Monday, October 3, 2016


WELL I MADE IT! Well halfway anyway! As I mentioned in the first Whole 30 post the "diet" is a 30 day commitment and we can do  anything for 30 days. I liked that concept because it not only gives you a long enough time to create new habits it can also give you time to break old bad habits as well.

I've definitely tried to go all in and I've done a lot of cooking and a lot of dishes! LOL

Today is kinda big because AFTER today you have less days left that you've accomplished which is great!

I had high hopes of updating daily but its just not feasible on this blog but I'm doing short nightly updates on Instagram! LawyerGal1908 is the name! IG is a great resource the Paleo and Whole 30 community is very active there!

I am not craving anything really. Wouldn't mind a glass of wine but I can wait! Some people have really strong cravings, even dreams about things they are missing. I don't miss bread or rice because I'm not a big fan of either. As long as I have... strike long as I MAKE the time to cook I'm good. 

Weekends and Mondays are great days for meal prep and I've been disciplined enough to do it. I get bored really easily so I'm typically cooking something new by Thursday. 

I'm grocery shopping at  least twice a week sometimes to get additional fruits and veggies but I typically buy meat in bulk. So far so good! 

I can already say I'll definitely do a Round 2 of Whole 30 probably in the spring and I'm going to return to Paleo so I can stay away from all that  processed food! I didn't lose weight on Saturday at  Weight Watchers but it wasn't my official weigh in day anyhow. I will go this Saturday and I can already tell by my home scale I'm down at least two more pounds! 

Sleep is great. Energy which was already high except for a few days when I did Take 2 is the same. My skin is not. Several pimples :-/ I swear I made it safely though high school with no skin problems but in my mind 30s BAM! I don't have issues often but for when I do I use Proactive occasionally and so I'll go back to using it. Not sure why I'm having the opposite reaction from others who rave about their skin. The other thing that is rarely mentioned is the stomach issues that can arise. I've had those. Weird because when I began the September Whole 30 I was fine those first 10 days! That week off then back on was like I was working with a completely different body! That was a bummer.  But gotta take good with the bad and so far the good outweighs the bad. Feel free to google "possible stomach problems with whole 30." 

On the workout front my personal training sessions with Charles are still going  great and I'm excited about the next 14 days!!

Here's a peek at what's been going on!

Prepping for the week! Great way to save time bake a few at a time for later on

Finally made Whole Sister Dump Ranch! It is a s good as they say!

Football season got to me so I made Buffalo Wings with Tessema's Buffalo sauce. Veryyyyy tasty!    

Stopped by Sam's grabbed some fruit  and meat!

Picture from yesterday's event!

New fritatta with  sweet potato base! So good!

I will check back in again soon!

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