Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Four weeks from hell...

Nov 2010

April 2010

Ok well maybe not hell but damn near close to it! Its been a very very bad four weeks. Bad in terms of my quest for consistent workouts, bad in terms of my food choices, bad in terms of my attitude, and over all situations outside of work which is really the sad part about it. I need to detox from some people and things lol I am learning how to say no and that's a good thing but the stress surrounding that is too much. I like food and I eat when I am stressed and well its just not a good combo. On the bright side I am back with Charles working out and getting back on track with my twice a week personal training. We had some great work outs one day we did boxing, stairs, weights, and the trampoline!! Personal training is the best money I've spent on MYSELF in the last year even vs. that Nicole Miller dress!! :-) I am hoping the bf will join me in the New Year because he's been off his workout game lately! He was doing great then all of a sudden nada. We'll see its been 6 months and his goal was 50 pounds and he was making great progress. My goal is to be encouraging and supportive and not a nag because people have to get to that place on their own but health and fitness is extremely important to me and that's something I have been upfront about since our first conversation. We all have highs and lows but we need to both get back on track. I even spoke with his Mom who wants to lose weight and she mentioned Curves and I told her about water aerobics she said her Doc recommended it for her years ago. I think I will get her a 3 month pass to Curves and I told her she can join us at Weight Watchers in the new year. His Dad is very tall and slim so he really doesn't talk too much about weight issues! lol Food pusher lol
Anyway I finally fit back into my apple bottom jeans but as you can see the change from April to November is apparent but I am getting back on track. I went back to Weight Watchers after a 3 week break and I was wayyy up at WW this week in fact 12 pounds! So I am almost back to square one. I lost as much as 17... No bueno! I had the best intentions of getting back on track Saturday but I had several events and well there was lots of food and I went for broke! I missed the gym because of a meeting I had that ran late and I was going to go walking with the bf but it was too darn cold and he wasn't interested in going to the gym. Again no bueno. Sunday wasn't much better and the next thing I know its Monday morning again. I went straight home made it by 5:30pm and just veggied out.
I feel very tired and sluggish and I know that it is a result of not eating right and not exercising enough. Well I got these groupons for Hot Yoga apparently back in April and they expire this week! So I am going to get in 3 of the classes and try it out. It will be a nice change of pace and maybe something to shock the system into submission. So I'll post tomorrow on the outcome!! Today is an new day no pastries, over stuffed sandwiches, no not counting points, no not exercising & other foolishness! I need to commit to 30 days of activity! Back to basics like walking the stairs at work and using my treadmill at home!! Please join me!! I have 28 pounds I need to lose by December 31st to get back to my initial goal weight! Time for LOCK DOWN!
Thanks!!!! :-)

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