Wednesday, May 1, 2013


OMG its May 1st!!! Where did the time go?! WOW! We are just about half way through the year! That is bananas! And what a year it has been! I can't say its been all perfect but I have had a great start to the new year! For the not so good moments... when I got this email message above it hit me that I must learn how to truly TRUST the process. I have my own control issues so not knowing what will happen next (as it relates to dating and marriage) is an uncomfortable place for me. I am reading the book Think & Grow Rich and I just finished up the chapter on faith. If I have faith in the process I can let go of that need to know...and just trust that I have asked... I must believe... and the way it works is I will receive. The Law of Attraction is just like the Law of Gravity. It MUST work. That's really all I need to know. And because I ahve seen it happen SOOOOOOOO many times I already know that I know that I know it works!

I have been working on me listening to Louise Hay lessons on youtube, doing daily affirmations, and journaling more and it hit me if I was still in that relationship this work I am doing would not have happened. And this is some heavy stuff. Not that people can't learn and grow in a relationship but if you are prone to getting distracted easily well the results speak for themselves.

I think relationships can be a beautiful thing but I do see how one can quickly lose themselves and get wrapped up in getting their happiness and affirmations from the other person vs. internally. I got a lot of emails and text messages about my giving up post and those of you that know me know I was having a pity party lol I don't have them often but that was a moment of mental and spiritual weakness... I am human...its what we do... my Pastor preached last week about the fact that the devil attacks you where you are vulnerable. I must admit dating and weight loss are two areas that challenge me. The test must come b/c we are told to study so that  we can show ourselves approved.

Learning in a vacuum is meaningless.

I have to take what I learn in theory and put it into practice. So.

I am not giving up on love. In fact I am more determined and open to the possibility of BIG LOVE because I got a glimpse of what it could be like and I liked it. I deserve it. like Elizabeth Gilbert said in Eat Pray Love

On Instagram straight flexin' ~ LawyerGal1908

Oh yes yall I done found Instagram! LOL Scary! I love it! Not that I need one other social media network to get hooked to but I love it! Maybe b/c I am a picture person so to see other photo hogs in actions does my soul good lol

Ok back on topic... my point I've really set up a good life here by thinking good thoughts, being a very positive person, helping others, being focused on my goals, PUTTING A PLAN INTO ACTION, and believing the best lies before me (to quote Louise Hay).

On the weight loss front I am still tracking and journaling. This is a high stress week and I am over my points but I did get in a good workout Saturday and Monday. My new Heart rate monitor came. Its soooo cuteeee!! But I see I need to push myself harder. So today is an early day for me and I plan to hit the gym for 2 hours I need to burn over 1000 calories. As is customary when you get a new HRM (and every few months) you should test your levels and well mine came up as FAIR! humph This basically tests your level of fitness and last I checked I was elite! Granted that was over 2 years ago when I was in the gym 5 days a week and getting ready for my triathlon.. but still!! LOL

Anyhoowww!!! *eye roll*

Today's plan is a 2 hour workout after work and before an 8pm conference call about the big event I am chairing on Sunday. The event is a Day at te Races which is a "Hat & Glove Affair" of which I have no hat or gloves or dress lol I create my own stress...I know! But I am taking off Friday and plan to hit the Extreme Kickboxing class at my gym that morning, then go shopping and deal with any last minute details.

So I will check in before the weekend. Its May 1st and I am planning on another good weigh in this Saturday!!!  

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