Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Well its already February 14, 2012! This makes me think of my Only One Pound Poem! I am down a bit but nothing to write home about and truth me told my weight keeps going up and down the same 5 pounds anyway so I can't keep track of when I am ahead or behind lol At this point my 37 by 37 goal is...well let me check humph I am 38 pounds away from my goal lol Oh snap how'd that happen?! Well I am 19 weeks away from my birthday so that's 1.9 pounds a week needed to make goal. Doable.

Well that brings me to my current situation! I am going on a crash diet! Yeahh yeahh I know crash diets are bad but I feel like I need to jolt my system! I will also start juicing since the machine is still just sitting there in my kitchen still unopened but here's the diet!

Only things you can drink – water and no more than one cup of decaf coffee or tea a day

One glass of warm water and freshly squeezed lemon first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed.

Restricted diet – only fresh fruits and raw vegetables. Fish cooked only in Olive oil with mild seasoning. I’ve added gluten free pasta and rice just to give me some variety.
No dairy (cheese, milk, butter, nada) and only egg whites.

The person who shared this with me said she dropped 3 inches of my waist that week. I'm game! I will start Monday!

I haven't worked out since sometime last week. I am in a funky mood Beres Fan and I called it quits. :-( In a way I am sad but on the other hand gotta "Bless and release" what isn't meant to be, to be open for what is. After the holidays I should not have re-opened the door. But you live and learn or something like that!

I had already planned an evening out with friends because I won free tickets to a comedy show tonight. I am looking forward to that but I swear whats a girl to do? Well I'll tell you what I am doing I emailed that Matchmaker I talked about (from last June who now has a show in the works with Oprah! Can't I pick 'em! Dang I hope his prices are the same lol) and I have resorted to consulting an online psychic a friend referred me to. Yup that's where we are with this lol Don't judge me! I know that is judgement worthy but its Valentine's Day so leave me be!

I will be honest I dunno when I am going to the gym again. I'mma keep it real! I made an executive decision to not do the boot camp the traffic afterwards is too heavy for me to deal with. Plus it just added unnecessary stress in terms of the commute. So I have plans tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday. Friday is the night before my big Vision Board party so I'll be taking care of last minutes things for that. I will probably workout Saturday morning with my trainer to put me in the right mood. Attitude is everything so I know exercise  is key!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the death of Whitney Huston! So sad sooo very sad. I was not a huge Whitney fan I did see her once and I am glad I had that experience but man addiction is no joke. Of course everyone is saying let's not speculate but untimely we all watched her. I have a friend who said her client got offended when she compared her addiction to food to his addiction to drugs. But I disagree! There is a comparison to be made! I mean I can't tell anyone how to feel about their addiction but in a lot of ways a food addiction is worst because you have to eat! You don't have to smoke crack or drink likka to live but you do need to eat to survive! I told her studies showed that the same chemical reaction in the brain that is triggered from drugs happens in others with chocolate.  http://www.brainhealthandpuzzles.com/brain_effects_chocolate.html That being said I need to get back on my Weight Watchers grind. I know for me weight loss is a multi faceted approach and the meeting help me a lot.  So Saturday I'll face the scale before the gym!

Anyhoo Happy Valentine's Day and try not to eat too much chocolate! :-)

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  1. Cylia - If this is your beautiful handwriting, I would like to make a font out of it. Contact me if that would be okay with you and I'll tell you what I need. You, of course, would get the first release of the font!
    Susan Derrick