Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Back to the lab again!!!!!

OMG it is October 1st! OMG I have not posted since end of July! OMG so much is going onnnnnn! OMG!!!! Where did the summer go?! 2014 is flying by and I must say its been  a great year! If nothing is amazing happened to me for the rest of the year I have had a "Next Level Greatness" experience!

Quick catch up I had umbilical hernia surgery in September so I haven't blogged much because I haven't worked out much. That was a terrible experience! The Dr. made it seem very basic, in and out, and 1-2 days recovery! Bulllllll!!!!! I was laid up for almost 3 weeks! Had I known I would not have done it. But the hernia was getting bigger and bigger and I couldn't really workout without some discomfort and I like lifting weights and that just aggravated the problem so I had to get it right.

The upside was I lost like 14 pounds in 3 weeks! Praise Jesus! I had no appetite and I lived on sugar free ice pops and really just wasted away. Not that I am complaining! It broke my long running plateau. And to be fair I shouldn't call it a plateau. I been eat and drinking whatever I like and not working out so basically I was maintain meanwhile I should have been grinding.

But it is October 1st and I am getting back on my grind. Starting with my Personal Trainer's event this Friday!!! If you are in the area come on out! Its open to all! It will be a great mix of  kickboxing, zumba, and high impact cardio! If you are a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha there will be two special raffles just for us!! Don't miss it!!!

Today I decided to do Paelo. Just today. We will see about tomorrow. I plan to do some form of intentional exercise every day. Today I plan to do 100 squats while at work and depending on the commute home I will do the treadmill!

I have some serious events coming up this holiday season and I want to be fierce-er lol that means ballroom gown shopping and I can't wait!!!

I hope you all have been well!!!! I;ve had a few other things happening I will update in a few weeks but keep in mind the song "All Eyes on Me" :-)

Have a great 1st Day of the month! Time for new goals, new attitudes, new meals, new mindset!!!!

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