Friday, March 1, 2013

March Madness!

Whew February 2013 is GONNNEEEE! I am not sure where the time went but I am grateful for a brand new month! My February was a bit erratic food and exercise wise. I started strong with Paleo but around PMS/TOM time I went off track and really didn't get back on track consistently. Thank God February is a short month!!! :-)

I did get back to spinning on Monday and had a good class!! I forgot why I love spinning! I need to make that a regular class for me!  Another Soror was in the gym with her Mom she is making great progress her Lent "take up" was to exercise every day for 40 days! Awesome! I talked her into spinning and she did half the class and that was after doing half of Body Attack! She is going stronggggg she told me how much I inspired her and I told her its an ongoing process. There is no end date. I guess that may have sounded anti climatic but its your health and its the truth. I don't think I got that back in 2010 and that's how the weight came back so quickly.

I am reading the book The Circle Maker and today I read about Daniel 1:8 and the author suggested you make a resolution to not defile yourself. He wasn't talking about food but it applies. I need to wake up with that on my mind. To not use food in the wrong way. I need to pray, journal, exercise, mediate, get a manicure, call a friend, take a is not the answer if hunger isn't the problem!

I was out with my Man-friend (See Sex and the City episode on that term lol) and he was showing me some pictures of himself and his family so I did the same. He asked me to send him some of the pictures and I did and one was from the fall in my St John sweater and he looked shocked he asked if it was recent. I said yeah the Fall and he looked surprised lol but I am keenly aware now every 7-10 pounds makes a dramatic difference... he ain't said nothing (like any good man would he kept quiet lol) but I knew what his eyes were saying lol It made me think about getting my house in back in order... 35 pounds!!!! Its got to go!!!

Oh by way of an update: Yes we made it "official" we go together lol we have been having a really, really, really great time! We have great conversations, there's great chemistry, he's involved in church, likes to travel, is funny as heck, and is respectful to me and open to new things, open car doors, holds hands, and he dresses nicely... Most of all he does what he says he will do. I think as women we take little things for granted ...maybe that's not the right word but for example the last guy I dated had a habit of saying I'll call you back and wouldn't I never got upset b/c if we were on the phone at 9:30pm I was usually about to go to sleep anyway. But don't say you are going to do something and not do it and I think it was a snowball effect no call back then it became easier to not keep other commitments. I just don't know why people make dating so hard! I am a reasonable person so if something comes up its ok but my man-friend is really..stubborn... maybe consistent is a better word...that way if he says he is going to do something he will do it. Now he may fall asleep in the movie theater and start snoring and embarrassing me lol but he wasn't going to not take me. That matters. And I don't think I realized how much until I saw someone making the sacrifice to keep his commitments. If all dating was this easy the whole self help and  relationship counseling market would fold. LOL I don't have unreasonable standards, while they may be high they are not ridiculous and its just so refreshing to meet someone like him. Timing and chemistry has been my mantra so I find myself just smiling at random times. It feels great! Last night we tried a new restaurant I always see it but I've never eaten there. Its called Cuba de Ayer the food was good! He is going there for a trip in December so i thought he would get a kick out of it!

Arroz con pollo (Yellow rice with chicken) and plaintains oh and white sangria :-)

I didn't eat all the rice it was wayyyy too much! The place was small but packed! His mijito was one of the best I ever had! It even had sugar cane in there! Afterwards we went to the musical Once on this Island that my friend directed. It was a nice production! The story line always touches me :-) Gotta love love!

So last night was the end of  a busy, busy month and this last week was all about Awards season for my sorority's Regional Conference. Whewwww! Now I have a committee I just didn't use them properly lol I will have to work on that! But we got some good books done and I am thinking good thoughts about this year's regional conference awards banquet yet again!! :-D

But now that, that is over and that excuse is gone I started this morning off strong first step was to set some March goals: (1) Drink at least 90 oz of water a day (EVEN ON THE WEEKENDS!!!!) (2) Exercise for at least 45 minutes 4 days a week! (3) Stick to Paleo plan but I am giving myself 1 non -Paleo meal and drink per week

I went to the cafeteria at work and had an all veggie omelet with 2 slices of bacon and I got a cup of honeydew and cantaloupe. I feel good about that! On the way in I had an orange and the small Trader Joe pack of almonds. I have 2 apples and a pear at work and I have salad and my Shrimp, butternut squash and plantian soup. I plan to hit the gym or do the treadmill at home today. Anddd I am treating myself to new sneakers!  Its March Spring is almost here!!! I think Paleo is a great plan and I will stick with it but i already know weight loss only works for me IF I workout and exercise. Mostly bcause I eat a lot so i need to off set that while working on Daniel 1:8!!!

Will keep you posted on my March Madness Goals!!!

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