Friday, February 17, 2012

A Vision Board Party!

Welllllll I blog about everything so makes sense to mention my upcoming event! I am hosting a Vision Board party! Its kind of a "soft launch" to my new business venture From Theory to Practice Consulting, LLC.

Its an exciting time! I have always talked about vision boards and I have shared many of mine on this blog and people began to ask me about them and how to create one! I would email pictures of mine, give advice, share books I've read, and I always talked about the good results I have experienced. Then as fate would have it last spring (out of the blue) I was offered an adjunct professor position at a local college and the class was about professional and personal development. When the Dean called me the Thursday before the class started the following Tuesday (!) she said "I know you are an attorney but looking over your resume it seems to me that you know a lot about developing personally and professionally and that's exactly what the students need."

I wasn't sold because up until that point I have only taught writing classes and when I sent my resume to that college (over a year ago and never even heard a don't call us we'll call you reply!)  I inquired about English, American Government, or Legal courses. But the idea of helping (mostly) first generation college students from the local community appealed to me so I accepted the position.

The book was already selected and the syllabus was set and part of the course work involved doing a collage. Well a light bulb when off in my mind and I told myself a collage aint nothing but a vision board!!! So as part of the tweaking I did to the class I talked about vision boards and the students ate it up! Most had never heard of vision boards but the concept was so appealing they threw themselves into it and it was so inspiring to watch them share their dreams, passion, and positive attitudes about their futures.

Fast forward to the holidays a soror of mine suggested I have a vision board party! I thought that sounded like a good idea especially with the new year coming! New Year, New Vision! Well time got away from me and next thing I knew it was after January 1st and I put a feeler out there on facebook about hosting a vision board party and I received a number of emails saying they would like to attend! A few days later another Soror texted me and said she saw a flyer in her gym for a Vision Board Party and the host was charging $150.00! I couldn't believe it! I don't knock any one's hustle BUT that's crazy! But the more research I did the more I found this is a viable business and I said well let's see.

I toyed around with the idea of starting a business because an online group I have been a member of for over 10 years had more than a few business owners! Everything from spa services for young girls, to shoes, to grant writing, and coaching for small business owners! I thought that was neat! But truth be told I couldn't think of anything that I like to do that I would charge for! LOL I explained if I did a business it it would have to be something I am passionate about and that list is small- traveling, teaching, goal setting, vision boards, and conflict resolution. Full stop!

Nothing fancy or earth shattering like their ideas but I got to thinking the things I am good at that other people struggle with. I am often criticized for my "lists" but in looking at my track record if I set a goal on one of my "lists" I hunt it down and make it happen by any means necessary and not everyone can do that. People get stuck. I specialize in results (LOL) to quote Toni Childs from Girlfriends!

People pay people to help them get results! Heck I pay a personal trainer to help me shape up, a house keeper to clean my home, a mechanic to fix my baby Justice, a chef/restaurant to give me good food, etc, etc, etc.,  I pay people GOOD MONEY help me to do things I want to get done but can't do alone or don't have the skills to do on my own. Same concept here!

So with that the idea of  From Theory to Practice Consulting, LLC was born!

My plan is to provide assistance on the journey toward living your best life ever! Hope Oprah doesn't sue me for that lol but the idea is to help people with life skills by providing coaching with identifying and achieving personal and professional goals. Another aspect of my consulting will be to provide conflict management and  resolution services and training. Although they seem disconnected living your best life is about learning and growing and I think both go hand in hand. Conflict is everywhere but learning how to resolve (at best) and manage conflict leads you to the same place as setting and achieving goals... The way I see it both provide win/win outcomes for everyone involved whether its getting a new job that helps you provide a better life for your family, losing weight to increase your self esteem and improve your health, or learning how to have better relationships by employing communication techniques such as active listening in your everyday interactions...they all lead you to the same place which is living your best life!

Well that's my pitch! :-) I will report back about Saturday! I am so excited! I have a little over 20 people who have pre-paid and 5 who contacted me later and I will add them! My goal was 15 so I am happy! Things just fell into place so effortlessly! Even the venue an art studio which is the PERFECT space for this activity! The artist just offered to co-host because she had it on her To Do List! How awesome is that?! Law of Attraction at work people!!!

Anyway I will promise to report back about my workouts *gulp* that I have not planned *blush* but I will get something in. Its been over a week and nada I been going home and sleeping mostly but I pinky swear I will get something in this weekend without fail!

On another positive note I have been so inspired by the new business that I finally did a new vision board! Check me out! :-)

2012 An Amazing Year!


  1. OMGosh! I LOVEEEEEE it! I am so EXCITED for you! I'm following your blog now Go Team You!!!!

  2. You are one amazing woman...You inspire me Soror Cylia! May God continue to bless you!
    Soror Monique Ferrell