun T will push you past your limits with 10 workout discs packed with plyometric drills on top of nonstop intervals of strength, power, resistance, and ab and core training moves. No equipment or weights needed. Just the will to get the fittest body you've ever had.

Well I am not a fan of working out at home! So I said for a longgg time I would never get these DVDs or P90X because I hate working out at home! Wellllll I changed my mind. Maybe one too many nights being up late and seeing the infomercial got me but I said this week you know what?! I want to try Insanity! A friend of mine let me borrow his and I began a 5 Week to Thanksgiving Fitness Challenge with my Sorors and some other friends and I said let me start on the same day.

I regained the 10 pounds (pus 3) I lost while I was sick and man does 10 pounds make a difference!!! When you have lost so much like I have from 1999-2003, you really forget that 10 pounds is a lot! The picture I posted yesterday and the one from last week I see it!!! So I want it back!

So this morning around 5am I woke up and went to my living room and tried to get this party started! Well low and behold I realized I have not used my DVD player in yearsss and the darn thing wouldn't open! LOL I pressed buttons, tapped it, tried to pry it open with my nails but it wouldn't open! I have no idea what happened! So I said well maybe I will just wait and follow the guide they give you and start on Monday but I said no that's the devil and I already told everyone I was starting today!

I went back to my bedroom where I have a VHS/DVD combo machine and I had to figure out how to open it too! Then how to play it and I couldn't find the remote! Where could the remote be? Picture me at 5 am HOT and MAD because I am too careless to put the darn remote on top of the TV! It came to me that I might have it in my night stand and there it was! After moving my bed out the way lol I was ready!!!

So here's what went down with the Fit Test

Day 1 fit test -
65 switch kick
40 power jacks
85 power knees
33 power jump
9 power squats
7 suicide jumps
35 push ups on knees (no push up jacks)
23 Low plank knees

I aint gonna lie I was impressed with my darn self! I was pretty close to where the demo people started! I know working out with Charles has me in good cardio shape even if I don't wear a size 6! Some of the moves were too hard for me, so I had to modify them especially the last two!

I left my heart rate monitor in my car and I was not braving the cold for it but I found this calories burned calculator on line and it says at my weight I burned 410 calories in the 30 minutes! Not bad!

The drills were hard but the moves were nothing new between training with Charles , having done Krav Maga, and  Les Mills classes! So I will be excited to see where I will be in 2 weeks with them! I most def'ly worked up a sweat in a short amount of time! So tomorrow will be day #2!

#3) Dating... I said I wasn't gonna date this fall...not because I don't want to but...because I wanted to focus on suck and get on my nerves. LOL

I know, I know its not what people do it's your reaction to what they do is what matters yadda yadda yadda. I am burnt out on dating and meeting new people and hearing new stories and the like. But I mentioned I met someone and it seems he is in the same "space" dating fatigue space and so we are speaking and getting to know one another and have planned 2 dates 2 weeks in a row and they haven't panned out. :-/

I don't like that. I said and he agreed because we are in that place there is low to no pressure and I do like that but I am human. If I am anticipating a date and it doesn't pan out its disappointing. And disappointments are deadly for me because I know I am an emotional eater. So I am left with what to do...again stakes are low but are stakes ever really that low in matters of the heart? Ahhh what's a girl to do!? I've had great convos before and things don't go anywhere...which in some respects is fine because my constant prayer is if he isnt the one for me move him out the way quickly. I may need to flip the script and say don't send anyone not for me my way lol cut out the in between time lol

On the plus side, it is a chance to really get to know him and vice versa. He does ask some really great questions. Really great questions about my goals, my friends, etc... And he is funny which is critical but what can I say only time will tell and worst case I gain a friend :-)

You should know in my head I am really saying I have enough friends lol but that would be rude to say out loud lol

#4) Under the title "Other Things I said I Wouldn't Do"~ Early morning shopping! As I have mentioned before I live 66 miles from my office so I am a commuter! I like to go in early so I can come home early! But this morning I had to stop myself and go grocery shopping. My refrigerator has wine, wine, mayo, wine, protein shakes and relish. To my credit, I had a breakdown scare last week, so I emptied my refrigerator but still that’s sad! How am I gonna start a 5 week challenge and on day #1 I don’t even have any food?

I ended up going to the store closest to my bus stop and grabbed a few things for work! Now that is a BIG deal because that adds like 30 minutes to my commute the later I go but it was worth it. See below!

*So I grabbed the Dole Lite Cesar salad kit. I am not going full on low carb but I am trying to watch my simple carbs without feeling like I can't have any.  So salad is a must This is very flavorful and low in calories it comes with lite cesar dressing and garlic crutons and romaine lettuce. At this stage of the game hopefully you are opting for mixed greens, spinach, or romaine lettuce much more value for you nutrition wise!

*I opted for the Yoplait Greek yogurt. I was compaing Fage, Chobani, and Yoplait and Yoplait had lower carbs and lower sugar. I will bring Cho and Fage back but for this first 2 weeks I am going to stick with Yoplait and save some carbs

* EAS protein shakes. I am not a big breakfast person. I get to work around 7am and I am just not hungry in the mornings like that to want a meal most times. But studies have shown and I have felt it for myself that if you do not have something to "break the fast" by lunch time you are like a wild boar starving and overdoing it and it can just have a bad trickle down effect for the entire day. So I switch between EAS, Atkins day Break, and yogurt for breakfast. 

*Muscle Milk- I have tried muscle milk and don't really like it like that but I don't recall trying the lite version so I got one because it was on sale.  I will report back!  I am going to list some old posts I have done with food reviews because I know that can be helpful! Any of your faves please feel free to pass them on to me as well!!

7 Days...540 minutes...and 4,685 calories later...

What Getting Back On Track Looks Like... Part 3

In other news I did another hypnosis session and it focused on emotional eating. I can't really recall all of it but I know it was on time. Unfortunately, the CD she gave me didn't work :-(  So I been using the first one.  I am weighing in daily and the scale keeps going up. I can be honest and say I have not been tracking like I should and I have been out almost every night so it is clearly adding up. So since today is Day #1 of my 5 Week Countdown to Thanksgiving Fitness Challenge I am refocusing! I set the following goals

Week 1 goals - drink 64 oz of water a day, journal my food daily, exercise 5 days/5 hours this week

 Over all for the 5 weeks lose 10 pounds, improve my cardio, and be consistent!
I'll be back!!! :-)

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