Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Therapy in a jar....

I been on the go with a capital G but it's all good I'm getting back into my routine!  Boule 2014 was wonderful and I enjoyed spending time with my sorors and the ManFriend.

My weight loss is at a stand still and so is my motivation.  Which was perfect for me to discuss it rather than ignore it...I had a good session with my therapist and we discussed my attitude about exercise. I told her I have these moments of utter frustration and I guess envy for people who seem to lose weight without much effort.  She suggested I re frame that because exercise is simply good for my health not just good for weight loss and I should consider that it's merely my perception that others have it easy when in actuality everyone must work at it to some degree.

She makes it sound so easy... like Therapy in a jar (that jar is real by the way lol its in her office)

I suppose she is right...but it doesn't feel that way. I'm still struggling with making better choices more consistently and that's frustrating too.

On a positive note I did a good job today I cooked breakfast and dinner last night and packed my food so all I had to do was grab and go this morning.  I filled my water bottle up at home and by 10 am I was already at 60 oz!

I stuck with my planned meals and instead of butter popcorn I had unsalted almonds for a snack.

On the way home my mind kept saying get some ice cream... then it went to get a blizzard. ..then get a cheeseburger. .. utter madness.  I drove straight home and had my treat for the week some Trader Joe chocolate with PB. It did the trick and the cravings stopped.

I just had dinner and I'm on the way out to a baseball game. Didn't do the gym and didn't do T25 or treadmill at home. Not even mad that it didnt happen but I will take the mini victories today brought. :-)

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