Monday, March 8, 2010


Well today I can claim to be officially down 79.5 pounds. Needless to say the weight loss has slowwweeddd down since the holidays but I am not mad I am just refocused at this point and looking forward to reaching my other goals. I am back into a workout routine again but trying to balance my other commitments like Alpha Kappa Alpha, Junior League, and now I am more active in 2 Bar Associations. On top of that I do have an active social life with other friends and they are in the mix too.

So much to do, so little time! Then we had the nerve to lose a fraction of a second with the last earthquake! Is God trying to get the world to slow down or what?!

On top of that dating is still a part of the social scene although I have taken a break of sorts to regroup (lol) but I am open to the possibilities. "Timing & chemistry" that's one of my mottos for 2010 oh that and "Boys are like buses miss one next 15 one coming..." yeah thanks Gucci Mang! :-)

Workout plan this week

Monday-1 hour trainer-Done

Tuesday-Chizel It class

Weds-JLB meeting*

Thursday-AKA Night in Annapolis*


Saturday-AKA Chapter meeting @ 10am

I need to utilize my work time hours like the fall maybe doing the stairs on lunch or something to off set the busy week I have coming up.
Weight loss looking to lose last 20 by June 17th that is really dragging it out but 100 by 35th birthday is wayyyy doable!

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