Monday, April 16, 2012

This Week & Next Week

Happy Monday! I know people tend to hate Mondays but I usually work from home so I actually look forward to it! It definitely puts my normally Suzy Sunshine disposition to the test when I have to come in though lol And today is one of those days! Work has been hectic and so has life and I did not make it to the gym at all this weekend! Crazy!

Saturday was AKA chapter meeting and it was a beast! I may have mentioned I was nominated as the new Fundraising Chairman and I have absolutely no experience and have really never had a desire to get involved with fundraising. I really don't like dealing with money or such hands on planning. I am always willing to support someone's effort but this has really put me to the test! So Saturday I had to hand out the Alvin Ailey tickets to over 100 people. Madness! Lord knows you can't make everyone happy that's for sure!

I suggested another event A Day at the Races so that ticket are selling so fast my head is literally spinning! Its very stressful but that is no excuse. I still should have found a way to work out!

Anyway that poster/sign above made me take a long deep breath this morning.

I mean I am still in the midst of dealing with a lot of things including  my Junior League committee for the Internship program. I gots a lot on me! I missed Weight Watchers but I know I am up a bit b/c I have still been eating (and drinking likka) and not working out.

I was saying to my Soror who got frustrated with the scale when it didn't move after two really good weeks that she may just be the type that it takes a week or two to "catch up" with what she is doing. My body is the opposite! I know by the end of the week what the deal is! No joking!

On the positive side if I act right so does my body but when I been slacking no good can come of it. I had to pull out my back up jeans this weekend! :-/ They are a pair of jeans I bought when I began regaining weight and I was basically in between sizes. Its weird how it took me like 50 pounds to buy new stuff but now every 5 -7 pounds makes a huge difference in what I can wear! So I am stuck shopping for my upcoming sorority conference since my suits from 2010 still don't fit! Boo!

I had my eye on a suit I saw 2 weeks ago so I will get it and I have two others that are a little big but will do the trick.

So today I am at work and I did good. I had an Atkins shake for breakfast, I am having (as I type) a mixed green salad with a scoop of chicken salad (about 1/2 a cup) and having lots and lots of water. I am going to workout when I get home which will be late because I am trying to deal with more fundraising stuff and that's ok I am grateful to have a treadmill at home to make it all happen!

In other news life is good! In fact I was nominated to run for Member at Large in my new chapter (its been 2 years not sure when it won't be considered new any more lol) but anyhoo I didn't win but the Soror who did is a great person and she will do a great job! Member at Large is kinda the conflict resolution person so I think that will be a good fit for me one day!

In other sorority news I am looking forward to hanging with my Sorors to learn, network, and have lots of fun in Providence! But until then I got work to do that includes eating clean and working out at least 30 minutes a day! I am taking gym clothes and plan to workout while I am away. I have a great hotel location and they usually offer a free workout during our conferences worst case I will be in the hotel's gym.

So we shall see what the difference between this week and next week will bring!  
Till then! :-)

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  1. I was selected to run for Participant at Huge in my new section (its been 2 decades not sure when it won't be regarded new any more lol) but anyhoo I didn't win but the Soror who did is a superb individual and she will do an excellent job!