Tuesday, October 25, 2016

R.I.F. (Reading is Fundamental)

OK!!!! Well its been almost one week post Whole 30 and as the saying goes Reading is Fundamental lol So I totally blew the Reintroduction phase of Whole 30. I was so excited to do the 30 days that I did not really  think about life after Whole 30. Now that is not due to the program that's totally on me being focused on the initial goal. So I don't feel like I went way off the last week but here's a few things I had: WINE, WINE, and more WINE! Some mini (mini thumb nail size) chocolates (about 6 total), hamburger roll, cheese (on an In & Out Burger (twice) I was in Cali nom nom), granola bar, 10 chettos, butter chicken, cheddar popcorn, salsa and chips, mimosas and that's all I can really think of. I did track what I had on my Weight Watchers app. I really did not feel any different until Monday when I think it was due to a lack of water. I felt thirsty and they say when you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. I don't feel like I had a lot of cravings nothing drove me into the sugar dragon zone. 

So on Monday morning I decided to do Round 2 of Whole 30! I think in the long run being "off" Whole 30 isn't in my best interest right now. I have some end of year goals and I really liked the way I felt. More than the physical feeling the mental feeling of empowerment of Whole 30 is really addictive, So I said why wait? I initially said (like last post I would do another round in the spring) but although I made some great choices like when we went out I got things like steak, grilled shrimp, artichokes, etc. At "home" I made eggs, bacon and had lots of fruit. I did get on my sister's scale and it said I was up 5 pounds. So this may be scared straight reaction but whatever I came home after midnight and immediately cooked breakfast for today. 

I think it was good to keep checking in on the #Whole30 on Instagram. I like the Whole 30 Instagram community! Like a lot! Very inspiring and encouraging. So I'm on Day 2! It will end right before Turkey day I think that's good. 

I watched a few of Melissa Hartwig's YouTube Videos the one about Re-entry and another about Addiction, recovery and Whole 30. I had no idea what her back story is but its so inspiring. Its so cool so see people follow their passion that helps others. I hope to meet her one day! Anyway with that I'm off! 



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