Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Challenges and Opportunities

Well today is Day 4 on the new Smart Points Weight Watcher Plan. The plan makes perfect sense but I am having challenges. So eating out is a biggie for me and as I have shared in the past I like to eat what I like when I eat out. That's a challenge but also an opportunity to do better on a plan like this.

I have a lunch and dinner tomorrow so I went and picked out what I liked in advance on the menu and entered into my WW tracker. Totally blew my points even when I cut the orders in half. Bummer. So I said to myself. "Self ...what else  could you enjoy without the guilt of blowing points on your first week on this new program. Come on Oprah said JOIN HER! Surely I can forgo what I want for what my body needs." I switched for soup and salad with proteins. What I noticed this week is I will eat half of the portion but then eat the rest later. So my favorite Bonefish Bang Bang shrimp is 27 points. I get 31 for the day. Rightttt... So add some fresh bread and pesto, a drink or two I've had a day's worth in an hour. I think I have to get comfortable leaving left overs at the restaurant if I'm going to indulge like that. It seems wasteful but I think that's the only answer.

So that's my plan. It helped that I went to Trader Joe's and stocked up on lots of good stuff. I spent like $70 which is a lot in Trader Joe's here's what I got! What I did, which did take me some time was I used my Smart Points calculator and did the points for everything I picked up. Some shockers: The Feta and caramelized onion bites are 3 points each. I typically have 5 or 6 (like yesterday and that ate up my points pretty fast (3x5= 15 points I get 31 for the day!), throw in two peanut butter cookies I ate from a lovely gift basket my President Elect gave me and next thing you know points are blown!)

Shopping list from TJ
-Eggs are 2 points each
-Fruits and veggies  are still 0 points unless you make a smoothie then you have to calculate them. I made a Green smoothie in the recipe builder its about 2 points per serving.
-Raisin and rosemary crackers are only 3 points for 11 so that was good news
-Trader Joe Salads are 10 and 11 points OUCH! But that's with the dressing.
-Turkey meatball were 3 points for 2 so that's kinda high too

This plan definitely makes you tighten up on the processed foods like Paleo which I really like. I've been googling Smart Points and finding blogs by other WW members who were apart of the Beta test so they are on week 4 or so. Good insight there. For example you can swap fit points for food the way you could with activity points but that's later on.

I did some cooking: Jerk chicken, chicken soup and roasted beets and sweet potatoes

I have not done any gym workouts but I've been pretty active volunteering over the weekend and I used the WW pedometer and got 3000 steps in on Saturday and again on Sunday. My goal is to start using my treadmill at home this week. Any Netflix shows I can use to pass the time like I did with Sons of Anarchy last year?!

I'm also going to commit to walking more at work to get those steps in. I can literally sit alll day. A few minutes around the building will be good for me. I am also going to have to do " The Work" on "The Why" I was working from home yesterday and mindlessly had the news on at 6am which is when I am typically on my way to work and it was soooo depressing. I had to change the channel but I was in a funk all day because of it. I think that impacted my food choices, no I know it did. I still had weekly points but goodness that's a bad habit I need to break. I watched comedies the rest of the day and I am still not back to my regular self. I have to guard my mind because I absorb negatively too easily and I just couldn't find the bright side to alllllll that stuff in one moment. It was overwhelming.

But today is a new day I can packed with my lunch, snacks, and water! Anddd realized I left my work laptop at home LOL Talk about focused. Fortunately most of my coworkers are out so I was able to borrow someone else's! I actually brought a bag full of apples and oranges so my snacks for the week are already here. I think that's helpful consider doing that if you can!

Well that's all for now. Ohhh I did hop on the scale just to peek and I was down over 2 pounds so that was encouraging and will help me focus. Okkkkk Im out!

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