Monday, October 17, 2016

Been a long time... I shouldn't have left you...

Welllll its Day 29 of Whole 30 !!! I can't believe it!!!!! Sorry I haven't checked in since Day 15!  I really found it easier to check in via Instagram. Its been a great experience! I really love the way I feel but I will do a full post Whole30 post with a wrap up on everything. PROMISE!

My social calendar has been a challenge with Whole 30. Its lead to a lot of dry grilled chicken lol no wine and salads that cost almost $20 but all in all I am not upset about that. I always kept in mind it was ONLY 30 days!

I wanted to share some of the foods and drinks besides water that I have had! I really never felt deprived and at this point the only thing I can think of that I would want to add back is... lol

I'm very excited to share the full results on Day 31! Anyway  below are a few thoughts I want to share and feedback/reviews on things I had and if you are thinking about trying Whole30 (which I highly recommend) you may find them useful!

Know this is restrictive so just commit to following the rules!

Lots of options in terms of a flavor! Tessemae's has great options and free recipes on their website

BEST THING EVER! I haven't checked the WW Points

Buffalo Chicken Casserole I didn't love this. I think I would make a smaller portion if I make it again  

When food isnt an de-stressor option you have to keep other options handy. Lovely mani/pedis and massages were fun!

Homemade Chicken soup!


Weekends and work from home days allowed for great breakfast options. Most took  10-15 minutes to prepare!

Avocado egg! Different. The pulled port was wonderful. Crockpots are a great thing!

Shopping spree! 

Brunch at the Rusty Scupper! No mimosa :-(

Good brunch options!

Tonight's din din! Bought steamed shrimp, added to organic baby spinach and fresh sundried tomatoes, and baby bella mushrooms with fresh garlic and Extra Light EVOO

Snacks. Orange was delish! Cantaloupe so so! 

Buying pre-made salsa and guacamole have been helpful. Chicken sausage is a great option!  

Instagram is all a buzz with this Kombucha. I saw something about fermented and alcohol and Whole 30 so I tried it lol This one isnt terrible but I didn't love it. 
Watermelon and pomegranate seeds! LOVE!

Beef chili 

Very good

Like these bar. They arent the kind of thing you would overeat lol

Steak salad @ Tonic

Well that's all for now! I will report on Day 31!!!! Results will blow your mind!

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