Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mondays, Money, Motivation, My List, and other M words!

Well this Monday I finally went back to my personal trainer Charles! I actually took a Spin class then had a break to get some things done and went to him for a lunch workout! Two a day Mondays are back baby!!

And the workout....whew!! It was as hard as I remember! Thank goodness :-) I was a little sore for a few days but all is well now. I told him I want to get back on my two day a week workout plan! He will be away this Saturday so I will not see him until Monday! I am putting my money where my mouth is so I paid for 10 session in advance! *Exhale*

I need to go back to my motivation behind this! To be healthy and in order to be healthy I must be and I AM  willing to make the monetary investment. Having a personal trainer is what has and will keep me on point! That was one thing working out twice a week with Charles was my sure fire way to get in at least 4 hours a week! So back to basics!

So I am still up and down 10 pounds. I am still on Paleo but not 100% I actually went back to protein shakes this week. I just like them and I am using the nuts too much! Calories still count at the end of the day! I am still making recipes and trying to keep my fruits and veggies up so I am happy about that! Its amazing how such a small change can impact your body. I have not had chips, crackers, pretzels etc like before and I am really enjoying all the fruits, nuts and veggies! So good change all around!

I finally finished my February book: The Circle Maker! I can't stop talking about how powerful this book is! "Dream Big. Pray Hard. Think Long."

The final few chapters talked about Pastor Batterson's Life List. Its basically like my To Do List and Vision Boards! It made me think about updating mine. Honestly I did some reflecting on my 2012 and (hopefully I'll have good news about why that was in April) man it was a great year! But it wasn't by accident I worked hard towards some of those goals and it paid off. I came in excited about 2013 and I claimed a few things like a relationship! And I must say I am having a great great time with my Manfriend. *insert blushing here*

We had a fake snow storm yesterday and we were both off and spent 2-3 hours on the phone three times yesterday. Effortless!  I am half way shocked at the way things are going but then not really. I was very specific about my Soulmate Secret Treasure map/ Marriage Vision Board. So I am just enjoying the ride and watching this manifest.

Its so refreshing and makes me feel good about all the times I told myself it would be better to let go off the unhealthy temporary relationships to make way for something more fulfilling and real. Its like diet and exercise forgoing the unhealthy food or going to the gym for a pay off down the line. If we lost 5 pounds every time we worked out or made a good food choice everyone would be healthy its the delay in the results we want so badly that gets us every time. That's how the milkshake wins over the step class and then we have to start all over again. Which is perfectly fine and human but we all have to get tot hat point where we know saying no to the temporary is truly worth it and we are worth it.

Anyway we have a few plans this week to see some jazz shows!  He asked about doing a local getaway in April to St. Michael's I've never been but I told him YES!!!! I can't wait! He is planning some kind of trip for my birthday in June and *exhaling* its just sooooo refreshing and I deserve it! Talk about going from theory to practice! :-)

Its nice to have someone to go out with, kiss and hold hands with etc. but honestly I just enjoy our conversations sooooo much. We've shared some of our personal and professional goals. And I love that!!!! I can't think of the last time I dated a man with some serious plans like this for his career and personal/family life. And one not scared to talk about marriage and we have certainly talked...well I listen he talks mostly lol. I mean it isn't for everyone but he just reminds me of how Steve Harvey said men (a good man) wants a good woman and they have to be in a certain place to do this thing right. He's hit a lot of his goals and the other ones he has discussed with me are awesome. Inspiring may be a better word. I've never been too keen on two world dominators in one household HOWEVER I could get use to this! Its actually very attractive! I don't meet too many planners like me so I am enjoying this experience to the max!

Anyhoo all this good energy  got me to thinking about doing a Life List today and so I did it and posted it to facebook. I was feeling called to fast and pray for over a week now and so I am doing it today to get some clarity on some things and I came up with the list below! 

"At some point in the process of goal setting, you need to muster the courage to verbalize it. The act of verbalization is an act of faith. When you write d...own a goal, it holds you accountable." Page 183

I combined my To Do List and past vision boards and this is a good start (*) are things I already did. What's on your list?

Family Goals
*Reconnect with family more
Send my parents and sister on an exotic vacation (Fiji, Thailand, etc.)
Get married to a happy and healthy man of God!
Have a destination wedding (yall already know where!)
Celebrate our wedding anniversary in a different and unique way every year
Have at least one child
Name them after one of my grandparents
Raise them to be a superstar
Create a family foundation
Leave an inheritance to our children
Write an autobiography
Research our family tree more deeply
Do community service as a family four times a year

Influence Goals

Speak at a high school/college/law school graduation
Write a New York Times best seller
Help someone start a mentoring program for young men
*Teach a college course
*Teach a law school course
Get a PhD
Host a tv show
Sponsor a school in Jamaica
*Teach the importance vision boards and goal setting
Serve on the Board of Directors of different non profits at least 10 times (*5/10)
Serve as President in at least 5 organizations (*2/5)

Experiential Goals

*See a new Broadway play or musical every year
Go to the Superbowl
Go to a film festival
Do a silent yoga retreat in the Bahamas (*1/2- would like to go for a few days)
Read the Bible cover to cover
Take a hot air balloon ride
Go horse back riding
Go on a mission trip with Mediators Without Borders
Learn Chinese and go to China
Take a cooking class
Take a modern/jazz/tap/ ballet dance class as an adult
Learn to Salsa
Take a Photography class/course
Become a part time Photographer
*Start a business
Meet and talk to Oprah
Hear the Dali Lama speak
*Meet my favorite poet Nikki Giovanni (Done like 5 times lol)
*Hear Maya Angelou speak (Thanks Maryland!)
*Hear Alice Walker speak
Meet & hug Boris Kodjoe (I'm sayin'!!!!)

Physical Goals

*Do a 5k
*Do a half marathon
*Do a triathlon
*Lose 100 pounds
Do the Empire State Building run up
Do a century ride (100 miles)
Do the New York City marathon before 40
Hike the Grand Canyon
*Hike the Red Rocks in Sedona
*Go Whitewater rafting
*Go indoor rock climbing
Become a certified spin teacher
Pass Krav Maga Level 1 test
Walk the Great Wall of China
Fly a plane
Drive a race car

Financial Goals

Win 20 million after taxes from lotto/mega million something
Be debt free by 45
Give away 5 million dollars in money and services in my lifetime
Save more than I spend

Travel Goals

*Travel cross country
Visit all 50 states by the time I am 50 years old (41!!!!!)
*Puerto Rico
*Panama - Have lunch at the Canal
*Trinidad & Tobago
Travel down the Nile
*Take a Caribbean cruise
See the 7 Wonders of the World
See the running of the bulls (from a safe distance)
Take a cruise all around the world with my husband
See More


So much to do right??!! the exciting part is seeing things I have already done and knowing the next year of my life will look very different and the same with the year after that as I check more things off this life list! If you have not done one try it today!!!

I will check in later this week! :-)

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