Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bootcamp vs. Personal Trainer

Well my Soror invited me to her Bootcamp Live Now Fitness in Jessup at The Soccer Dome! It was a nice change of pace! The pros are the group is very supportive and engaged. Its a nice mix of ages, races, fitness levels and I enjoyed that aspect of a group dynamic that is different from a class like kick boxing or step. It adds a bit of competition because the people (about 40 people) are broken into 4 groups and you move through the various workouts against each other. The day begins with jogging around the soccer field twice. The we broke in groups and did relay races from one side of the field to the other and go through an obstacle course which included mini hurdles and the ladder looking thingie that football drills are done with. Then we did some more old school calisthenics like jumping jacks, sit ups, squats, etc. It was a good workout! I then went to SOCAROBICS! Its been a minute! It started kinda slow but some songs I knew came on and I got into it for real! Lawd my hips hurt lol After that I had my 1 hour personal training session with Charles.

Now if I had to pick I pick Charles! I think the group exercise concept is excellent but I think I have become spoiled and use to the one on one attention. I can cheat if no one is watching! Anytime I complain about how many reps I have to do ie., "15 REPS?!?!" whined Cylia "Ok 20 then!" *smile* says Charles lol that's what I need! Its what has worked for me. But it is good to work out in a group because you have people cheering you on and clapping for you and well its a good alternative especially if personal training is out of your budget. I mentioned Charles to two ladies at bootcamp one is getting married and said she joined this group to lose weight but would like a personal trainer for more individualized attention. I recommended Charles highly of course and hopefully they'll check him out!

So ultimately the choice is yours based on your needs, level of accountability, how you feel about working in a group, and budget! Either way its a way to be healthier and happier so try a bootcamp and see if its for you!

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