Saturday, April 27, 2013


I rarely blog on the weekends because I am usually on the go but this is on of those rare weekends when I am totally free! Well in all honesty my blackberry (yes I still have a blackberry for personal use! Don't judge me lol) deleted my calendar and I mean I had things all the way out until 2016 up in there! And no I did not back up! (As per the Sex and the City episode) Who backs up?!  :-/
All that is to say IF there was something planned for tonight...oh well!

 Anyway I had a good week.  A very good week and I don't know how I lost 3 pounds!! But God knows I needed that loss! I did get 3 good workouts and a total of 41 activity points but I also ate out a lot this week. Way too many times.  And I had lots of drinks! But I will say that is the beauty of the Weight Watchers program I stay within my points and I tracked like crazy. I finally figured out the password to my iPad so I was able to download the WW app and I am diligent about tracking everything! I mean everything! I swear I weighed I at home and I was only down .8 but by the time I got to WW the scale said 3 pounds! Just when I thought it was a fluke I even told the lady this is my lucky scale I will have to always use it lol the woman who weighed in before me who was still collecting her things to go sit down said.. well clearly you got some of my weight loss pounds I want that weigh in lol I told week!

On the good I will say I tracked and I took meals and I planned my meals. I avoided bad snacks like that hot buttery unknown caloric content popcorn they sell at my job... You may recall I saw the lady cut off a hunk of butter and put into the popper one day.... I tried some new snacks like the plain chobani and ranch dip seasoning with baby carrots and celery. I am trying to find my veggie snacks vs so many fruits. I had a crazy busy week at work and my sorority has a major fundraiser I am chairing and it's like I am a committee of one. I am really overwhelmed and I let the board know that on Monday. It's next Sunday and I am looking forward to it last year was a lot of work but a lot of fun. We sold even more tickets this year and our sponsors have grown a lot as well! All good stuff! But that 3 pounds?! Nothing but the grace of God! Unmerited favor...

This week is off to a good start. I went to my gym after the WW meeting and did 15 mins onthe elliptical   machine and did 1 hour if Body Pump!

I then had my company's first vision board workshop of the year! It was great! It was a group of mentors for a national non profit. Had a great time. Made some good contacts for other clients in the area and I actually did some work on my first vision board for the year. I will reveal that at another time :-)

Anyway another good thing was I finally started reading the book Think and Grow Rich. It's kinda the granddaddy to The Secret. It got me to thinking about a few things and how I view love and relationships. I noticed in every other area of my life I don't tend to have Plan B. I am very all or nothing, black or white, on or off. But in the matters of the heart I keep saying if it happens it happens... Well that's not very on or off black or white is it? Am I sending the universe mixed signals? Either I want romantic love, a husband, and a kid/s or not. It's really that simple.

The other thing is I notice this in others especially when it comes to money...people who chase it either never seem to find it, if they get it they have to compromise themselves for it and they can't keep it. Donald Trump said it best (paraphrasing) its never been about the money, it was just a way to keep score. People see him as rich but that wasn't his goal his goal was to be the best in his field and well money was a nice benefit that happens to prove his talent was above the rest.

 I don't think I chase love in the traditional sense but I do think if I am honest in a sense I do. I can't rreally find the right words to explain it but that's something I have come to realize this week.

What I indeed to do with this information I don't know because my heart isn't in it right now but I've ...been getting that same message about quitting before your blessing all week... Right now my focus is me. 43 pounds to go! Right now I have and need tunnel vision and I'm ok with that. One thing this break up did was it taught me about detachment it's been elusive to me because of my personality but this was a good way to learn how to detach from the idea of a relationship unlike I have had the opportunity to before..

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