Monday, March 13, 2017

Andddddd we're back... Oh baby!

Goodness it's already 2017! March 2017 at that. Time is flying. Lots of things going on. Good no great things. I was elected as the Vice President of my sorority chapter! Huge deal for me since that position coordinates the community service activities. It's been great so far. A lot of work but so worth it.

I'm up on the scale to my pre-Fall Whole 30 weight. To be honest I wasn't even trying to do right but kept the weight mostly off until the new year but today I woke up with lower back pain. I got up got dressed and went to the gym. Enough is enough. I'm not sure why I've been so unmotivated. Life is good I'm not feeling depressed or anxious I've been busy but what's new?! I guess I just need to do it and so I did. Last year I set a goal with my doctor to lose 30 pounds a pre-pregancy diet she called it. She said it's pretty common and so I got almost half way there then tapped out. Hmmm maybe there's a correlation... lol

I swear life is like that commercial that talks about when you get used to one stage you move on to the next. Maybe that's what I'm feeling. I'm loving this stage. I'm comfortable and truly enjoying myself.

So family planning has me motivates to lose these 30 pounds. My health is good but as always my weight is in need of improvement. So here we are. Had a great workout. Did 30 minutes on the elliptical and low and behold Planet Fitness does free 30 minute  group training sessions! I stumbled upon the class this morning and it was great! I'm going back to my personal trainer Charles  next week and I  set a goal of losing 30 pounds by September 2017. That's 5 pounds a month. Aggressive but doable.

So I did some major shopping at Trader Joe's and Wegman's and got a new pair of sneakers. They are calling for snow tomorrow so it will be an at home workout and I'm committed to at least 45 minutes to one hour per day.  Food is critical so I'm going back to Weight Watchers even though I've been paying for months without going. But that's the past... today is a new day not going to dwell on that!

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