Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!! Wow 2015 flew by I can't believe its 2016! I am sooooo excited about another new year! 2016 is a year of transitions. Good transitions. One is my age lol I'm excited to say "40 something" all my blogs, bios etc said 30-something lol I had to update everything now that I'm 40... but 40 is flat BUT 41; I can say 40 something! LOL  Its the little things I suppose!

Welllllllll.... Week One Weight Watchers Smart Points and I am down 3.8 pounds!!!! I really don't know how lol I was over my weekly points by 20+ but some of my reflections of the week:

1) Tracking the good, bad and the ugly is important. Even days I went over it made me think twice  about going even more over board.

2) The daily activity or fit goal was great. I wore my pedometer daily and it really encouraged me to be more active. I set a goal of 5000 steps a day which really wasn't hard and I will increase that this week. I didn't go back to the gym merely walking around the office. The floor of my building is bigger than I ever knew! lol I walked to the printer multiple times vs. waiting to pick up things I printed out all at once.

3) I prepared meals for the week and took them to work everyday without fail. I used my Sunday and work from home Monday wisely. I packed meals and bought salads to supplement. Overall I am satisfied with what I did in terms of the planning portion. I took a bag full of oranges and apples for snacks. I wanted popcorn but  know the one a work is loaded with butter so I opted for the small packs of pistachios.

4) I worked on my choices when I went out to eat. I think I did well in terms of not doing my normal eat whatever I want when I go out. I definitely took more time to think about it and log it in. I went to Founding Farmers and had a Grilled Cheese with bacon and tomato soup. I had half and took the rest back to my office and was immediately tempted to eat the other half. I wasn't hungry just greedy. I remembered I planned to not take home leftovers to prevent going over my points so I took a bit and threw the rest in the trash and poured water in it.

I feel good about the Smart Points plan. Its doable and flexible. I am a fan of the Wendy Plan (google it) so I know you can not be perfect and still see results the body is not a machine. I ended up having a good start to the new year I went for a mani pedi yesterday and going to the spa tomorrow with some friends and ending the day with Bikram Yoga with the AKA workout group Sorors.

Definitely focused on more self care in 2016.  Ironically the topic of today's WW meeting. I'm setting up better habits for my life and being more deliberate about who I keep company with, things I allow in my space and how I react to things. I feel like people have been baiting me the last few weeks but rather than being combative or offended I allowed myself to see the people for who they are and the bait for what it was and realize a few things about people 1. Many are not happy 2. Misery loves company 3. Their opinions have absolutely no impact on the great life I have so the negative energy doesn't serve me any good so the best thing I can do is focus on me.

How productive I've been!!! I mean man I am really excited about 2016. Its going to be a year of learning and growth and for that I am already grateful!

Yesterday was a great start I had my mani pedi then my husband and I went to a Soror's house for dinner with her family and a few other sorors. Man that was fun!!!!! Its good to be around good people! Especially good couples! Like my tshirt says...BLESSED!!!

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