Monday, October 4, 2010

A Tale of Two Driver's Licenses

Well I done lost my driver's license yet again! Most may not know but I've lost my driver's license more than the law will allow...seriously... like I was told the last time they added me to the watch list and I had to go to the main MVA if I lost it again lol some threat that turned out to my newest license went missing and I been trying to hold out hope that it would show up but it didn't and with this new hands free cell phone law in Maryland cops are pulling people over left & right! So I broke down and went to the MVA. For my Nu Yorka peeps that's the DMV lol

Anyway lo and behold I found my old old one of course and I was shocked when I looked at the two of them side by side. See below!

Left is the new one & the right is from a few years ago. It expired in 2008... so that plus when I got the Tiffany's necklace that I was pressed to have it in my driver's license photo lol makes me think this was maybe 2006/7. Yikes!

I don't even feel like I look like the same at all!


I still got work to do but this gave me pause to reflect on my progress and keep moving forward! I skipped WW this weekend and I was sick as a dog on Sunday and so I didn't workout plus my Mom was in town so Saturday I spent shopping with her. I am still in a process of purging old clothing its soooo hard I have 3XL items I refused to throw away my sister is NOT pleased lol I will revisit them in a few months and maybe then I'll be able to let them go. I did find my "before" pants OMG I'll do the classic weight loss shot soon enough and post.

This week I have a AKA meeting tonight, A Junior League meeting tomorrow, my bf is off Weds & Thursday so we'll get together and then its Friday! Saturday is hectic with chapter meeting and a few meetings after the meetings then its Sunday! Where does the time go? My sister has Wiii Fit I may need to get her to hook that up this week!

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