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Red sunflowers from Trader Joe's

Well this was my weekend to reboot my journey! I went back to Weight Watchers and I was down 3.8 pounds since mid-January. I will take it because once upon a time missing Weight Watchers for even a week would mean a weight gain. I think that is the idea behind WW its a lifestyle not a diet so even if you miss a few meetings you are learning how to live a healthier life and so you may need to come in ever so often for a tune up or as we say about my WW leader "to get the Word" and you can go back and live your life. I always get mixed reactions when I tell people I do Weight Watchers. People either love it or hate it. I have always loved it even when I was yo-yoing up an down because I knew that was about me, not about the program. The only hard part is get a room full of foodies size 0 to 30/ 97 pounds to 397 pounds and food is all we talk about lol That can be good and bad. Foodies always know the best places to get food and that's how I learned about Trader Joe's from my Weight Watcher meetings!

Trader Joe's makes me smile! I love that place! I wanted to do a post about food again because I do get a lot of questions about what I eat, what do I like, and how do I keep make menu vary.

Well I eat out a lot because of my social life but when I go out I now try and get seafood even if its fried its still lower in calorie than beef or some chicken dishes. I try to have a soup or salad first and eat only half of my meal. I hate leftovers so I usually never eat it unless its something reallllyy good like Saturday I went to Mo's Seafood in Baltimore and had their jumbo lump crab cake...O.M.G! SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOODDDDD AND HUGE! But its broiled so not so bad!
This week in the WW meeting we discussed portions and the fact of the matter is when you eat out you usually get 2-4 servings of food so even if what you are eating is only 200 calories by the time you finish that meal you have had 400-800 calories in one sitting! So planning to eat half before you get there is key. I know some people who ask for a to-go box as soon as the food hits the table! All the above are Weight Watcher tips I've learned over the years. I know people don't like to count points or journal or whatever but in the end you do what works for you and keep it moving.

Well I am counting down to my 35th birthday and I want to lose 35 pounds by then! So I am getting back on the weight loss track. So Saturday I went to my Weight Watchers meeting. Anytime I get back on track with WW, Trader Joe's usually is a part of picture! So here's what I got
Trader Joe's Harvest Hodgepodge veggies. In the frozen section I use them to make my 0 point WW soup & pre-cut butternut squash perfect for my soup as well plus all the prep work is already done!
Seafood crab cake appetizers size. 6 small crab cakes is a servings low in points and very tasty!

My fave-crab stuffed flounder!!!! Soooooooooooooo goood!!! Great source of protein and very filling I add a lil Old Bay to it and it is good to go! This is about 7 points which sounds a little high but it has healthy fats and is very filling. I usually have it with a baked potato.

Frozen shrimp: Very versatile I make Stir fry shrimp, curry shrimp, jerk shrimp, shrimp salad (lol)

Roasted Garlic Hummus 2 tbsp = 60 calories I learned to love Hummus and now its one fo my fave snacks!

Trader Joe Multi grain crackers= 3 points for 14 crackers! These are great tasting crackers and you get a lot plus it has 3 grams of fiber.

I also got some lite cheddar cheese, skim milk, Cliff bars , protein shakes, Fuze drinks(the 10 calories or less per serving ones) and a few fruits and fresh veggies! I am good for the week!

I also got a new pair of Brooks! I was long over due!I also got a new bike for my Iron Girl Triathlon ! It was the funniest thing kids in the store were in awe of me! Like "WOW she got a new bikeeee! WOW" Kids are amusing I refrained from sticking my tongue out and saying nah nah na nah nah...this time!

I was so excited I tried to go for a ride but my suburban street was too wild and the side walks..well you are punk if you ride a bike on the sidewalk! But trusty old facebook came through and several people recommended the NCR trail! So I am on it! I even have company! Two of my fellow Junior Leaguers said they'd go with me for a ride! Score! Speaking of good workout / fit company I met a woman at my WW meeting and she may be my new workout buddy! I was wearing my "13.1 miles...been there..ran than" Large tshirt from the 2006 Baltimore half marathon and FYI after 3.5 years it finally fit me *big cheesy grin* and she asked if I did a half marathon I told her yes but 3 years ago but the shirt just finally fit me but I am doing the Columbia Iron Girl this August. She told me she did the Disney half last year and I told her the Disney marathon is soooo on my list of marathons after the New York Marathon! Anyhow we got to talking and exchanged info and I invited her to Chizel-It and she said she was so happy to meet me because her workout buddy fizzled on her and she really wants someone as a workout buddy. As my old Pastor would say "God is in every plan" because I typically go to the 6:30am meeting but I was meeting my trainer at 11 so I went later so I didn't have to go home in between my errands. So we'll see how it goes!

What else?? I also got a new 32 oz water bottle! I went for a massage last week and he said he could tell I worked out but that I am not getting enough water in! Not good b/c I love water I just forget at work or refill the small 16 oz bottle and lose track of how much I am having so I am back on it with my new bottle! I also bought a new WW food journal and I am tracking my food and already I see the difference! For example on Saturday I had cream of crab soup and forgot all about it until Sunday night at like 10pm it popped into my head! That's why journaling is so important! That was a good bit of points and next week I'd be wondering what happened?! I also got the new WW magazine and one of the tips was to use your camera phone to take pictures of what you are eating (with your cell phone) if you can't write it down t that moment. Genius!

This is a crazy week my sorority's regional convention is this week. its kinda local but too far to commute.

But here's my workout plan:
Sunday-Ride bike-Done
Monday -Spinning
Tuesday- Chizel it class & Personal Trainer (I am working Monday so I changed my PT to Tuesday evening I have to get it in b/c I am away Saturday)
Thursday- Sunday -Alpha Kappa Alpha North Atlantic Regional Conference

I am staying at the Gaylord National Harbor if you have never been to or visited a Gaylord Hotel/mega structure you are missing out on life! This one over looks the Potomac it is simply gorgeous!

They have a fitness center so I will go at least 1 day while I am there. Ok now for the speech about black women and their hair....or more specifically Alpha Kappa Alpha women and their hair, style, presence and over all beauty...especially when we come together lol

Well let's just say I am glad I can do my hair rather effortlessly but it takes away time from the tight schedule we'll already be on. I sweat a lot I need to look into botox for real! The point is if I workout I MUST wash and blow dry my hair even if I use a sweatband and bandanna. I found out on WebMD it is actually a good thing & but anyway there's no such thing as a quick workout for me and my hair and I don't do braids which is what the normal advice is. Worst case I go with the "wet look" my hair is versatile so I never use it as an excuse.

I am kinda known at our conventions from working out early in the morning. There is actually a crew of us (I don't even know their names) that will hit the gym at least 1 or 2 days earlyyyy and we see each other every year while our sisters are asleep in their beds lol its kinda cool. And our roommates or Soror who catch us on the way back from the gym are always kind enough to say "Better you than me Soror" or "Soror do a few sit ups for me" lol

When I was in Detroit for our national convention a few years ago a sorority sister stopped me and said "I remember you from the lasttt Boule! I don't know how you do it!" lol I can't lie I like working out. I like the sense of accomplishment it brings me when I am finish. I know Oprah says she hates it but does it anyway and I guess that's the second best attitude to have about working out lol whatever gets you moving! I guess what I have learned is it is not about perfection *big gulp* like last week I had the best intentions to workout while visiting with my Mom in DC but it just didn't happen! That was ok I went home Friday went to a great dinner party stayed till midnight kindly said good night I got my gym in the morning left and Saturday morning got up and went to Weight Watchers, did socarobics, and the 1 hour with my personal trainer.

Froward movement that's all that is required!

My sorority actually began offering early morning exercise classes free of charge but I am up way before that so I tend to hit the gym. But I was excited when they started that. Maybe I'll try it this year and see.

Anyway I have gone up and down and all around in this post lol thanks for coming along! :-)

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