Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Return

Well I went back to my old gym Lynne Bricks last night. My fave spinning teacher has a great class on Weds. at 5:30pm and I would often break my neck to get there when I worked closer to home. After I changed jobs that became really hard to catch but I figured it was time to go back and get my spin on seeing as how my triathlon is coming up!

*****Speaking of which here is my fundraising website! Please make a donation its for a good cause! I am only asking for $10! Thanks for your support!!!!

Anyway back to spinning class! For those that don't know what a spin class is, its basically indoor biking to (hopefully) good music! Its a great calorie burner and with the right music and energy its a great way to spend 60 minutes of your life in the same place lol but its funny the energy in the class makes all the difference! You can really get competitive in there! Hence my lil cartoon hee hee!

Anyway I am not in as much pain as I thought I would be considering I have not taken a spin class in eeekkk maybe over a year now?! At one point in time I would spin 2 days a week every week. Spinning and lifting weights are two very good secret weapons. The biking trims your lower body down quickly! Same thing with weights because the muscle you build takes up less space and helps to burn fat even when you are at rest. I know people who weight less than I do but I can wear a smaller dress size than they do because of how much exercise I am doing! Win/Win! Here's an article on the Pros & Cons of Spinning & one on the Benefits of Lifting Weights for Women
Both have been very helpful to me so if you've never tried them! Try it this week!! So far I only made it to the gym for my trainer on Monday and then for Spinning last night. Tonight I have a Bar Association meeting and dinner plans and we are back to Friday! They are calling for all kinds of snow like 24 inches was the last thing I heard so we will see about my workout Saturday but my treadmill is my back up. I need to hit up Weight Watchers this week to see if I am down I think my home scale has a pound and I'll take it. I am journaling on line again but I am so a paper and pen girl! Anyway happy hunting!

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