Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 Days...540 minutes...and 4,685 calories later...

Well Week 1 of my 1,000 Calories Burned per day Exercise Challenge results are in! After 7 whole days I burned a total of 4,685 calories as a result of working out a total of 540 minutes which equals 9 hours! That's more than 1 hour a day! Not bad, not bad!  I had a lot of challenges last week workout wise but what I did was maximize the days I was able to workout. Tuesdays are my long days where I commute to DC, work 8 hours then commute to Baltimore, then teach. So that is my biggest challenge! Well that and my active social life :-)

I made up the time over the course of the week and got some really great workouts in. I also mixed it up a lot: two Personal training sessions, spin class, zumba, the treadmill at home, and even the Chizel It class! A nice mix! I need to build on this week's success so I signed up for Charles's Chizel It Boot camp! 5 weeks, 2 classes per week at 5:30am, for $70! You can't beat that!

Today was the first day and I made it! I talked my friend into going with me and she is SO not a morning person but she made it through! It was a nice mix of cardio and weights and I burned 500 calories and headed out. This is my longgg day but I want to keep the goal going. Depending on what I am doing, 1000 calories is about 2 hours of working out. Needless to say if I did straight cardio I would burn a lot more faster. For example last week I did 60 minutes on the treadmill and burned 700 calories! Meanwhile my personal training with mostly weights & some burst of cardio was about 600. But the benefits of weight training is I do see my clothing size go down rather quickly. I can't say it enough. Weight training and cardio is where its at!

I snapped a pic of the 1,908 calories I burned on my Heart rate Monitor b/c I thought it was cute and it just happened to be good timing LOL As you can tell from my heart rate 156 I was WORKING IT OUT!!! I love having a HRM its really reminds me how hard I have to work for say a snickers bar! So not worth it! Knowledge is power! Not that I haven't been tempted or fell into temptation over the past week but I have been way more mindful! As the saying goes progress not perfection!

In other news things are going well with AKA, Junior League, work, school, teaching, etc., etc., etc.! Beres Fan and I spent 1.5 hours on the phone last night to which he sent me a text to say that was a new record for him lol I actually like our short phone calls b/c I can think of so many guys who would talk for hours and hours and things would go nowhere! Like they just wanted a phone buddy! That was a bit frustrating and confusing lol but anyway all is well on that front! We had a good convo. We are SO different yet both so spoiled and hard headed. LOL but he makes me happy despite I need to control everything! I made a comment about "..its the thought that counts" then in the next breath I made a smart comment about some blackberry flower text he sent me. Welllll he was quick to say "Didn't you just say its the thought that counts?!" I told him "Clearly that is different..." and we moved on LOL Check and mate lol

A/w I saw a groupon for paintball and told him about it and he is game so we will check that out this spring lol he's cute! We had that dreading weight loss conversation where I am a girlie girl and say I want to lose weight and he says no I like you the way you are. I guess I should see it as a good thing. It could be the opposite with unwanted pressure and criticism to lose weight. So I guess I'll add that and him to my gratitude journal today! Anyhoo Valentine's Day is coming up and he is so not a planner whereas I plan everything! Like seriously I have lists upon lists of my plans but he sounded like he wanted to wing it but I guess my tone suggested a plan was mandatory so he suggested a sushi for dinner...I won free tickets to a comedy show so that'll be my gift to him lol   :-P

Anywayyyy! This week same ole madness!
Monday- Personal Training & Chizel It class-Done!
Tuesday- I did bootcamp! -Done!
Thursday-Bootcamp & I have a friend's birthday happy hour that night
Friday-Part 2 of the same friend's birthday happy hour- not sure about working out at all
Saturday- Chapter meeting-- Gym maybe 8:30am spinning class
Sunday -2/3 hours at the gym
Monday- Trainer & Chizel it class!

With all this working out it is making me work harder on the diet side! After bootcamp I packed my food for the entire day! It took maybe 6 minutes and well I need to be more proactive and plan my meals more! I actually had a few grapes, blueberries, and nuts already at work. And I actually found a new snack I will post about in a few weeks but below find (aside from my huge case files lol)
sugar free jello, Chobani greek yogurt, pistachios, prepacked salad, Special K protein shake, a banana, orange, ready snack with grapes, pretzels, and cheese, two 100 calorie pop corn (one butter the other kettle corn), an orange, and my new (work inspired) southwest sausage and veggie soup!  (recipe below)

Southwest Turkey Sausage & Veggie Soup
1 box of chicken broth
1 can black beans
1 frozen pack of southwest veggies (black beans, corn, peppers, & onions)
1 can diced tomatoes with oregano and garlic
5-6 red potatoes
2 large links of Turkey sausage
5-6 cloves fresh garlic
black pepper, garlic powder, and fajita seasoning packet
*If you prefer extra spicy add additional peppers to your taste!

Place red potatoes in a pot to boil for 30 minutes. Combine everything in a crock pot for 40 minutes and serve! Hearty yet low cal meal!

I'll check in soon!

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