Thursday, February 25, 2010

Staying healthy on vacay Part 1

Well I am back from my trip to Panama, Trinidad & Tobago! I had an amazing time! I must say I am so grateful for parents who love to travel and taught my sister and I to love it too! It is amazing to see the world and I am blessed to be able to do it! All in all it was a great trip! I lost 6 pounds, 3 of which I have regained in less than a week but oh well! I came back Sunday at 12 midnight but still went to my workout session with my personal trainer on Monday!

Me at the Panama Canal@ lunch!

My sister Jessica & me at Jourvet in Trinidad the kick of to Carnival! Full of mud, paint & beer! Oh and dancing & palancing down the roaddddd!

The beer in question! Carib is Trinidadian beer taste like a Corona
If its one thing Island people can do it is cook! And really South American and Caribbean food is healthy mostly meats, veggies, and good carbs!

The spread from Jemma's Tree house in Tobago. Lightly fried King fish, Curry fish, veggies, mac pie (ok that's a lot of butter & cheese but in moderation its all good!)

This is a Trini staple called Doubles it has chickpeas and a great sauce and it on a pita bread type thing that is soft and a little sweet! Yummm ok the can is carbonated apple juice... I tried it but....YUCK!

This is chicken roti its almost like a curry type sauce and the same soft bread like thingie

This is chicken soup Panama style. It was deeeee-lish! It had a huge piece of seasoned chicken, celery, cilantro, and other herbs and spices oh my gosh! I was talking about it lovingly on the elevator at work and someone on our floor overheard me and jumped in and said where you in Panama because that's how we cook our soup! I told her yes and i need the recipe!! lol Score!

Candies from Trinidad

Breakfast in Panama eggs, fried green plantain, local cheese, and chicken tamale
Ok moving on!!!

Traveling is not a leisurely activity. Well I guess it can be but when you think about it catching planes, hauling bags, going up and down steps, etc. and that's just getting to the airport you can burn some serious calories! But I stayed at the Panama City Marriott and they had a great gym! I worked out before heading to the Panama canal and it was great!

I've done that for years now even when I have AKA conventions I stay in a hotel with a gym so there is no excuse! Although kudos to my sorority we have an aerobic class most morning before the conference starts so there are options while on travel.

I had an extra boost because of all the snow we had see below! I shoveled myself out twice in 3 days over 30 plus inches madness! Well it had me in tip top shape I guess!

Snowtorious 2K10 couldn't hold me back!

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