Sunday, February 14, 2010

On Vaycay

Well I am on the road...again! I finally planned a visit to my sister who is at school in Trinidad and I always said when I went I would do a two for trip since Trinidad was so close to South America. So I went to Panama! It was a layover so I just asked if it could be a day layover instead of just a few hours and the airline said sure! It turns out it is going to be a layover going and coming which is fine by me since there is so much to do and see in Panama! I went to see the Panama Canal and I had an awesome time! On the way home I will visit the Old Panama City!

Working out...I always stay at the Marriott Hotels when I can because they have a standard that I like including a state of the art gym in all of their hotels! In an effort to lose some weight while I am away I made sure I worked out. I did 45 minutes on the elliptical machine the day I was going to fly out to Trinidad. It is so easy to make excuses and fall out of a routine but I made up my mind to workout in the gym. I am glad I did it! I also enjoyed a lot of walking! We'll see what the scales say when I get back but having a great time! Before the trip Maryland/DC area got hit twice with horrible snow storms but I did use my treadmill and I felt the difference when I had to shovel lol I really didn't get sore or that tired considering all of the snow I had to move to get outta town! So all good things!

I am in Carnival central and I should be taking nap considering we went out partying from 11pm to 9am this morning..Yes you read that right! The event is called Insomnia..Ha! Real cute right? Well we have another event tonight but my body is a machine it doesn't matter what time I go to sleep at 7am its time to get on with life so while everyone else crashed for a few good hours I killed time on line because I couldn't sleep a wink lol well we'll see how it goes tonight! Looking forward to it that's for sure!

Food wise I am doing well. I tried shark last night...yes I said Shark! As the locals say shark is just another fish lol it was ok taste like chicken to me! I am planning to get some authentic Panamanian food and Trini food and the funny thing is its not unhealthy but I will watch my portions! And I will post pictures :-)

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