Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bookcamp Week 4 ~ "Protect This House: I WILL"

Well its Week 4 of Bookcamp! It's getting hectic yall! This video (I hope you watched it) has been my daily affirmation to keep me on track. Truth be told what you take in to live a happy & healthy life has wayyy more to do with what you take in mentally than physically. I love this video and all its Girl Power and awesome attitude of I am woman hear me roar, watch me run, lift weights, and sweat! I really love the video because my trainer makes me do some of these same drills! I know right?! A majority which I told him I can't do and he would keep encouraging me to try it before I told him what I could and could not do.

Look at that stuff though! Who does that? I mean seriously why are we jumping on weight benches?! Running sideways over hurdles!? Doing suicides!? One handed push up on medicine balls? Again who does that!? Well apparently the kick azz US Women's Soccer teams & skier Lindesy Vonn does! Oh and me :-) I do that! *popping my collar*

Under Armour (Go Terps!) has an amazing campaign with this concept of "Protect This House" it reminds me of the biblical saying the body is a temple. Needless to say you need to govern yourself accordingly! Eating right, working out, thinking good thoughts, and giving back to those in need are all ways I've realized to "Protect This House" spiritually, mentally, & physically!

I am so proud of myself; I made it to Bootcamp this morning! I was really debating skipping it because of the event tonight but I got up and pushed my way through! When you have a full time job, work a part time job to the tune of teaching 4 college level classes three nights week, have a 3 hour daily commute, are active in a handful of service and professional organizations, have dear friends in the hospital you have to visit, try to date and find a mate, and still try and keep your healthy lifestyle a priority it can be a bit much!  So I am really glad I got up and made it to the gym at 5:30am in spite of everything I have going on because skipping two days in a  row has been a slippery slope for me so this Thursday morning workout is a good way to keep me focused!

I am already down 4 pounds according to my scale! I will see whats what on Saturday morning at WW but I feel good about my consistency.

I will confess I have been struggling with my food! Tuesday ended on a bad note -read Taco Bell- I don't know for sure but that concept of "4th meal" must be for people with stomachs of steel and not mere mortals like myself! I got sooooo sick!!! Ewwww!

I am still journaling and that's key to keeping me from going too far overboard. But as always it shows me how I gain weight so quickly!  But for the exercising, I would have gone over in my points every dang gone day and I am not eating out big meals or anything crazy its just calories really add up quickly. Here's an example:

Fage yogurt- 3
1/2 cup fresh blueberries 0
apple -0
Jiffy Peanut butter to go -7
Stoffers lasagna- 7
grapes 1 cup-0
cheddar cheese - 3
chicken salad on martin mini roll -8
ok.... McDonald's caramel sundae 10 FREAKING POINTS

TOTAL 38 POINTS I get 32 over my quota that quick... I worked out this day so I earned 10 points but still! Again I am not prefect it just shows me why tracking everything is important so you know what you are doing calorie wise.

As the saying goes "Bite it, write it. Sip it, Script it!" so I am taking all this information down and will work on improving it!

As I go throughout my day I can hear myself humming the Under Armour song :
 "I will, I will, I will... Protect this House! I will!"

So its December 1st already and my Trainer is doing a 21 Day Get Fit Challenge!  I am committing to three 21 days goals 1) Exercising 4 times a week for at least 1 hour 2) Journaling my diet daily 3) Doing daily affirmations

So the question is.....

"Are you gonna let them beat you?
Or are you going to Protect This House!"

June 2008- Nov 2011


  1. I have a Nike endorsement deal (in my head) but I can rock with that Under Armour commercial.

  2. LOL I hear that!! UA does make you want to jam!! Very motivating!!!